Questions You May Ask about Portable Sawmills? | Teaching Newbe on Frontier Sawmill

You’re touching here you got two inches Over there It was literally touching that bar [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] Welcome back to the channel uh I’m Tony If you’re new to the channel and this is Tony’s tractor Adventure but we got a Special guest here today we got Brock From Rock Hill Farms and we are going to Cut up some big Oaks on a sawmill he’s Got a lot of questions about Sawmills We’ve been talking for the last few Months like six eight months about the Sawmill I said come on up we’re gonna We’ll show you everything we know Shouldn’t take no more in 10 minutes Yeah this is Tony’s got one of my Favorite channels to watch and I’m Excited to be here and maybe learn a Little something from this guy he’s got Kind of low standards Listen let’s get to it yep should be fun So what I’m doing Brock is we’re getting Ready to build our greenhouse and you’ve Seen some of the other projects we’ve Done in the past and I think that will Be a good chance to like Bring you up to speed what I know on on The Sawmill we’re going to need some big 6×6 posts now our Sawmill is the OS 23

By Frontier uh it’ll cut it’s rated at a 23 inch log round and it’ll actually cut 20 inches across flat but I have learned If you’re patient and willing to you Know be patient and move along you can Get a log as big as 26 inches on there It’s hard and I don’t recommend doing it But you can do it if you need to all These oak logs yeah this all separated By so these are all Oak and I got some Black cherry over there there is one big Oak over there a couple this is a Mixture of popular and Oak over here so This this log right here is this is a White oak and which is really good for Post it’s 21 inches this way And it’s going to be about 18 inches That way on this end let’s see if we got Any taper It’s got some big knots on it and these Knots sticking off where these are like Old broken limbs that that can come into Play with your saw so about 19 this way To 17. so there’s a there’s about an Inch taper which means we can we could Stack a piece of wood up onto this end To level it out but it’s just not really That big a deal you wanna what I I Always want to try to go Cut the pith out of the board because That Center piece is going to be Worthless basically and you want that Center piece to be on the same board on Board right yeah yeah we want to try to

Keep the pith all the way through and You can cut the pith into a like a six Or second it’ll hold up as a fence post You know so we don’t want to waste it But we really want a good six by sixes On the outside and I think we can get at Least two maybe three really good six by Sixes out of this if we if we if we play Cards right Which I’m known for not doing right so You’re going to try to get that bottom One off the stack yeah we’re just going To pull it out and let everything else Fall down tell you that sounds like a Tractor Adventure right there yeah it is A tractor Adventure Foreign [Music] Yeah They weren’t too bad they wouldn’t Terribly said you looked like you’d done That before once or four times So what we got here is these are a brand New set of Saber tooth 10 degree blades so I’ve I’ve done a lot of Oak recently on a Seven degree blade by wood Miser it’s a Turbo seven silver tip and I had a Another order of these Sabertips saber tooth plates from Frontier come in so I want to try The 10 degree blades with the oak it’s a Little bit more aggressive I say so yeah to back up the lower the

Number on that the more aggressive it Cuts or Yes so I wasn’t familiar with the the Fact that there’s a difference in the The angle of the teeth or anything yeah There’s a difference in the angle of the Teeth and the angle that it cuts so it’s It’s literally which direction the Bottom part of this hook That that’s your degree right there so The 10 degrees is a little bit further Over the seven degree is a little more Straight up And I’m no expert obviously but the like in Your Hardwoods it’s sad that uh the Seven degrees or better and you get into Soft Woods your 10 degrees will be Better however I was talking with a guy On a form the other day and he said try Try one of these 10 degrees I think You’ll be happier with it and he said It’ll cut through faster And and with with the extra horsepower We have now I don’t think you know we It’s going to be a big deal So here’s a lesson a well a lesson well Learned is uh You can There’s guys that will take and whip Those things around and I ain’t one of Those because I always bleed Right And I would be much smarter to have

Gloves on Yep but I don’t I don’t like wearing I Don’t like working in gloves never have Foreign Sometimes it comes back to bite you Literally literally yes We had to get rid of the frontier of the Mouse We had a mouse living in here and uh we Hadn’t we had to get rid of him he had To go He got an eviction notice 30 days he had To go So we did yesterday we come back out Here and cleaned up uh up under this we Carried this and washed it the other day We took it to the car wash and washed it It’s been sitting down here for a year Without any kind of cleaning so I went And went ahead and cleaned it up and uh I’m glad we did that because after I Come through there was like a boat loose Here you know it vibrates you gotta it’s Just like your tractors anything you got To come back and do your maintenance on It You’re cleaning them is all best way to Find something that’s wrong or needs a Little bit of attention yeah and I just Never even thought about you know that Boat had vibrated loose what’s the odds Of that So on The Sawmill okay there’s a the way Frontier does it and every every salmon

