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Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign Hey I'm up here at the national farm Machinery show and I'm at the Precision Manufacturing Booth this is Bill you're The owner of precision right that's Right and uh bill is a great guy I've Known him for a little while now I've Got a couple of their products and I'm Hoping to get a couple more so first Thing we've got behind us is the Atta Grapple if you guys haven't seen it I've Got a few videos on that it's a great Product that lets you Just put the grapple on your bucket so That you don't need to switch between Attachments to do multiple jobs on the Same day that's right it seems like Wasn't that one of your first products That was one of our first grapple Products for sure and uh and we saw a Need out there it was like 15 years ago And a lot of buckets were pinned instead Of quick attached so so they needed a Grapple solution because they couldn't Put a free standing grapple on so we Came up with a solution for them to add A grapple to their existing bucket yeah I think it's a great option for the First reason I just mentioned if I'm Taking my machine somewhere I only have To take one attachment sometimes but

Also the the exact unit I have is still Only a thousand dollars with all the Inflation that's going on it's a pretty Good deal compared to anything else You're going to find and you guys will Recognize here this is the exact tree Puller that I've got I've got a bunch of Videos on that you can check out already But this thing will only be limited by The lift capacity of your tractor or Your skid loader outside of that you're Not going to hit up a limit on the on The puller no it's got like 30 tons of Clamping force or something like that it Does and uh it'll take even the large Skid steers it'll take whatever you can Give it yeah mine's a mine's a pretty Good sized machine and and it's always The machine runs out of power before I Have a problem with this got a high Backstop that protects you from Something falling on you I'm very happy With these two products the other Products I have not got to actually use Are the high reach tree shears and your Standalone grapple so that's right we'll Take a look at those real quick okay Let's uh look at the tree share here now I know you guys have a couple different Tree shears so can you tell me a little Bit about the different ones you have Available and which one we're looking at Here okay and this is the one we'd Probably recommend for you with your uh

Skid steer uh setup and all of our tree Shears rotate what that means is you can Get ground level Cuts or power rotated So you can also trim levels The Cutting Capacity of this particular model is Between 9 and 12 inches and so basically The deeper you can get the Tree into the Jaws while the bigger the Cut is going to be now some of them they All rotate and they do that Hydraulically And they use the Hydraulics you already Have in a electronic control for that Right that's right we put a selector Valve on there and we control that with A wireless remote And then some of these manually extend And some of them hydraulically extend is That right that's right our uh our mini Clip which is over here uh and it's made For smaller equipment and uh it will Telescope manually it can go six foot Seven foot or eight foot and this is This is mainly for skid steers but you Could run it on a big tractor this is More for your mid-sized tractors but That's still probably too big for my Tractor isn't it it's it's you're right On the borderline what we say is you Need you need at least 1200 pounds of Lift and you'll want to counterweight That of course and you need 2500 PSI for Your hydraulic pressure so I would Imagine I could pick this unit up this

Is their smallest tree Shear I could Carry it around I can cut a tree at Ground height or ground level but if I'm Way up in the air that's going to be a Precarious situation probably so that's Where you got to think about the size of Machine especially if it's extended out Eight feet yes then probably the first Product that I saw from Precision was These actual grapples right here and you Guys make a wide range of sizes for Those we do you go all the way down to The compacts and then up to uh your Biggest Skid Steer Grapple ways like a Couple thousand pounds right here it's 1400 pounds yeah so we range from 250 Pounds up to 1400 pounds and really Several models in between we like the Custom fit every every uh tractor or Skid steer just so that you have the Right The right way with and capacity on all Of them so there's a lot of grapples on The market let's talk about what is Unique or different about Precision so You have to the bottom rakes you can dig And push with those but it's a clams Shell style and most of them are all or All of them dual clamp or yeah well or Dual clamp we we don't make the singles Anymore because we quite honestly it was 99 of our sales were in the double most People prefer the double clamps and That's primarily so you can clamp down

On on that even load if you want them to Be single you can tie them off real Easily and uh operate them as as one Single plan personally I much prefer a Dual clamp for Apple so if you have a Larger in and a smaller end it's going To get tight on both right some of the Other features a couple other features That we like to put on all of our all of Our rake Tunes concealed cylinders we Protect the cylinder behind a plate of Steel so that it reduces the chances of Getting tangled up and uh brush your Hoses and yourself Also all of our grackets have an Extremely wide opening and that's a real Important feature because that's going To determine how much material you're Able to get inside So on your website someone's going to Look at one of these they're actually Going to order a grapple like this at that's right and do you have Information on there that kind of helps You choose the right side grapple for Your tractor we do we have a selector Guide that it's a spreadsheet that's got All the weight all of the dimensions the Material it's made out of really all the Information you'd ever want on a uh on a Grapple and on our attic Raffles we have A at a grapple selector guide which Determines the width of your of your Bucket as well as the opening of your

Bucket yeah so uh a lot of good stuff Here I'll put all the information For where to get these products at and we've got a discount Code with code Rock Hill and Um go and check it out a lot of cool Stuff I'm hoping to be showing one of These tree shears in the near future but I really appreciate you taking time Thanks for coming live right now it's Good to see you again and we'll see you On the next one

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