Planting Winter Cover Crop

The flowers are all done for the year and we need to think about improving the soil for next year. Today we’ll spread manure, disc, and use the drill to plant our winter cover crop.

[Music] [Music] I was on a roll kind of forgot to show You the progress here but we got three Big trailer full of uh this decomposed Cow manure spread out all over the field That took about 45 minutes to spread That out with my little tractor and now I'm going over the entire plot with the Disc on the back back of the tractor in Case you're wondering that is a 6ot disc Some people have asked I've seen online In different forums can the Kabota 3901 Pull a 6ft disc yes yes it can and it Does it reasonably well as long as we're Not going up too steep of a hill going Up a hill it really really bogs down With it in medium gear I'm sure it would Pull it up in low gear just fine but uh That's where we're at so we're going to Prepare this seed bed get this all Tilled up not tilled but Ed up and then We're going to come back with the drill And get some seed down so let's get Moving okay so I got the drill hooked up On the tractor now and if you haven't Seen this here before we got this last Winter this is the Tar River seya 505 no Tail drill but it's actually a really Lightweight drill and I found in our Hard soil especially if it's dry this Doesn't really penetrate the ground that Well so a little bit of feedback about This if you've got sandy soil or you

Know you're doing it right after a rain It'll sink down just fine but we're uh You know it's been 10 days or so since We got rain everything's dried out Pretty good here so that is part of the Reason why I had disc the field Before we're going to go ahead and use This drill and inside here I've got a Combination of seeds and the first Hopper I've got uh this is um Rye cereal Rye and daon radish and mix those Together that's a larger seed cup that Can you know drop those larger seeds Over here in this one I've got a annual Ry grass mixed with Dutch white clover So this should give us a pretty pretty Good mix in here the daon radish will Help break up our hard soils and the um Rye will add a lot of biomass to the Soil once we chop it down the annual Rye Just it's just a grass that grows like Crazy around here and it grows really Deep roots so once we spray and kill This off those roots will create um Fissures in the soil that help moisture Penetrate and also helps break up the Soils and then of course Clover is a Legume It deposits nitrogen into the soil for Us so uh anyway that is why I'm doing The mix that I'm doing let's go start on The plot over here and start dropping Some Seed

I'm actually pretty impressed with how Well the drill worked with the soil disc Like that and not only did it penetrate Well like we had expected to but the Roller that's on the back did a good job At breaking up some of the clumps and The rake that's behind it did a great Job at smoothing a lot of this out so I Think this looks fantastic all we need Now some rain and we'll see how this Looks here in a couple weeks I'll update You guys down the road I've got another Uh 1 and 1/2 acres across the way that I'm going to do with the same blend it's Already disc and it's ready to go but I'm not going to film that I'll just Give you guys an update in a couple Weeks on how it's going hopefully it Goes well and uh until next time hope You guys have a good one see you on the Next video bye-bye

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