Factory has some some similar thing so The way they have a calip like a spring That’s been they know exactly how much Tension that spring will put on if you Turn this thing five times once you Touch it so there’s a flat spot here You’ll start turning it And then you’ll feel it touch the spring So when it touches the spring that’s When you start so there’s half one half Two half three half four half Five so that’s enough tension So it’s pretty simple in that respect And this belt see how it bulges out There that’s normal okay yeah it looks Like a problem yeah everybody says that It’s like that something’s wrong with no That’s the way that it works and as it Gets warmer it’ll get much more flexible And it’ll actually stay further down in There but that’s absolutely and all I’m Doing now is looking to make sure my Tracking is good so I just put that new Blade on there I want to spend these over you know 15 Times I’d say because I want to make Sure that it’s tracking the way it’s Going to track and you want the Basically the the gullet of the of the Cut right here I think that’s what you Call that you want that to be pretty Much dead even with the outside of this Pulley and then that leaves all your Teeth your Cutters are completely

Exposed and on both sides so this this This this Sawmill is really good about Tracking and as long as you use a Reputable blade manufacturer and then They do it to the right length I’ve I’ve Had to like adjust make an adjustment on This like one time out of all the time All my blades are coming in just spinal Can’t beat that no No I did I did add a high a high uh Speed Dust collection system I mean we we’re collecting our sawdust For for the garden and uh Yeah I studied on it for pretty much a Week or so and put one single screw here And put a bucket under it so uh Yeah I’m slow learner a lot of times the Simplest solution is the best one yeah And it has a safety switch on here too Like if You leave the leaves these loose and the Door comes open a little bit it’ll shut The engine off so even when we put the Upgraded engine in there we went ahead And made sure that it’s wired correctly If you hit the if you hit the emergency Stop it will it stops So I’m going to Real quickly check the oil [Music] One thing I’m just going to say now uh When you’re like when you’re when you

Get a sawmill You just when you’re done at the end of The day always loosen this cable up I Hear a lot of people like well my cable Broke my cable broke well they leave Their the weight of the head setting for Days and weeks and months we we Lubricate this regularly and we when we Put it away at the end of the day we Release all the pressure off of the Bandsaw spring and then we release all The pressure off of this I’ve never had It fail and watch it fall off today Because I said that all right now that Sounds like it it makes sense Challenge accepted Okay uh let’s get a little oil checking Going on Huh To this point there’s not even a a cable Burr Okay it’s got the clear stuff in there That’s good I run a uh this has got three oil Changes on this new engine and I’m Running I’m running full synthetic do You see how clear it was yeah let water So do you have a use for the sawdust or You just compost it we’re thrown in the Garden if you look up on our garden up Here this they pushed all the topsoil Off up there so we’ve been taking it in This and going a fair and dumping it and Spreading it out and we’ll till it all

In and throw a bunch of nitrogen on it And let it have a Decay faster Yeah anything you know we’re going to Have all these little yes there’ll be a Lot of any raised bed Firebase you can Put that as a feel so you know just These logs were getting ready to do We’ll make a we’ll make a hole It takes a lot it’s lost all of us all Right Twisted that chain so many times Thank you So now we’re getting ready to set the Log on here this is not that long little Log it’s a little over 10 foot long So we’re gonna I tend to like to work in the middle of The Sawmill I don’t know why but Put her backstops up I only also I Generally work off two backstops Instead of you know because I find that With multiple backstops There’s more room for air And there because there’s there’s always Going to be some slight deviation Between this backstop this back’s not in That that matched up so if I just work Off of two backstops then it’s a Straight line and I don’t have to yeah That makes sense I wouldn’t have thought Of it but it makes sense Well I mean this You want to saw me like this it’s it is A rough cut saw something it’s good I Mean it’s really does really it’s really

