Folks was this an expensive mistake or Is it a warranty issue so that's kind of The scenario that we're looking at here And this is something that is an Unfortunate situation renders the Three-point hitch on your tractor Useless until you do something about it And so customers submitted this question To me and I I'd seen this happen Randomly over the years not too often But you see it come up and that's going To be where your top link on your three Point connects right back to the kind of The casting or the housing on the Transaxle up above there so this Gentleman snapped off one of those ears That hold on the top link Get a 2021 3E series tractor it was Still under Kind of that bumper to bumper warranty In the two-year range s's John Deere Dealer if it would be covered and they Told him that physical damage is not Covered and so when he mentioned that Back to me that prompted my follow-up Question of well how are you using it When the damage occurred so for me this Comes down to a use versus abuse kind of Scenario you know are you just using the Tractor like you normally would or are You pushing it Beyond its limits maybe Going against something directly called Out in the manual or potentially is it a Casting defect something that should be

A you know a manufacturer's defect that Should be covered under warranty it Could be difficult to prove though guys I need to have a serious conversation For just a second but Most of you don't like or subscribe my Videos and I really don't know why So if you do me a favor this holiday Season and uh Hit that Thumbs Up Button subscribe I'd really appreciate it so I asked him To explain what happened when the damage Occurred and he had a brush hog on the Back of his tractor and he was backing Up and uh he hit something he shouldn't Have apparently maybe going too fast Hard to say that's a subjective Scenario I suppose but it must have Jammed up you know just imagine the Snowblower just kind of jamming up into The tractor and maybe twisting a bit I Don't really don't know how so thinking About that that had to be a really Significant Force you know a snow blower Here is a is a rigid hunk of Steel Overall you know the the brush Hogs Actually have a little give those those Top arms they kind of give a little bit And you can almost kind of wrinkle them Up a bit because if you're going Um in ditches kind of up and down there It has some flex and so to really Ram That into something so hard that it Overcame that and then still had enough

Force To break off one of these ears I don't know man I mean you got to be Out of control I feel like to have that Happen speaking of top links we just got This cool new easy wheel haven't even Got it installed yet but this goes right Onto Your Top Lane kind of like a poor man's Hydraulic top link it's just an easy Handy way to do this we made we showed Some homemade versions of this before But it's a discount Club member you buy Directly from them makes it easy to Spend that top link around for Adjustments or to hook up to an Attachment in fact we already got Feedback from a customer Mr Connor Already got his install on his tractor Says he loves it so so far so good now The easy wheel is a discount Club member Use code GWT to save five percent off Your order now you think about a tool That actually John Deere sells a box Blade among everybody else but you can You can push backwards with your box Blade and kind of push things up and out Of the way wherever you want to go it's Well within the the limits of the Tractor to do so and so I think that Presents a scary situation that Fortunately not a lot of folks have gone Through but He was quoted thirty four hundred

Dollars to have that top housing Replaced which is just an insane amount Of money and now I think a better Alternative to at least investigate First is if you can find somebody who Can potentially weld that back together I would think for 10 of the cost of a thirty four hundred Dollar housing that you could maybe find Some in your area even if you had to Rent a trailer and everything else pay a Bunch extra labor just to get it over There to them I think that's worth investigating that Approach over buying a brand new casting Well I should back up because there is a Potential for this to be aluminum but I I think at least that the section that Sits on top of the main transaxle is Cast either way it takes a special Welder to be able to have the the skill Set to weld cast iron or aluminum so Really this is a PSA to kind of dive Into your tractor manufacturer's Warranty and figure out what is covered What isn't covered And then that that kind of guides you Maybe on how you treat your tractor and If you are going to be backing up or Perhaps using certain attachments that Could cause more stress in that area you Now know ahead of time and how to maybe Take it a little bit easier and again This is such a random occurrence and I

Started doing a little looking up to see Who else has had this issue and if I Could find it on any Forum threads There's a couple on Green Tractor talk On 2 Series and three series I think I Don't maybe a one series as well A couple of potential items that could Cause that kind of an issue you Mentioned the post hole digger Which seems like you'd have to do a heck Of a lot of heck of a number to get that To happen and then a stump grinder That's a direct amount with all the Sideways force that that like the bomb Light 1p 24 is putting on there Potentially something like that not that Either one of those were directly Related but really just a couple of Potential attachments that could cause This kind of damage folks I want to take Just a second to tell you about our Channel sponsor rim guard they are a Liquid ballast solution they line up With exactly what we do here on Good Works which is talking about tractors And tractor safety we see it as simple As this if you own a tractor you need Rim guard in fact some attractors Include rim guard as standard out of the Factory liquid ballast is simply weight All right and this weight hides inside Your tires it stays there all the time It's a safety concern because tractors Are almost always too light and too

Tippy out of the factory the number one Attachment used by every tractor owner Is their front end loader so when you Pick up something heavy on the front end Your back end wants to pick up off the Ground rim guard liquid ballast helps Keep your back end planted to the ground But beyond and safety is going to help Maintain traction because if those rear Tires those power driving tires are on The ground you have traction to go where You need to and you're going to operate More efficiently because if those rear Tires aren't on the ground you're not Going to pick up as much as you need to Or take it where you need to go rim Guard is all natural that means it's Safe it is the heaviest per gallon All-natural product on the market it's Not going to freeze it's not going to Corrode and it's available at over a Thousand dealers Nationwide to find a Dealer visit to Make your tractors safer today now there Are some tractor models out there and I Don't really know them off the cuff and You guys can can leave comments down Below too so if you're if you're Shopping for a tractor haven't bought One yet maybe this is a consideration to Take into account but there's certain What do we want to call this a maybe a Top link Bracket or something but there's certain

Models out there that have that bolted On so if you did break it off you can Just simply buy a new small section and Bolt it back on unlike a lot of the Other models that you have to replace a Huge chunk of the housing and take a Whole bunch of stuff apart it's a really Big Endeavor a totally different story So I'd be curious to know which of you Have maybe something that is bolted onto The top versus a kind of a cast and a Whole one piece Contraption there Curious what models do and what models Don't so that's going to do it for us Today folks now if you own a tractor Then you probably need some tractor Attachments and we'd love to help you Out go to we sell And ship all over the country every day Of the week 75 percent of you watching Are not subscribed yet what are you Waiting for it's completely free hit That button down below and we do sell Merchandise as well you can get that Right from our website it's going to be Made to order we do not profit off this At all we donate all the profits to Charity Christmas is coming up so it Could be good good ideas there too I Want to thank you for taking time out of Your day to stop by and until next time Stay safe we'll see you soon Foreign [Music]

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