And the Ziploc bag was filled with Poop You know so I have owned property like I Do now I've leased property I've been Able to use other people's property I've been on property I guess my whole Life right and so I've been able to to View these problems that we're going to Talk about From various positions I guess and so a Lot of you out there that want a piece Of land you want to move from the city Out to the country or maybe it's been Your lifelong dream you know you're Going into your first piece of property And shopping for it looking for a Planning for it and Maybe you don't know you don't think About all these potential pitfalls that Could be involved and so this is kind of Share some insight on what I've learned You know the things that you can Potentially try to avoid or try to Minimize try to set yourself up for Success in the best way possible so when We're going Property hunting you know my wife and I Looking for our own piece I think I was Driving her crazy with the amount of Properties that you know either we found Are real or found they just popped up in A you know in a in a new listing and I Turned them down right away one of the First things that I would do besides

Seeing the price point the acreage all That kind of thing is Pull up the overhead map and see how Many neighbors it bordered right because I can think of one example very clearly It was a beautiful piece of land it was In a great location but it butted up on One side on the North side I think it Was to an entire neighborhood there were 35 neighbors just on that one border That one side of the property plus all The other neighboring properties on the Other sides too and there was I can Think of another location as well that We walked and there was a tree stand From one of the neighborhood homes Facing over into the field in a gut pile Even right out there too where obviously The neighbors are just you know in the Neighborhood just doing whatever they Want with the land we saw people walking Dogs out there while we were walking the Property and maybe who knows maybe You're okay with that kind of thing Right I am not if I'm going to work hard And try to you know fulfill my life's One of my life's dreams to own a nice Chunk of land then I want to use it for What I want to use it for it's it's not For everybody else to enjoy it's not a Public park it's you know maybe it's a Case-by-case situation if they want to Take a walk sometime I know but the Point being don't underestimate how many

Neighbors you have I mean in general the Fewer neighbor Ing properties you have the better That's a big one so don't don't overlook That so this ties into a few other Related components not necessarily have To be but Will be so our we have two properties Two chunks of property right now and Our vacant land that we have Was vacant for a long time like well It's always been vacant but the previous Owner just didn't do anything with it They didn't they were never out there I Don't think they really cared and so the Neighboring community that was by a lake Just treated it however they wanted to And walked all over and did all sorts of Stuff and so it was a huge burden to try To get folks out of there you know and And Chris and I were actually out there Shooting a video kind of just way back In the middle of the property And these two ladies come out there and Just basically say Hey you mind if we Just come out here and walk on a daily Basis or do our regular walk through Your property So they had to come and you know Trespass on the land go by no Trespassing signs come out there ask That question you know and there were Other neighbors that were like that too We kind of chased one down that was in a

Car it was Was that word obligerant Belligerent belligerent and uh didn't Care at all we were filming her she Didn't give a rip she gave us her name Her address she said what you guys doing Out here what's your plans I said that's None of your business you know and she Said I'll just go to the township hall And whoever else and I'll find out what You guys are doing like we were doing Something malicious or whatever but you Get big problems like that with nosy Neighbors needy neighbors too right and And so that's a that's a fine line That's a slippery slope and I found that Out pretty early with this neighbor who Was planning on building a cabin that You can probably see in the background Of some of our videos uh right bordering Our property and I'm not sure what their Plan was originally but basically within A couple of weeks of of us owning the Property got a phone call of him asking To do one delivery he had one delivery That he couldn't get up his driveway and So it was flat land so asking if the the Crew could go through our property and Drop it off on the back of his property I said okay that's fine and so that one Delivery turned into over and over and Over every contractor needed to go in And out there constantly right We've Ended up gating that block and then they

Wanted access to get it out of there and I was like listen man this was a One-time thing that you needed and this Just turned into a regular occurrence Like I'd be out there and there'd just Be Contractors going back and forth by me Through my property over to get to his Property it was out of control and uh he Needed it for this delivery and that Delivering the other one and you know I'm I don't know what the the right answer Is you don't want to be a jerk and not Help out somebody but At the same time it went from one thing To a never-ending occurrence and that's Just with one neighbor right if you have A big chunk of land and you do that with All the neighbors or half the neighbors You have a real problem on your hands Folks we put these John Deere stools Together in five minutes each piece of Cake to do we got them from 247 you can get not only stools But all your oil change kits accessories For your John Deere tractors mowers Gators you name it 247 use Code GWT to save money off your order And then I would say I'll kind of Combine maybe theft and or Vandalism or even dumping right so I Went out to my property one day And there was literally a car up on

