Preparing for a Baby on the Homestead | Pantry Chat

[Music] Hey guys this is Josh and Carolyn I'm a Homesteading family and welcome to this Week's episode of The Pantry chat Food For Thought this week we are talking About prepping the house and the Homestead for baby because that is Coming ready or not baby is a small Package but it adds a lot to the Homestead it does and uh there's Definitely some things to think about There and can be a challenge for some People so so I'm sure everybody will be Excited to hear your thoughts and just What you have done and and uh well and I've got to tell you guys I'm still here When you're seeing this but it may be That actually in real time when you're Watching this when this releases baby May already be here so any video that You see from me for the next like two Months where I actually show up is Pre-recorded I'm just telling you guys That right now because I am taking a few Months probably off of filming totally And just taking it easy hanging out with Baby recovering all of those things so You will still see me pop up because I Have been pre-filming some things but Just so you guys can know you're gonna Be stuck with me you're going to be Stuck with him we got some good stuff Lots of stuff outside so right now as of The filming of this we're a couple weeks

Before the expected due date but it's Coming fast and it's coming I can show Everybody always wants to see the bitsy Can we see that okay babies in there Yeah rubbing the belly right this is a Very very active baby right here so um So yeah anyways so you can see baby's Not here yet got a couple weeks Yeah you're doing good you're still Bright and smiling I know you're feeling It yeah and you're sure handling things Well thank you I'm a little sober I feel Big and slow at this point but but You know life goes on and when you have An active household active Homestead There's only so many ways that life Slows down it changes as you have more And more children yeah yeah and there's You have a lot more help in a lot of Ways definitely but you have a lot more Dynamics and some a lot more speed I Think at times just with more people More stuff happening faster so it's uh You know yes yeah yeah there's sometimes The days are we like to say dynamic in The house because there's a lot of People going a lot of directions and a Lot of things that happened that that's Kind of fun too and since we're just Kind of rolling with a more organic form Here get into this little off format we Breakfast are our family time so our I Mean we have dinners as a family most of The time but like breakfast is our this

Is where we really meet as a family we Have our Bible time we talk about what's Going on and yeah and Carolyn often Would say okay at a certain point all Right it's gonna on a Monday morning all Right it's gonna be a busy week And all the kids just kind of look at us Like it's always a business it's always A win is it not one of the kids asked The other day so mama is it going to be A busy week I was like yeah I think so I'm gonna Come up with other adjectives we are we Are we're working on Dynamic now that's Right Dynamics that's right yeah so well It's a dynamic week as usual Um what are you up to Oh what am I up to I am trying to keep My own pieces together really you know How uh as we get this close to baby There's a lot of nesting to be done and I may have said this last time so sorry If I'm repeating myself but the thing That I'm realizing because I felt like Gosh I I'm like super nasty I've never Felt this nasty before that I can Remember you may disagree but what I Realized is we've never had a baby in This house So I don't have a set location for a Crib I don't I don't even have a crib Anymore because we move that off on some Move at some point just I think it was Starting to fall apart and we kind of

Said I think it's time to move on if we Need another crib we're gonna have to Get a new one so you know there's a lot Of things that are not just like okay Set up the crib it goes where it always Goes and the furniture shifts how it Always shifts and things like that There's been a lot of Uh fresh decision making moving the Couch around to here to there to over There too you know no never mind put it Back right here in the first place yeah Good stuff So add that to the scents that I have That I am I am making room for myself to Have a break and a real recovery period Um and you have to be really intentional About that I think in any form of Modern Life You have to like I am recovering this is A you know appointment on my calendar For six weeks therefore everything else Needs to kind of move it's kind of you Have to prep for it so I'm having to get Things done get things ahead make sure They're in a place where it's really Easy for kids to handle a project by Themselves with minimal direction For example our seed starting program is You know usually I would be there kind Of Moment by my moment today we're Starting these seeds inside And they're going to be ready to go out In so many weeks and you know that sort