Accurate but at the end of the day it’s Still it’s not it’s not plain wood it’s It’s a rough cut song You might say like if you think about Like oh the old days or the big circular Saws and the Sawmills this is way far More accurate than those are when I was A kid my grandpa had one with the big Circular blade I remember it a little Bit yeah that’s how I got in the my Uncle was he he cut timber and he took Me to the salmon when I was about 13 and We I seen one of those big Sawmills and I’ve had the I’ve had the salmon bug Ever since I was like I just something About taking and making something out of A log just just it’s in my soul yep All right so now we’re going to set that Up on there Sometimes I get sidetracked but I walk Up it from the from that side and then You know make sure I get my hand on it So I can because generally if it’s just Teeter and you can hold it but once it Starts going you’re not stopping 2 000 Pounds it’s coming right and there goes The ankles knees and I had everything put away for the Carrying to the car wash of the day Try to give you my best impression man I’m the first impressions are tough you Know Like that’s the dirtiest My Tractor’s Being

In Forever So we’re gonna have a problem here Because this is such a big log see again You you have to be patient with it but You’ve got to like get buy these that That this this Insider here basically This nut this portion right here Um you’ve got to make sure that it’s Going to clear the track on the inside Here Yeah it kind of looks like right now It’s close it’s close and what I’m going To do is go ahead and screw this in and So it’s going to go in further Obviously but uh How are we looking on that side are we Touching them It was touching when you set it down Yep Yeah I think we’re fine Perfect yeah I mean sometimes you can only get one These first cuts are on big logs like This these first Cuts this is really Kind of close to the max of The Sawmill Yeah I said you can Be really patient with it and come by And take little slices off the top and Then turn it over and take a little Slice so I can just keep you know you Can like make a stop sign out of it and But it’s it’s very time consuming and Sometimes so frustrating you don’t want To yeah and that explains why there’s a

Difference between the maximum cut width And the maximum board right maximum log Size so we get like say 20 inches a 20 Inch board if we’re really willing to Work with it in the center we can I’ve Got 23 inch boards so you can do it If they don’t rate it that way because It’s just not realistic to try to do all The time But that’s just one of the reasons like I said we’re gonna we’re gonna we’re Probably gonna upgrade to a bigger Sawmill that’s another thing that you Need to you know when you’re doing your Sawmill Journey My concern as probably what you’re about To say is finding a spot where you want Bigger capacity but as soon as you start Going up in capacity you start going up In price too and it’s kind of a personal Use Mill right yeah this is definitely a Homeowner’s meal a homesteaders meal uh You know you you go into the the kind That Turn the turn the logs over by Themselves you’re in a totally different Price range I mean you’re talking about Uh we’re in this you can get into this Sawmill From start and I don’t want I don’t ever Talk about prices but you can get into This Sawmill very economically and it’ll Pay for stuff very quickly if you don’t Mind the hard work but if you want an

Automated production Sawmill yeah you’re Going to have to pay a lot more it’s in It’s it’s a different it’s a big Difference but uh still even in these Type of economical Sawmills they have Different sizes We we evaluated the trees on our Property we evaluated the trees in our Surrounding community that we thought we Would get well it turned out that ain’t How it works we I we have come across so Many big trees that we have turned away Like red oak white oak trees just Hickory big giant trees that we just Turned away because we couldn’t put on Our Sawmill so have it having it to do Over today depending on where you’re at Like this is a great Sawmill for say in Canada where they have the spruce and They’re long skinny you know they’re you Know big long logs this this long But uh for us in our our types of trees Now I probably should have went with the The 31 or 27 or 31. and those are not That much more expensive you know they Still work the same way they’re still a Full manual meal and then but you know As long as you have tractor and tractor Hydraulics You can you can get around that and keep Your grapple here you got to keep your Grapple here Right so you see how easy I mean if you Guys don’t know we were our last log I

Had we had the grapple over at the at Our other house with our other tractor And I was working with it with the forks And this is so much more precise I can Set and turn and twist and move the log Around and it’s basically like having a High-end log or having a high-end Sawmill because I can do all that with The tractor hydraulics so that place Multiple rows we have a lot of 36 inch Diameter trees yes big 30 36 nothing Hardly on my property is less than 30. And so and I’m not going to cut all Those down I think I have another source For logs but the skid loader can Actually handle a log that’s long enough To be worth Milling At that diameter our smaller tractor can Could I could with the backhoe on our Small tractor I could probably put this Up here it’ll it’ll it’ll pull out Something It’s like 20 2500 pounds it’ll dead lift So say from ground to hit this High Nate Won’t lift it all the way to the full Height but that’s where the big tractor Does come into play here for us too so It’s moving these big logs around in the Woods the the the smaller tractor was Just really not an option but it’s great For yard work here a little safety note Here Um this horsepower Is pretty