Blocks like I'm out in the middle of Nowhere and there was a car an old car Up on blocks just off of the side of my Drive not along the road but on my drive On my property that was just sitting There Um You know we found when we first bought It these bins of like fertilizer and These other chemicals we called the Police out there I thought it was for Like a meth grow or something or a meth Lab of some kind or a marijuana grow They said they didn't look like it was Anything in particular like somebody's Just gardening that doesn't make a lot Of sense to me they did a lot of effort Hauling these big bags of stuff and Rubbermaid bins and gallons of water and All sorts of other things out there into The middle of nowhere Um to not do something a little bit Shady I think I haven't had anything Stolen off of that property I have had Things stolen off of my grandparents Property where I grew up I had 160 Acres There grew up hunting there and we had Hunting stands out there that would get Stolen one evening a buddy had a climber That he got down and left it there he's Going to go back to it the next day in The middle of the night it was stolen Like out in the middle of the country in The middle of nowhere but it was sort of

Visible across the field from where Neighbors could see it I mean other tree stands ladder stands That have been stolen trespassers too That's everywhere just in general right I mean at the Richland property every Proper ever had except for this one I Haven't had any trespassers here it's Been great I have good neighbors I have A few neighbors not too many of them and They're all they're all quality Um at least that I've met so far my Grandpa was probably one of the most I don't know patient uh maybe forgiving Men that I know in that regard because I Mean he caught a lot of trespassers on His land and somehow these two guys Ended up being able to hunt the back the Festival of his land for like 20 years That always rubbed me wrong but it Wasn't my property what can I do about It another guy he put a note on his Ladder fan and said please take this Down you're not allowed to hunt here In a Ziploc bag and came back a week Later Days Later wherever it was and the Ziploc bag was filled with Poop it was I mean the guy the Trespasser just didn't give a rip it's You know these guys are just Disrespectful you know we call Trespassers potential poachers on our Land turned them in this fall it's just Never ending but that's going to be a

Part of owning land and you can battle It to an extent but you need to I think Accept the fact that that's going to be A challenge and not let it get the best Of you so something that's a big one is Actually location and that's why we Ended up with two pieces of property Right now obviously it goes without Saying if you want a nice chunk of land You're going to be further away from Town right further away from those Conveniences the grocery stores gas Stations whatever else it is you need School even Um and so our first piece of property we Bought after thinking it was going to be Okay to make that commute we take our Kids to school and pick them up drop Them off every day Realize it's just too far away you know There's busy roads there's delays a lot Of times on these highways and it was Going to be just too much of our life Spent running back and forth in a car It's like if you want to be in your car All the time live by a big city and Commute there so location is really Important that was one of the reasons we Changed our mind and we're going to Build a lot closer to town a smaller Chunk of land less Acres but closer to Town it was going to be Just a lot more convenient for our lives And a lot less time sitting in a car but

There are days that I don't even leave My property here I work from home a lot Of the time and whether we're shooting Video I'm answering emails or on the Phone and it's there's days I don't Leave the property at all but when I do Need to go to town or go to school or Whatever else then it's a lot I mean It's half the distance of town to the Places we need to go versus our other Property that we were at and so it's Just a I can't Overstate that I don't think that Location is very important folks if You're watching this there's a good Chance you own a tractor and you're Going to need more attachments in the Future check out what we have to offer At we sell and Ship all over the country every day of The week we are proud to be sponsored by Rim guard Solutions a liquid ballast Weight it goes right inside your tires Completely hidden we're big on safety on This channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction too the benefits of rim Guard include being the heaviest All-natural liquid ballast weight on the Market it's not going to corrode your Rims like the old calcium chloride it's

Not going to freeze and it's available At over a thousand dealers Nationwide Find the dealer near you at and kind of going Along with that is going to be your cost There's a lot of costs that go into it But the closer you are to town typically The higher the cost per acre for that Land so that's a big consideration there Too you're trying to find that that fine Line right to get the most you can the Best bang for your buck in a good Location but it's not just The cost of the land of course you've Got the taxes right more acreage Oftentimes means more taxes that you Have to pay on that too you got the cost Of develop land right that means Equipment you know your tractor your Skid steer if you want a ATV or UTV to Ride around on out there all the Attachments that go along with that if You need to bring in a lot of gravel Like we did out here and at other place To put in a gravel drive there's just so Many tools that you might need and a big One too I mean if you're not just an Open field are trees right and and trees Alone are a big topic of of conversation You know if you have a lot of woods a Lot of forest Do you want to open that up do you want To log it off are you going to maintain Trails right when trees are dropping