Of a thing I am Um instead I've gotten a whole calendar And I'm calendaring out exactly how many Of exactly what variety of exactly what Plants need to be started on what date Okay I think that's advice that we've Given to do before I think it is we're Actually doing it and the amazing thing Is is it's going on a calendar so I can Just transfer it to next year so I'm Really excited because in some ways this Is helping to push us to actually be a Little more organized In a little bit better yeah Yeah so yeah well and you know what the Part of the nesting the benefit is um That this wasn't all part of your Nesting but I think it was Moving the seed starting area that was In the kitchen which is which originally Which originally if I can say that right Was set in a spot that was easily Accessible and not too far from the wood Burning stove to to create a little Warmth and I think we actually realized It was too warm it was causing some Legginess it was part of our struggle With the seedling so just a little tip For you in case you're struggling with That that was something for a few years We're like man everything is just we're Adjusting the lights we're you know Doing a little larger containers to help With the root development and still

These things are getting too tall too Fast yeah and we actually realized we Probably were starting them too early For some varieties Even in our Environment but but that was a nice move I think we're going to see a lot better Results this year getting that further Away from the wood burning stove the Kitchen also looks much less cluttered Which just totally goes right along with My nesting thing going on like clean Clear surfaces I love less clutter it's Really nice it's been a good move I Think for that so so yeah that's kind of Been a lot of what I've been doing is Just like organization stuff Pantry Organization we've been doing the pantry Challenge inside the um Homestead Kitchen membership lots of people in There filling their pantries but one of The steps of that is You know was really organizing the Pantry and cleaning it out getting all Those old things that you haven't used In a really long time you know that kind Of oh what do I do with that now that I Made it and I stashed it there sort of Stuff trying to get that either moved on Or used or something and cleaning it out So just a lot of that sort of stuff Going on in the background yeah yeah so That's kind of been me it sure is it's Uh that's been enough for me lately it's Plenty so getting ready to be able to

Slow down yeah what about you Moving furniture Absolutely I got a nice long list of Honeydews no it's been good I enjoy uh The moments where we get to declutter a Little bit yeah I'm happy to help out There and we do have a crib just so you Know we got that worked out we do yeah We do now did I say we didn't you did Yeah but we didn't have a crib right but We do but we figured so we have gotten That worked out and we've gotten the Furniture moved around pieces into place And you guys are so nice we'd probably End up with like three or four well That's what I mean you may wonder the Way that's uh that went off don't send Us a crib we've got it covered thank you We did get that that filled in created a Spot for it found the right place for Everything and and got it going so Um no you know really it's a lot of Getting ready for spring here it's it's Um February I'm not sure when they're Gonna see this but I assume this month Um it's February if this will come out The very beginning of March Okay so Anyways since since the gig is up and You know this is filmed quite early Right now Um it's February and actually doing a Lot of the planning we've been working Together on planning the garden actually And just remembering you're waiting for

Me on a sketch for what we decided to do So we've got some visuals ordering seeds You guys you got to be ordering seeds And then chickens getting our game plan On that which one of our kids is started A little micro business that's growing So we're actually like tripling the Chicken production on his end Uh for for sales for meat for making Chickens from local sales we're actually Getting ready to increase our hens as Well our egg layers that doesn't come Till the fall but so a lot of planning On that level and Um just a key tip here you kind of Alluded to it by when we went to put That order in for the chickens they're Already completely filled out until Mid-may where we were ordering Um so it might That just means they're selling fast This year they're pre-selling a lot of Chickens if you have not ordered Chickens and you're expecting to raise Them this year you really want to do That right now well and if you're Watching the news and seeing what's Going on then you might want to think About raising chickens if you're not yet And adding to your egg layers and come Up with some plans yeah these kinds of Things I mean you know they're gonna ebb And flow but I think they're gonna ebb And flow upward as far as challenge