Um It’s it’s high and so therefore the Blade it never slows down enough even at Low idle it doesn’t slow down enough to Keep this the the blade will keep moving All the time where it should when it’s In original configuration it would stop But we just got more power it’s a hot Rod man I’m telling you so here uh the Blue line it’s going to give it’s in Correlation to how high the the blade is From the bunk the top of these bunks and That’s all it’ll ever be so sometimes You’ll work you’ll be working from the The bunk side for for spacing but most Of the times you’ll be working from the Top of the log down so it’s not going to Necessarily be perfectly the perfect Inch from the the top of the bunk so What you do is you say we want to move This to this this red line is is Adjustable so you can move this up and Down let’s say we’re gonna we wanna we Wanna cut uh three quarters So we’re just going to move the red line Down over the three So that’s three that’s three quarters so Every well the next time we cut we’ll Move we’ll drop the Sawmill down We’ll just go down to the next Three and that takes into account the Thickness of the blade so every time That you cut you lose you lose an eighth Of an inch roughly so if you want let’s

Say you want a one inch board well then You would use four quarters Then you want a two inch board you would Use the the eight quarters because each Time that you make a cut you’re losing One eighth of an inch of log for the Blade width so that this automatically Takes into account that I’m good y’all agree anybody don’t agree Leave a comment yeah well it’s good that It factors that in for you yeah it Really is and it’s it took me a while to Start using it and trusting it but it Really is accurate so the first thing You’re going to do when you start with This log is is just remove the this down To a flat Edge right We’re going to cut the fir the first one We’re going to cut is is down the top And and then what I’ve learned on on This manual Sawmill is it’s more Important to get that first cut and then Square that first cut up to the back Because you’re rolling this thing over Sometimes manually where if you have an Automatic Mill you might cut the top Rotate it 180 degrees cut the bottom and Then rotate it and cut one side and for For for reasons that you might get a Little bit more yield out of the log When you’re running a manual Sawmill You’re not as you’re willing to give up A little yield so that because it’s so Hard work so you’re gonna cut one side

Rotate it over against the back get a Square corner and then you can rotate it Over and then do away with your back Bunks all together or your back your Back stops because there’s little There’s little one inch stops back or Three quarter inch stops so you just Slide that square cant into the back of It and you know it’s true but you know It’s it’s trade-offs with a manual meal You know you’ll do things on a manual Meal that you wouldn’t do on a on an Automated meal yep yeah I know uh Turning it with that can’t doesn’t look Any fun when I watch you do it yes and Again that’s why I’m a big believer in Having the Hydraulics of the tractor and Having a having a if you’re going to do This I I really like it depending on Your wood too like if you’re like let’s Say you’re using you’re doing 20 foot Spruce they’re light they’re narrow They’re not yeah you can that’s okay you Start messing with two thousand pounds Plus oak logs you need Hydraulics to Help you out now there’s other options Too now uh Frontier has a a thing that You can stick in the back and it has a Little crane on it or a little winch on It and you you hooks on and you can use It you can just wind it and pull it Around and you’re on the back side and You’re safe and that’s definitely an Option but we have the Hydraulics of the

Tractor so that’s why that’s why we do It the way we do it yep Yeah the one time I did it we used a Strap around it and we put the knot of The strap down here and pulled up to Turn this now I’ve seen people do that Where they’ll take that just to like They don’t have them grapple and they’ll Just take the bucket and the chain and Just hook up under it and then rotate it Around now there’s a there’s a lot of Ways to save your back because as we get Older we gotta we gotta think about Those kind of things I do for sure All right let’s get this thing cranked Up and get get some video making A lot of kids to it it’s very difficult Gums up everything and you got to come In and clean it all out Um But with uh with Oak and the hardwood Cobbler and stuff like that I don’t know It’s pretty pretty easy not very much a Messy It up very far huh you just don’t know Guys there’s just a little bit I mean Actually you can cut without it I mean a lot of people cut dry I think it might help with your the Blade longevity because it’s going to Keep your blade to it But you want to always Do it from the back I’ll step out here And you look down through there because

