Professional Welder Reviews a Really Cheap Welder – Worth the Money?

VEVOR Mig Welder Welding Machine 270A MIG MMA TIG 3 In 1 Welder Combo 110V/220V Review

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Vevor Welder:

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Hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms And I talked in a video a couple weeks Ago about the fact I feel like I need to Learn how to weld I've got way too many Projects going on that I'm taking to Other people or asking someone to help Me out so I've got a new welder here From viore and I ordered this in without Knowing anything about welding I've Literally never tried to weld anything But my neighbor here just lives a Quarter mile down the road from me is a Professional welder he's got a business Called spooling spooling Auto and Welding fabrication they do like custom Bumpers truck beds any kind of custom Welding or fabrication he's got a plasma Table over here and I've asked him to Give me a little bit of his time today To tell me if I bought a good welder or Not and to teach me how to use it what Kind of welders do you use I run Lincoln And Miller and these are these are Expensive welders yeah they're the the Two name brands that pretty much Everybody goes to but I don't go to just One brand I'll use them all either one Of them are good and this is one of the Cheapest welders you can buy for the Capabilities it has this is Mig TIG and Stick you can run it 220 most of the Time but it's got an adapter cord that Comes with it if you need to run it off 110 so we're going to test this out he's

Going to weld with it tell us how well It works and then I'm going to try Welding with it also he's got a YouTube Channel that I will link to in the Description okay so Austin's went Through and set it up we've got the line Off the gas bottle that goes into the Back if you're new to welding like me You want to get a bottle with 7525 in it Then you got a lead that plugs in here Your ground clamp plugs in here and They've got this little cable coming out The front that goes into here I'm only Focusing on MIG welding today I'm Wanting to learn one thing that's the Simplest thing and the easiest thing I Can learn CU I'm not going to be doing This every day so I just want to keep it As simple as possible okay so then we're Going to turn it on on switch on the Back and then this switch is on Mig now It's got four dials on it how do what What do I need to know the least amount Of information to actually use this About what these four dials are or how To set them so really the only two you Really need to know is your voltage and Your uh wire speed okay uh they don't Really have a manual to set it up but I Went off of my Lincoln The Arc FX Settings so it's actually I think set to 12 gauge metal which is what that is and Basically the thicker the metal the Higher the voltage y so you'll the

Higher the voltage you go you'll just Kind of have to adjust your wire speed To it it ain't got really uh set Settings for it so you got to kind of Figure it out yourself unfortunately Yeah there's a it came with instructions We just didn't look at it we didn't at All well except for this this this part Just uh it changes your polarity for Your fck score wire and your M Wire or The solid wire so all right well let's Weld something Okay That actually does pretty good well you Look like you've done that Before yeah I've done it a few times not Your first Try add in our standard disclaimer that Vivor provided this welder to me for Testing and if you want want to save 5% Off of this product or anything else From vivor click the link in the Description and use my discount Code it's a nice looking weld all I do Is pull the trigger and it's going to Spark yep and then as soon as it Sparks Just start moving it slow down you'll Watch that pedal you don't want to go Too far ahead of it you don't want to be Too far behind it you don't want to sit There and pull up but just kind of slow And steady it feels like what I'm gonna Want to do is like be looking at it too Much and worrying about it too much

Instead of just keep moving Yeah there's nothing better than trying Something brand new with an audience of Probably thousands of people So I also from viore got this auto Darkening helmet and for the price it Seems really nice it's got uh it also Came with a GoPro setup which I'm not Going to mess with today but it came With everything you need to mount a GoPro Pro right here for filming so in The future I'll have better shots of the Welding the auto darkening controls are In here and it goes all the way around So and I think this helmet was like $80 not real Well see if that seems too dark I had no Idea oh yeah I had all that sticking Out A little Dark it's basically I thought I was Right on it but it looked like I was Like 3 Ines away huh well I said that Wasn't going to go smooth and it didn't I couldn't see what I was doing which I Guess you just have to have a feel for It but I had the I had it way too far Away so we'll try her Again that's a lot better had a was There a layer on there I think that layer was the Issue would I be able to flip it around And try the back side Yeah clean mine up and you can weld on

That To Okay so we've Got the very first Pass see if that's going to come into Focus there and the second One and the third One and this one I think's cooled off And then that's how it's supposed to Look not too bad So what we're here to find out what I'm Here to ask this guy besides making sure That when I tested it I had everything Set up right is someone like me never Welded anything doesn't know anything About Welding you know do you think that's a Good unit to start with oh yeah for sure It's uh it's pretty simple we didn't use Instructions to set it up besides the Polarity changing just because I that's Something I haven't ever seen which is Any it's kind of a cool feature but yeah I think for anybody starting out or just Needs a little hobby welder in their Garage fix some things I think that Thing's perfect and then as far as when You were using It did a pretty good job right I mean For having Mill scale still on the just Having a grinding wheel go over it just Wants it welded pretty smooth I was Actually impressed without normally Welders have issues with just spot

Welling tacking kind of Poppy and you Know but that thing just is actually Pretty smooth for what it is it actually Welds pretty decent yeah and we didn't Test it today but you can stick weld With it and you can TIG weld with it so I think for a little over $300 and you Can get a discount using my code seems Like a heck of a good product to me so I Really appreciate you taking time to Help me with this appreciate you guys Taking time to watch I'll put links on The screen to a couple more of our Videos I'll see you next time

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