Increasing challenge you know and so Just want to encourage you guys to Continue building your systems Um and building skills and adding that Too you know it's really exciting this Is kind of a rabbit Trail but when we You know we've gotten to a place where Even right through the winter here in North Idaho we either have preserved Eggs Or we have fresh eggs all winter so we Are not buying eggs at any point during The year and so people started talking About the egg prices and I had to go When I was in the grocery store yes we Do go to the grocery store we buy things Year-round at the grocery store so we're Not at a point where we're producing Everything that we need but when I was At the grocery store I actually had to Go over to the egg section and go look And see what the prices were and I was Surprised by the prices and here we're Still getting too many eggs in from the Chicken we're like you know figuring out Well what do we do with these eggs and Can we eat more eggs and it just becomes This amazing blessing when you are Growing your own and the cycle doesn't Change very much you know the feed Prices yes they've gone up a little bit But not in comparison to the egg prices At the grocery store and it's like I'm Still giving away eggs when people come

Over and visit I'm like take some eggs With you because I've got too many so it Just it really changes the equation when You're growing your own food and it's in A very nice sort of way well and that's The goal it's a goal for us and it's the Goal we want to share with you guys is Building resilience and I've got a lot Of permaculture in my mind because I was Just hanging out with Nicholas burtoner Filming a homestead design class uh Through the permaculture from the school Of church permaculture yeah I can't Remember what school permaculture and He's doing a class for us kind of Boiling down permaculture in the Homestead design because if you take a Full permaculture PDC on that that's Lengthy and it's big so we're trying to Make something accessible and help you Guys approach Homestead design and Layout whether it's new property or Existing with design elements that are Going to save you time and money and Energy over the long term so Um anyways all that to say that thought Just went out the window to be candid With you I was trying to say one of us has Pregnancy brain it's contagious that's My excuse Um I think we were talking about Resiliency and part of resiliency what I Was coming around to with permaculture

In my brain is one of the ethics of Permaculture is taking care of the land Taking care of people and surplus extra And that's what Carolyn is alluding to That our homesteading uh Ventures the Things that we're doing while we want to Build personal family resilience we're Building Community resilience and it's Cool to get to some of the places in These systems where there is Surplus That we can then give away or sell or Ideally both honestly in the long run in Different places and it doesn't mean you Have to make a living from it some People are going to do that that's great But you're already doing a lot of the Energy so if you can create Surplus then You're you're building a deeper Resiliency for yourself and others so There you go that's my little rant Absolutely well it's a good thing and You feel it in these moments where you Know shelves are kind of empty in some Places at the grocery store I was Surprised the other day at the grocery Store like wow there's whole empty Sections like the dairy section is A hit or miss constantly and you never Know that could be North Idaho we're Kind of at the end of everybody's Delivery lines up here but um but you Know it is nice it's nice to see every Step along the line where you get a Little bit more resilient yep that's our

Solutions oriented approach to saying Hey you guys buckle down a little bit Keep Building Systems because well we're Not about fear and worry there is Reality yeah and we want to see Everybody continuing to step forward in In confidence and Faith there you go That's a great way to say it I really Like it alrighty a couple questions of The week here you ready for that yep I Am ready throwing at you okay uh Donna Stormer on quick and easy gut healing Broth in the instapot it looks like yes If you have time could you let me know How you clean your chicken feet for Cooking oh okay Cleaning the chicken feet for cooking That's a good one because if you I know For me this is actually the thing that Really kept me from looking into chicken Feet way back at the beginning and not Doing it for a while is because all I Could picture were my chickens out in The chicken yard walking around On their feet in the muddy spring muck Or in the tight chicken coops what a lot Of people tend to think of in a chicken Coop that isn't well managed and is just A layer of poop But yeah and then taking that and Putting that into the pot and my thought Was just like that is so disgusting I Don't know if I care what the health Benefits are honestly and then I