If you’re a Sawyer You are I saw your that wheel hit your Backstop or Have hit your backside there is no in Between you will at some point cut into Your back top but I creating good habits Like Leaning over and looking down through There to make sure it’s not going to hit Anything you know it needs to be a Repetitive motion I’ve only hit it one Time and it destroyed a brand new blade That’s 30 bucks out the door and and Destroy the backstop Well you’re wanting to take To take a little man at the lowest point Of the log where it has a dip is that What you’re looking at or no it just Totally depends on what you’re trying to Get so if you’re trying to get the most Yield Are you trying to get something done Like I need I need I need six by sixes So I will take a pretty good cut through The first one to get down to the axle of What I need to use Um these outer if you if I cut this These outer boards because of the way The The grain is going if I just cut this All in little one inch boards uh because Of the the way the grain is they’ll cut And be unless you have a kiln and you Weigh it down and dry it they will build

Cup up like if you just stack them out Here in a wood uh they’re really those Those cuts are really bad about your Best Cuts Like if you’re looking for Like boards this quarter song or or Um Basically what we can do is pull the saw Here and you can keep turning the log Over and cut a quarter of it off and you Keep turning that over and getting your The best cuts that are the most stable So there’s definitely What you’re looking for if you’re Looking for completely stable wood you Need to read the drain so if we wanted a Perfectly stable log or stable board we Would want to cut it straight down okay We would we want to cut across the mill And Coaches those green cards to a 45 degree Green is pretty strong but if you can Get them straight up and down through The borders if you’re looking into the Board if you can get the grain straight Up and down that’s where it’s the most Stable but just like any I consider Quarters on anything for like 45 degrees To 90. That shouldn’t be your most stable but We’re looking for a big posts and and we Are understanding that these posts are Going to have some more fish we’re kind Of looking for that we want that rustic Look

Jump up there to about 17. [Music] I put a new belt on it I don’t think I Died [Music] [Music] Bigger wrong That nut right there I adjusted the Bed height yesterday and that one post Is picking up See right there right here oh yeah right There yeah I leveled the band hike Yesterday and I got it too low It’s always something well and also the Belt’s tool is which is which is common No I just yesterday when I adjusted that Out I got that um I took my bucket off Forgot to put bucket back on That shouldn’t be too bad Now I I try to well you know I try to uh you Know always crank this up one If if you don’t you’ll what I call a Unscheduled blade uh Blade dump yeah because it will come off And once you when it comes off you’re Pretty much guaranteed to lose about Five or six of your teeth And when you see this next cut I’m going To make I’m going to make another Another cut And now that I got it all kind of tuned In I want to try to keep a steady Pace

Going and you’ll see how much smoother This next cut is going to be Okay I never get mad at you Except on Every day of the week I had them up there for like six months Sitting directly on the ground and then I brought them back here and stacked Them because Touching right okay so you can adjust This out thank you Four We’ll cut a one inch more Going let’s go down to the I kind of mess up you know You’ll see the let’s turn this one over Okay Hey look look how the so the Cut’s a lot Better I was very cautious about going the same Speed I will say this already I know Already the sevens are much better The seven seven degree blades oh yeah Yeah this I can tell they’re cut the Seven degree blades cut this Oak a lot Quicker and easier it’s a lot smoother Too you can see the little ripples here Nothing bad I mean it’s nothing to be Ashamed of at all but the seven degrees Are definitely the way to go with Oak Yeah this will be great for what it’s What it’s been used for when it dries Out

Uh and then you run it through a planer It’s gonna be awesome So these leftover boards here We’ll run into a lot of this too if you Get a sawmill You sometimes you can give them away Sometimes you you know if you’re really Doing a lot of firewood you can cut them Up firewood But for us we just don’t need them and We got a guy that comes and gets some of Them but we end up burning a bunch of This stuff because if you don’t you’re Just going to end up like Waiting for somebody to come get it She’ll end up with truckloads of stuff Sitting around the guy I talked to Recently that runs a sawmill is um he Sells this for ten dollars a load but he Says he’s got more in it than ten Dollars right but he doesn’t want to Waste it and some people will use it if They don’t want to pay for good firewood Basically I mean it would be good Firewood but it also too this is our This is our personal residence so how Many people do you really want coming Out here yeah so this that that’s Another another thing another Factor we Picked up people that we know and trust And and they’re welcome to all this Stuff but sometimes they might not be Able to get to it for two or three weeks And we’re always gonna have more yep