Down and crashing and If you have a storm right you're going To potentially have a lot more Debris and a bigger mess to clean up Potentially too so trees can be good and Bad you know if you can do something With them maybe heat your house with Them right you gotta you gotta weigh Those pros and those cons and see if That's really a benefit and a Well I I wish We had 140 Acres out there at other Property about 20 of it maybe 25 was Field and the rest was all woods and I Would have loved for that to have been More like a 50 50 split it's just too Much Woods it's just it's overwhelming The amount of trees that are out there And the trails and the things that come Crashing down and you just want to get To the other side You got to stop clean something up get It out of the way before you can do that It becomes a pain in the butt unless you Just really absolutely love that work And so that kind of gets into the the Never-ending projects that are really Out there on a piece of property and not Necessarily the projects that you want To do right you make a plan yeah I'm Going to do this like I want to put a Soccer field in right and I want to do Put a shooting range in I want to do Some other things too and it's like

Well Those are all the fun things right but They're lower on the priority list and And when a real need comes up like now We got to finish off the rest of this Driveway because it's a muddy mess and You it's just unusable for uh all Intents and purposes and it makes a mess If you do drive your vehicle down there So If you have those trees that fall over Right that's cleaning something up and Maybe if you have drainage issues you Know you're spending your time rerouting That water or re-grading and things like That too instead of doing the fun stuff You want to do and so keep that in mind That your progress is likely going to be A lot slower than you would like it to Be you're not going to be able to go According to plan because there's going To be a lot of opportunities for things To go wrong that are of higher Importance to correct before you get Back to the fun stuff and then I would Say you know Water in general water is good and bad We've got some small ponds out here Nothing big we've got a little creek or Stream kind of running through the Property too and it's Well we've we've owned the property not Quite a year so I've seen it there's Just about every season historically I'm

Very familiar with this area too we had Some really high water for a few years Too but part of our property is dry part Of the year and wet part of the year and So that Is not awesome I would like all my Property to be usable but it just really Isn't for part of the year it's too wet To I mean you can put Muck Boots on or Hip waders and go through part of it Um but you certainly can't take a Vehicle through part of it For a good chunk of the year and so That's kind of a we've got 42 Acres out Here about half of that's usable right Now this time of year I'd like it to all Be usable this time of year but that's Just not going to happen if that matters To you that's you can't do anything About that that's Mother Nature doing Its thing so keep that in mind I do Appreciate that because it still gives Me more space right it still keeps the Neighbors further away and kind of gives Us our our Solitude that we'd like to Have and and nature for all science all Kinds of animals and birds and creatures And everything else so that's fun too But put that into your calculation or Your valuation on how much that land is Actually worth and one actually that That Chris mentioned too are utilities And That can make a big difference on on

Your costs it could be your development Costs could be your utility costs Ongoing down the road too Um out here where we're at it's propane There's no natural gas that kind of Stinks but there's already underground Tanks that are out here it's already set Up that way there's geothermal for the House so that's really nice too but it Does have fiber internet so I mean That's that's a trade-off and of course Electric is is everywhere our property Our other chunk of land they would do 600 feet free of overhead line if you Wanted to go all the way back off the Road you know a certain ways you could Pay extra to have underground of course But if you could deal with the overhead Lines then it was free to get 600 foot Back there for electric gas cost a Little bit but not a whole lot And if at least in my area if you get a Certain distance off of the road and There are City Utilities like City water and city sewer If you're far enough off the road you Don't need to connect to those we had Another property actually that we bought 35 Acres where we were planning on Building and that's what we did we we Went back far enough so we didn't have To connect to the city water city sewer That would have made a world of Difference so check with your

Jurisdiction on that too so folks that's Some things I've learned over the years You know both well every all the above Owning property leasing property being Able to use with permission other folks Property as well and just seeing all the Different pitfalls that there can be out There and trying to make the most Informed decisions so hopefully this Helps you out and for all you folks Watching that do own land if there are Regrets or there's things I didn't Mention you know if there's something Else that you can save somebody a bundle Of money on by not making that mistake Then then let them know leave a comment Down below and of course when the time Comes and you're going to need those Tractor attachments to develop that land We'd love to help you out we sell and Ship tractor attachments all over the Country every day of the week check out Good works tractor dot com we have free Shipping rewards and financing too if You enjoyed today's video Well we'd love To have you tag along so hit that Subscribe button right down below it's Completely free I want to thank you for Taking time out of your day to stop by And until next time stay safe we'll see You soon [Music]

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