Realized that when you are processing Your chickens you literally dunk the Feet in the scalder just like the rest Of the chicken and the entire outer skin Of the feet pull off if you do it Correctly it will happen automatically In the chicken plucker if you're using a Chicken plucker not doing it by hand And all the entire even the nails are Encased in an outer skin and it just Right on off it's kind of like a glove Coming off and you have white squeaky Clean never touch the ground fresh Underneath that besides that it gets Rinse several more times in the Processing definitely also it does that Too so in as soon as I understood that Part which I don't know how I don't know If that information is not out there and Floating around or if I just missed it Which is possible I think more people Are just seen when when we had Sally Fallon on the summit Um and we talked about this people Freaked out And it was just it was just a New Concept for the same reason that you'd Have to do it and bring it into the House for a long time I didn't even know About it Um but it's like a lot of things it's Just a process and there are processes That you can do and here's one where it Turns something that seems like a nasty

Waste product into something that is Super valuable and health enhancing and Healing yeah and let's talk about why That is for some of the people who are In the background going oh my goodness Why would you want it what are you Talking about Um and that is because the chicken feet Contain huge amounts of collagen and Gelatin in them both of which are increa Incredibly good for your entire body But especially things like your skin Your gum but Um you know some people say that that is The key to getting rid of cellulite for Uh for some of us ladies so there's a Lot of different pieces there it's the Breakdown of the collagen underneath Your skin that causes cellulite so Anyways putting that back in is a Wonderful thing for your diet all the Way around in your health all the way Around so that's why you would be Interested usually that's done in the Form of adding it to a long simmered Broth or a bone broth and being able to Get the benefits out that way whether You're turning that broth into a gravy Or a soup or just drinking it plain or Sauce we've got videos on that you've Got videos on that home screen family Sally Fallon has a whole class on that Over at the school of traditional skills So it's it's worth looking into if

That's a New Concept for you yeah Absolutely all right all right so I have A question for you jessilee Rose on make Your own Compass post link your own Compost asks can I add ash from my fire Pit into my compost So the simple answer is yes you can but That is a very nuanced conversation as Far as getting into like how much And Um I don't really have an answer for you I'm sure somebody out there has got a Very very technical answer you do have To be careful not to put too much in and Um you can get too many minerals you can Get too many Um what is it acidity sorry I'm not Thinking of the details you don't want To put too much in so what I would Recommend doing is is one doing some Research because I just don't have the Technicals on the top of my head and Then two not to get too hung up on the Technicals because they can you know run You over but there's some rules of Thumbs out there and you can learn to Just add it in and then you're going to Want to test your soil after you do it You want to add it in your compost pile While it's composting you know and and Then put it in your soil but you Probably want to test that compost Before you use it if you're going to do That so get some rules of thumb out

There we have and I do this so I'm Telling you from what I do we have at This point giant compost piles because Of the Barns and the systems the Deep Bedding that we're doing and but we heat The house with Woods we have a lot so I I take out multiple five gallon buckets And add it to our compost regularly and It's working out fine but I I'm testing That compost Every Spring mixing it up Well testing it before I add it to make Sure that I don't have any issues so That's kind of the boots on the ground Method but a lot of you are composting a Smaller level and you may have too much Ash to ratio a compost so just try to Find some rules of thumb out there if You can without getting hung up on the Fine fine nuances and go at it easy and Slow and test your soil that's what I Would recommend doing and you'll you'll Find a method that works for you but It's definitely an added benefit Yeah I think that would be alkaline too Much too much And then possibly the potash might go be Too yeah you can eat the potassium well And even calcium and a few others in There could go too high Um so that's where you just want to do Your soil tests and make sure that your Your pH is staying balanced in in your Mineralization of staying balanced as Well in your elements save a bucket

Aside of that Ash so that you can plant It around your um your broccolis your Your cold crops not plant it but put it Down on the ground it saves you from a Ton of pests if you just do a nice fine Layer right on the ground dusting all The way around you don't again you don't Want to get too much in your soil but it Is make sure you save some of that aside Because it really does help with some of The pests out there it doesn't you can Honestly you can do that in all your Garden in the spring if you want you can Dust with it you know you just need to Keep your soil tests going people what You're going to get out there is people Kind of freaking out high high caution And there are reasons for caution I Think people over respond maybe that's Because people overuse it so you do got To be careful but you know after a long Time I was like oh wow I better not do This this is like too many you know too Many traps yeah and people get a little Too wound up about it too so just kind Of a balanced perspective do a little Research go at it and as long as you're Testing what you're doing and starting Small I think you'll find you know a Good way through to incorporate that Into the system us humans have a really Hard time with balance don't we we do Seems to be an ongoing piece of the Story of humanity well it's it's an

