Prepping for 2022: Clearing Land For A Tree Loading Zone

Hey guys phil here woods tree farm Thanks for checking out the channel Today we are taking on a little bit of a Construction project or we’ll call it a Land clearing project for something for Next year’s tree lot even though we just Closed up this past weekend we were not Open and we sold out of trees last week And we took everything down if you Didn’t see my tree light overview video And you want to go see that i’ll put a Link in this video’s description but we Had our tree lights set up over here so We had some trees around the hay wagon We had the playhouse out here for kids Playing we had a big 18 by 27 tent that We had a bunch of merchandise for sale All of that happened over here on this Side of our gravel driveway here’s the Driveway a little bit of sun in the Background and as we were working the Tree lot and we sold more trees this Year than we’ve ever done in fact we did More than double the trees that we had Last season It was apparent to me that we’re Spending a lot of time and a lot of Energy taking trees up to the parking Lot and while we were doing that i was Thinking wouldn’t it be nice if Right over here on the other side of the Griswold car was somewhat of a loading Zone and cars could come right down here And

We could throw trees right on top Without having to go All the way up there a few hundred feet So we have this Grove of trees over here and there’s About 150 feet between us where we’re Standing right now and the neighbors Property line so we can easily clear all Of this out do a big u-shape drive over There and um you know that would have a Loading zone a lot closer and then Anyone who wants to bring their own or Yeah carry their own trees up to the Parking lot could still go up that way And a lot of people you know did their Own But a lot of people also relied on us And it would be really nice to be able To do that a lot closer and we could be A lot more efficient and then for other Events other times a year that area over There could just be expanded parking That could end up being a little bit Closer to where we’re doing our events So that’s what we’re working on i’m Going to take you up there show you what I’m dealing with and what the plan is And then you’ll see how this comes Together in the next few weeks All right so this is the area up here All of these trees And you just barely see my pond through The trees down there This is the parking lot this is the only

Part of my parking lot that’s covered in Gravel when we started this three years Ago i thought it was going to cover this Entire area up here in gravel and then i Realized how much gravel cost and this Is still the only area covered in gravel And we’ve been kind of maintaining the Rest of that lot up there with wood Chips and that’s worked out really well And for this area over here though where It’s wooded We’ll see what we need to do probably Gonna bring in a whole bunch of gravel For that Uh so in here there are a bunch of oak Trees of you know various sizes some of Them are quite large some of them are Just you know eight to ten inches and Perfect for firewood and the ones that Are bigger i’m gonna hope to get some Saw logs off of for some upcoming Projects anyway all of the actual work And taking this down and processing the Trees and all that kind of stuff i’m Gonna cover on my other channel so if You’re interested in seeing the actual Work happen i’m going to cover that on Flat creek outdoors and i’ll leave a Link to that channel in the description I’m trying to keep wood’s tree farm Content more just about what we’re doing For the business and if it’s more like a Property maintenance project or just Showing equipment and use or whatever

That’s not directly related to the tree Farm i cover it on the other channel so Anyway just a little explanation there So there’s a couple stumps you can see Around here i’ve taken a couple trees Down i’ve already split some of it up Into firewood there’s some more blocks Over there ready to be converted into Firewood and then the rest of that over There is just the Uh burn pile or pile to be chipped i Don’t know what i’m gonna do i might Rent a chipper and convert some of that Into wood chips And All of these trees that you can see here All this needs to come down all these Trees need to come down and we’re going To go that way probably about 80 or 90 Feet And there’s a lot of trees between here And there that will need to come out and We’ll basically go down right here There’s a little bit of a little wire Fence that’s our property line and we’ll Start the drive right along this fence And we’ll go down that way and we’ll do A u-turn and we’ll come back up and come Out over there just on the other side of That stump So as we grow we knew that we’re gonna Need more parking anyway so this is just Kind of uh An evolution of our business not only

Will this help us be better for Christmas season but it’ll give us some More parking for when we’re doing Flowers during the summer or any of our Other events so i think the game plan in Here is i’m going to take down a lot of These trees myself probably all the Trees myself And then we’ll have a contractor of some Sort come in with an excavator or a Bulldozer or both and do the stump Removal do the grading And then we’ll figure out what we want To do with the top coat whether that’s Wood chips or gravel or a combination of The two i’ll kind of wait and see what It looks like when we get the area all Prepped Well thanks for checking out the channel Today for that little quick update on This project like i said if you want to See the progress of that in the coming Weeks check out the flat creek outdoors Channel where i’ll be covering more the Actual work and then of course once we Get the job done and we can demonstrate How it’ll work for us i’ll show that Back on this channel here on Woodstreetfarm thanks again i’ll see you On the next video bye-bye

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