Thank you [Music] How far off are we two inches Now you’re six inches back or how Straight are we It’s still got quite a bit of curl back On it keep going keep going Come in I think it’s gonna you’re four inches Off of these stops okay Am I hitting the stops The top of the log is touching the Bottom’s not okay So Is that better yeah It’s uh we can keep bumping it with a Trencher we’re not too bad Yeah so we’ll we’ll use some of that Leverage that we can move the world with Foreign [Music] This big old log brother yeah So our biggest problem is this right Here And and the cheap seats [Music] Yeah as you were doing it I thought That’s probably as close as you’re going To get it yeah it’s got so this one this Is the cut it has to be yeah it can’t Not be I’m just going to take the the Grapple and bump it over push it in on The bottom yeah I don’t like pushing with the tractor

Because especially this tractor is Strong enough it really can just knock The whole thing over [Music] You’re touching the stop on this side But not that side You’re touching here you got two inches Over there You’re there [Music] Yeah you’ve got like a half an inch or Less Gap at the bottom but [Music] Yeah that’s better than one yep This is these first Cuts right here are The hardest ones for sure and they Almost needs something that you can Leverage in with like a crank handle or Something yeah I mean they they actually Make some stuff you can do but you know Foreign It’s enough for sure All right There we Go Okay It’s close I think we can this one and Just the end don’t push in the middle Yeah I think I’m tighten up yeah as you Were pulling there it was pushing away Over here because it’s pivoting on that Knot We have to try to get a low bite here And push

At the bottom Hopefully I think should get us a good Can and we’re 16 and a half inches off of the deck With 16 and a half inches off the deck So we should get at least two good Usable six by six out of it and then Some extra boards some other usually Maybe a maybe a four by six out of it I think I’m gonna take one more inch off If you had two cans I could help you more yeah I mean I’ve Got another one but it you know I’m used To working by myself pretty much so it’s I always call it a camp because once I Get a good bite on it I can’t lift it Yeah PV can’t I get so many Uh there’s an ongoing Battle of what Each one of these are if it’s a sharp Point it’s supposed to think it’s a PV And if it’s yeah if it’s different like The groove like this or a little hammer On the end it’s a it’s a it’s a cant Hook They call it a PV and they make it so I’m gonna call it Petey [Music] A little Punky on the outside there Outside [Music] And we’re square on it there’s a little Bit of debris in between the log and the Stop over there but

Let’s see Okay you can Yeah is it over that one No it’s that’s what I was talking about Earlier yeah it’s over in this little Bit it’s got to come back for this one To go in yeah that I didn’t I didn’t cut There’s a little bit of Wayne right There I didn’t see it yeah we’re Touching here I should have took that Inch but it’d be okay Um You can Clamp this in My experience when it’s this heavy You’re not moving it okay this is why You should bring the chainsaw with you Too yeah [Applause] Come on Foreign Foreign Foreign Clear coat it let me something neat yeah I thought that might be for the Tanya Pile it probably will be like I said Most of those piles get burnt because She never we just get so busy That’s only gonna what are you looking At it all looks square right so what I’m Going to do is go ahead and take this Board and then flip it over and we’ll Take our six by sixes from this Direction okay

Hallway Foreign [Music] Foreign Releases all that pressure all at once And then uh it’s it also destroys your Blade so I found this while you were up the hill Because it’s not letting you do all the Grunting you want to grab on that end We’ll pull it straight to us Okay All right be careful because I I throw One off the other day we got to get it Close enough Bump it but munch your legs because if It comes off about there I’m gonna come over a little bit more Okay I think we’re good We’ll just flip that dude right over You’re gonna go away here it’s like I Don’t know cancer I don’t want no Sawmill well by the time you could Already flipped it by the time I put That on there so we went a little bit Too far I’m gonna go over and bump it back I might can just yank it by hand Yeah okay chipped it just a little bit Nothing major Okay Not bad Huh it’s on two of them but not the Third well that one’s out