Ongoing struggle I mean I get the people That get really detailed I like things Really detailed and I like to get into That stuff yeah you know it's Interesting to me but it holds you back Sometimes and it stops you from just Acting and we need to go forward we need To observe and learn and create a plan And act Um and so Joel salaton's statement and Where I heard him say you know good Enough is perfect and so finding that Balance and a lot of things helps us Actually be productive on the homestead And not get hung up on some of the big Detailed discussions that have validity But can get overblown and stop us from Taking action yeah yeah absolutely Alrighty well Um prepping for baby that's funny and That's a new angle on prepping prepping For baby we are prepping we are Officially Preppers over the next few Weeks yeah Prepping for a baby and you know I guess I'm gonna go on a little soapbox Rant here I am I you know as I have been Obviously more and more pregnant over The last few months and looking around And and paying attention to other People who are pregnant or have small Babies I've realized I have never in my Adult life that I'm aware of seemed so Few babies being born and so few

Pregnant people and you know if you look At the numbers the demographic numbers You actually see that that is true it's Reflected in the demographics right now We're having fewer and fewer babies Every single year occasionally we'll Have a little bump and a few more are Born the United States is actually now Falling behind I think it's technically It was right in there falling behind Replacement rates we are going one Whatever you know Europe's been there For a while obviously China but this is This is not good news for culture it's Kind of a different discussion but it's Not good it's nice yeah it is not good News but I I think about why that might Be and you know we have a lot of Reasons that I hear you know if you read The demographic reports if you read the Things that are out there the news Articles they're going to say well People are getting married later they're Starting their families later so they Have fewer children they're just not Interested in having children there's a Lot of different things going on out There but I actually have a little bit Of a different take on it and I want to Kind of throw that out there because I Think it really fits with who you and I Are who homesteading family is and I Think who a lot of you guys are and that Is that

Having a baby bringing a new life into The world is like an ultimate Act of Faith really right it's faith in the Future it's faith in maybe a God that Loves us and is watching out for us it's Faith and a lot of things and right now We are surrounded by a Oppressive amount of fear and darkness In our community in our culture I want To say in a much larger sense people are Scared they're scared of the future They're scared of what's Happening They're scared am I going to be sick am I going to be able to afford children am I going to be able to keep them healthy And Alive am I going to be able to Provide there's a lot of things right Now that are kind of scary out in the World and I just want to make the Statement you guys that we don't fight Fear by giving into fear It's just the truth it's the same thing On the homestead and like yeah we can Look at all the problems in the world And we can say oh my gosh the food Supply and oh my goodness that this and Oh my goodness that that and the answer Is let's fill our our basements with uh 20 years worth of freeze-dried food just In case you know the answer is not Fighting fear by giving into fear the Answer is finding Solutions and Fighting Fear with faith and so I guess to me This has just been an eye-opening moment

That I really want to bring out we have A choice about how we respond as humans To the situations around us are we going To let what's happening in that Pervasive feeling and maybe a little bit Too much news watching or a little you Know there's a lot of things going on And I gotta say if I start watching the News too much it won't start you start Going oh my goodness gracious this is a Wreck and we're headed for a train wreck Here you know yeah but Is that where we're going to live is That how we're going to plan our future Is that how we're going to walk in let's Find what the solutions are and let's Walk in faith walking forward and that May be meaning Let's have a baby Well moving forward with life yeah That's you know if that's what you're Supposed to do and I think just to add a Little bit to that fear is a natural Response and so it's not that all the Things you mentioned are normal Understandable fears they're things to Think about there are things to consider And there are things for each individual Person to consider but making decisions To take this past just babies at the Moment making decisions based on fear And out of fear is where we get into Trouble right you know the fear wakes us Up there's a problem there's danger what

