Planting White Pine & Austrian Pine for Christmas Trees

Hey guys welcome to wood street farm i’m Phil today was planting day our first Planting day of 2022 And we are interplanting some pines and Some areas where we’ve had some losses So we’re on the lower section of the Field here close to the pond our first Several rows are lela and cypress and Then we get into scotch pines we haven’t Had huge losses in the scotch pines but There were there was definitely a lot of Inner planting and there were a few Sections where there were several trees Gone in a row so we were able to get in There with the tiller and till that up And that made planting a little bit Easier and up here a little ways we had An area where there were Uh heavy losses from some canaan first And i’ve shared some of that on previous Videos so we have a bunch of sections Here With New white pines And these tilled sections where all the Canadian furs are gone And hopefully that fills in and makes This field look nice and full If this is your first time seeing us Plant and using that tiller that’s a Little three foot tiller the brand is Caroni you can pick them up from agra Supply there’s a number of aggregate Supply locations around the country and

They’ll also ship product to your home So that’s who supplies that brand i Actually picked that up secondhand i Think that was the first piece of Equipment i acquired after getting that Tractor i got it for like 900 bucks i Thought that was a great deal and it has Served us well today was a good planting Day uh all in all we got about 300 trees In the ground we’re interrupted in the Middle of the day because uh scout group Came in and did a little something here On the farm so there wasn’t a full day Of planting but uh it feels good to have This filled in and this was a full Family affair today everyone pitched in Early in the day i don’t think i got any Video but even caroline was helping dig Some holes here’s a picture of that And everybody was pitching in digging Holes putting in fertilizer putting in Trees doing the whole thing Some of the trees are a little smaller Than others and i’ve come to realize i Guess that’s that’s expected when you Get these seedlings uh and that’s what These are these were all 4-0 and 5-0 Seedlings from musser forests this is Our first time ordering from them and I’ll put a link to their website in the Video’s description Uh but these were you know when you get Seedlings and they they haven’t been Spaced out like they are in a transplant

Bed uh you end up getting mixed in some Smaller plants in there and some of them Were so small i didn’t even feel like Planting them and we just kind of tossed Them aside there weren’t really that Many of those and the smallest ones we Put in the ground with a dibble bar and It’s pretty breezy today and you can see With some of these the smallest ones That we put in with the double bar right In unprepared soil They are Flopping around pretty good with the Wind and i’ll probably have to stake a Good number of those for the first year Or so until they stiffen up and Straighten out but the bulk of these Even as windy as it is today are doing i Think just fine without without a stake So i think we’ll be good on 90 of these And 10 maybe 15 maybe 20 if we’re really Stretching it maybe 20 of these you know Somewhere between 40 50 trees out of This 300 that we put in the ground we’ll Need steaks and that’s okay it’s not It’s not a big deal and we’ve got a Hundred of something new on the farm We’re gonna try some austrian pines and These transplants that we got are Massive probably the biggest trees we’ve Ever gotten we’re gonna have to dig some Big holes to put these in the ground but We’re gonna wrap up for today and pick This up in the morning

And we’re back on day two now and we’ve Got the austrian pines over here Stacey’s unboxing take a look at these Look at the size of these things i mean That is from ground level To the top that is well over two feet So these are gonna be A treat to get in the ground because Obviously a bigger Bigger tree’s got bigger roots so we’re Gonna have to dig some deep holes but There’s only 100 of them we should knock Through it [Music] [Applause] [Music] That wraps up our spring planting those Austrian pines are just really big they Look really good we’ll see how they do For us and Uh if they do well obviously we’ll get More of them and if you have any Experience you experienced christmas Tree growers who watch this channel If you have any experience with austrian Pines you want to let us know what you Think about them leave those in the Comments i’ve never seen them has a Christmas tree other than a picture and Looks pretty good it doesn’t look too Much different than Um maybe a scotch pine Or kind of a cross between scotch pine And a white pine because their needles

Are a little bit longer but i think they Look pretty good they smelled great Coming out of the box so we’ll see how They do and i’ll keep you guys posted Here in a future video if these thrive Through our summer i think we might try To get a hold of some more for a fall Planting because we’ve had so many Losses over the last couple years i feel Like we really need to kind of double Down to boost our inventory we’ll have Some more trees coming in in about a Month some more leland cypress so we’ll Get working on those but for the time Being this wraps up our spring planting If you guys got any questions or Comments leave those below i appreciate You watching if you don’t already Subscribe hit that red button so you can Follow our future videos hope you have a Good one i’ll see you on the next video Bye

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