Planting Murray Cypress for Christmas Trees

Hey guys welcome back to Wood Street Farm I’m Phil today we’re going to get Started on planting some Murray cypress Trees and we are growing these as Christmas trees Murray Cypress are just Like the Leland Cypress a similar Foliage similar color and everything but They’re known to be a little bit more Disease resistant and they’re known to Have slightly stiffer branches than the Lelands we’ve already had great success With lelands this is our first chance Growing some Murray so hopefully they do Well for us I’m going to play with them Back here next to our Carolina sapphires So what I have right next to me is just A section of what was just tall grasses And wildflowers and stuff over here I Mowed it all down as close to the ground As I could and then we’re going to go Ahead and mark off our rows and come Back through with a tiller and just till Up the top several inches and then we’ll Use a shovel to plant each tree manually We’ll get started here we’re just making Some a little guidelines for the tilling So I’ve got an eight foot piece of Lumber and I’m just gonna go eight feet Off of this next row That’s all we got to do now is just Follow those paint marks keep the Tractor centered on that go up and down A couple times get our rows tilled up And then we’ll be ready to plant

Foreign Foreign [Applause] All right now we can double check our Spacing this should be right in the Middle of the Tilt row and it is And we do six foot on the rows I could Pretty much just line up with these uh These other trees next to it so I’m not Going to get the tape out and measure The spacing side to side that I can just Kind of go here So these are our Murray cypress trees These come in quart containers we’ve Gotten this size from this grower before And they’ve done well for us I know a Lot of people a lot of other farmers who Grow uh Leo and Cypress and Murray Cypress has Christmas trees tend to get The one gallon uh liners but uh I found For where we live we have to ship these So far it’s a lot more economical for us To get this size and if that means an Extra year in the ground for us uh I’m Not too bothered by that just because These do grow so much faster than any of The other species that we’ve tried to Get so all I do and I’ve covered this on Previous videos when I’ve done the Leon Cypress I like to cut off all the lower Branches before I put these in the Ground it’s going to make spraying Around these a lot easier so I’m going To come up to about here I do about

Eight inches or so and I’ll just strip This entire stem here this entire trunk Of all the limbs and foliage and then We’ll get it in the ground That’s what it looks like all cleaned up Let’s get on the ground I got my hole Here a little bit too deep and that’s Not a problem I just want to get the top of this uh The soil here in line with the top of my Soil Tack it in all around it That’s it A couple hundred more of those Yeah it just started drizzling we are Just finishing up here in the rain Stacy And the kids came out and helped wrap This up I didn’t have the camera going Because we were just scrambling to get Done that’s only six rows of 16 96 trees And we have about another 160 or so to go but we’re gonna come Back and finish that another day we knew We weren’t going to get it all done Today but you can see the field is Filling in our roads are nice and Straight you see that nice angle forming There with the more established trees Behind that looks pretty good Caroline You want to say hey How did you help today what did you pick Up for us The pots Yes all of the pots

Yeah so things are looking good we’ll Keep you posted on future video how Things are going and when the rest of This section of uh field here is filled In it will look really good because It’ll be all the way from the tree line Back that way straight up here and up That little slope in that direction all Of that should be filled in with these New Murray Cypress so looking forward to Those growing here in the future thanks For tuning in guys hope you have a good One see you on the next video bye-bye Foreign [Music]

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