Do I need to look at okay here's the ABC You know and okay let's consider these Things how then do we make decisions Going out of that once we've recognized Those things yeah and then doing that in Faith and in a lot of different ways but Just Solutions oriented and where Ultimately where God would have you be Yeah good thoughts good thoughts good to Hear well we promised a little prepping For babies we're getting on with our Ryan's in the show today so we better Get on to a little bit of practicals Which we're always trying to give Everyone absolutely Um on just prepping for babies so you've Got some notes Here one is prepping on The homestead Thoughts about that yeah you know you Got to get the baby swing out in the Barn and all of that stuff cool I like It all right that may be the case but Actually hang out with the lamb yeah we Had accidental well They were earlier than we expected labs This week's which are cute but Um but yeah just kind of exactly what we Were talking about about the beginning Of the pantry chat there about prepping For garden prepping for these things That usually mom may be a little bit More involved in uh you know I had a Great conversation with Lacey Dixon back Quite a few Pantry chats ago and just

Talking about the changing role of Mom Maybe on the Homestead at this point of A pregnancy and you know getting around To delivery and Um being for thinking about that and Just prepping things what is mom usually Directing what's usually going on making Sure that there's room for mom and baby To you know have some recovery time some Slower time than that so for us you know That's the garden starts that's me Making plans for the Cottage Garden Where I'm usually involved in and making Sure everybody knows how that's going to Run this year and Um you know kind of getting ahead and Getting organized on some of those Things so getting plans and layouts me I Know for me because it's been a while Since we've had a baby it is In order to help with that and to make Sure you get a break it is planning to Have baby with me on my body or you know It'll be on my body at first but um Closer so that I I'm I'm bringing I'm Slowing down and bringing somebody else Along Um as that's doable uh to give you rest And and help out so that's that's that Takes some thought like okay what do I Need to you know carry the baby around And and like preparing myself mentally That I got to be prepared to slow down a Little bit and have another little

Person that close to my body as I'm Doing tasks Um to help make things work yeah so yeah So that's probably for me like thinking Of the homestead and baby and like you Know first it's like well baby's gonna Go mama when it's brand new and it will Be most the time but nonetheless that's Where it starts to go and that's a Different process I've got to give Myself a little more time yeah you know Everything takes a little slower but That's going to be really really Important yeah yeah and do you have a Thought just I know you're thinking About baby carriers because sometimes For the really early stages I'm using Like the big yard cloth and the wraps And it's kind of a puzzle to get Yourself in and out of are you thinking Like a carrier type for you well I would Assume I think we used to call him was It a nergo we have ergos so might have To get one I'm a little thicker in frame These days but Um but so that's what I was figuring That's a start and yeah I've been Thinking I haven't been researching them Too much yet because I gotta get a Little bigger where they can hold their Head up before it can go on my back Which is where it'll be a lot easier for Me that I am actually even working out Oh right you're getting in shape so that

I can get used to having it because I do Have some lower back issues and I Haven't been holding the baby and Carrying around for a while so trying to Do a few things to get in to be ready For that so yeah and I would assume it Was an ergo or something like that yes Have you guys seen they now have a lot Of camo like they have men's specific Ergo type styling cool I like it No more pink zebra stripes That's supposed to tell anybody that I Don't even know if that's funny Okay prepping the house you did a few Practical tidbits here about prepping The house meals that's really the big One honestly I mean the rest of the House yeah get help where you can enlist Children set up your household systems If you don't have them so everybody Knows what chores they can be doing We've been covering that a lot in the in The membership lately getting your daily Minimum routine down so everybody knows What needs to be done in order to keep The household running on a basic level You want to do that but get meals put up Whether you're canning convenience meals Putting some in the freezer Buy some if you need to I mean of course Homemade home reserved good and healthy Great that's what we're all trying to do But buy some if you need solicit friends Say hey you guys want to do a meal

Training for me like instead of a gift Just bring me a couple meals and there When people bring you meals they're Always cheesy pasta Because those are easy things to Transport you might give a few like I Could really use some healthy you know More vegetables less cheese less pasta Whatever it is to get re-mineralized Right you really do you really do so you Want to really focus on bone broths and Those good cooked vegetables and things Like that as you're recovering so good Protein levels things of that sort so Anyways get those meals going yep that's A big one okay plans for home birth any Any practicals here this is well this is Our first home birth here at Riverbend Yes it's not your first home birth so What particular things do people need to Be thinking about for home birth or Maybe even they're not a home birth you Know maybe they're going to Midwife or Maybe you're just traditional going to The hospital it's all good what are some Things to think about you know there's a Lot of really good lists out there that You can get and if you're working with a Midwife for a home birth they're Probably going to give you their wish List Um but it's easy to think about the Medical aspect which is important right They'll give you a list that says you

Need to have this then that and the Other and whatever or they'll bring it With you and Um it's easy to think about the baby Side because kind of as soon as mom has Baby all focused tends to go to baby Right but make sure you're thinking About yourself too and how you're going To be able to set up your space to be Able to get some rest on the other side Of baby and how you can make yourself Comfortable and treat yourself a little Calmer this culture we do not often take The time that mom needs which can result Very strongly in some of the you know Postpartum depression long-term energy Loss hair loss all those types of things Often come from not taking care of Yourself as a mom immediately postpartum Yeah okay so we really really need to Take some time to create some space to To rest stay warm stay you know very Very nourished and to give you the give Yourself the longest space you can to do That so really think you know home birth Is a great way to start that because You're right there you're right in your Home space but start giving some thought To how to prepare your space for what You need and yeah and if it's not a home Birth maybe it's what do you need when You get home yeah exactly which kind of Ties into the next next subject here and That is plans for Recovery which you

Were alluding to yeah kind of covered That yeah and this is something we Certainly didn't do well in the early Years and have realized that we need to Plan this in more when I was a young mom Having the first few I bounced back so We were like superhero she was just like Up and let's go yeah I mean oh the Family's over the next day to see the Baby so let me go get them a snack from The kitchen because I felt good Everybody was like sit down I'm like no I'm fine I can be up and going and I Ended up having long-term problems with Nursing and milk supply and different Things like that that finally as I Learned more realized it traced right Back to what I did in those first days So even if you feel great Or if you don't taking that rest time is Just so so important do not get out of Your pajamas and midwife told me this Like stay in your pajamas that way you Know and everybody around you knows You're not active like even if you feel Like it you want to get up and put your Makeup on to go with your pajamas that's Fine if it makes you feel better for Photos but stay in your pajamas and stay Very very low key try and stay in bed as Long as you can so what's your recovery Period what are you Um you know I'm aiming for about six Weeks or 40 days 42 days with the first

Few weeks of really like first two weeks Of being really low-key really staying In bed quiet as much as I can kids Everybody else can come come visit me But for short visits and then after that Time you know I can start moving down to The couch and interacting a little bit More so try to keep it as low-key as I Can for about six weeks and guys Husbands help your wives with this I Certainly haven't been great in this in Some years and part of that was because She bounced back so well I didn't even Know we didn't yeah the information is Going to be doing this but um supporter And that help support get the house Around that and even Grandpa's grandmas Family members if you're around somebody Our culture's gotten all broken and we Don't even think anymore there used to Be historically so many people came in And supported mom and the household and A lot of us don't have that we don't Have extended family all around but look At what you do have and what you can do And make sure and and support new mom Getting the rest that she needs and the Baby and helping get through that season Yeah if you are pregnant or imminent Going to have a baby we're thinking About it you can also check out the Pantry chat that I did with Lacey Dixon About that we'll put a link here Somewhere thank you guys it's been good

To hang out with you hanging with you I've got to go but we will see you soon Goodbye