Yeah there’s one that’s out there Push you want to put your arms out in Front of you Make them a spring [Music] So to get that Even Flow you use your Arms in the spring so you pull your arms About right here and load them so that Way when you’re taking your step you can Attempt you can move this and keep that The speed of the Saw Head the same it’s A learned thing it took me a long time To learn it but you if you just stiff Arm it every time you take a step you’re Pushing so if you hold it right here and Push it you’re acting like a buffer and You can keep the you can moderate the Speed and keep it moving and then the Cut looks better yeah Budget Build up quick yeah that’s all good top Gold Right [Music] Time tight and blade or the belt again Still stacking these here yeah yeah we Just put them right here for now and Then we’ll sort them we’re gonna do with Them So I think now we’ll take this I think we need to take flip this over Take A a good couple boards off of the top of This and leave this six inches this way

And then come back and Okay yeah do the best we can Because you’re trying to get that as Much quarter sawn as you can yeah as Much as the of the pith in the right Place we don’t we don’t want it in the Middle of the log if we can’t all right Middle of the cut if we can help it And this just slip over [Music] Trying to tell me something She’s like you do it oh Look out for that guy Dress up too long so this guy’s a PSA What I’m going to do is let this uh Maybe a bench top so it’s gonna be about That thick but it’ll still be usable If you water a little bit [Music] You ready [Music] Foreign Hey if you want to come all the way back [Music] We’re going to turn it over now we can Just come all the way back over but I mean it’s like I said the piths in it But for a bench who cares right that’s a Pretty sign up take it off that side or Uh let me just go over that way with it A little bit I’ll come around I hadn’t Quite thought that all the way through It would be I can come up every time You’re your son if you yeah the Price Is

Right prices right huh Go ahead Well this is a like a slab that’s not Really good for anything it’s a pith in It So but we can still make a bench top out Of it See the big the Yeah it’s the piece right here it’s got A little bit over here actually most of It’s over here but on the other end the Pith was a little higher I think yeah That’s what I’m saying the pith wonders I mean it’s no No uh Oh yeah take the clamp loose We’re there So memory service yes 12 and 12 on a Quarter I mean 12 and an eighth So we should come down to Sick smart And See if it’s gonna cut No I don’t think so well if it was Centered in there maybe but that is cut Out for the guard is going to hit right Now let’s do it either though because This rail is going to hit Oh yeah oh it might it might clear it be Really close yeah Let’s do it I want to make six or six right We’re here for six by sixes You’re gonna let’s go ahead and put the

Small put something behind this yeah I’ve done sacrifice boards before Outside But we don’t we’ve got the small And that should move it out Let’s turn them around to the they got a Little smaller with a There’s a little small one oh You put yeah we’ll put the Sharp pointing That’s going to clear that guard I think Very close And I got I gave myself a little slack Over here So I could go ahead and go up like that And get it for sure All right enjoys all yours Quality gas It was literally touching that bar so Yeah maybe just we’ll give it a full Drag if it wasn’t smooth we’ll give it a Full eight Huh I think You’ve got a drop right here Yeah that’s why it was fitting In another inch forward and hit There [Music] We’re good People know how much you can take off Yeah yeah I I I’d say the last thing was Like I don’t think it is Foreign

To make this some sort of uniform Is to go ahead and just set this one Beside it Okay and like I said what we built when We’re building the greenhouse not like I Said it’s not rocket science any any Form of fashion But if we can go ahead and Just come back and cut that So it’s almost exactly half it’s Probably not worth messing with it you Know the most interesting thing to me so Far is that that pushed a lot easier It’s the same log which is cutting a lot Easier there well because you’re only Cutting six inches yeah before we’re Cutting 14 inches that’s a I was like is The center of this soft but no that’s The obvious answer huh yeah Yeah you can like if you get down to a Two by six so that that blade difference Is a big deal [Music] That’s going to be a Well now I know if you ever want to take An eighth of an inch off it’ll do it Yeah you can do veneer with it yeah Especially if you really take your time And set it up in like on a good solid Foundation and you can set this thing It’ll cut veneer yeah that’s a pretty Consistent thickness yeah Now what we’ve seen some of that was was Hit your leg where the uh

The logs got knots you’ll see like you Said you’ll see that little bit of wave Up and down that’s the blade just never Going to cut perfect But I’m happy with it oh yeah I think we’ve I think we’ve uh caused More questions than we’ve answered Well I know more than I did at the start Of the day I don’t know this is a very Ambitious log to start with it really is This was a very ambitious log for us to Start with the only reason we are Starting with this is because we need we Need six by sixes which obviously we Can’t quite get six for six true six by Sixes yep well it was a good thing to Demonstrate because most of what I have Is larger diameter and mainly what I’m Wanting for it is to build something Structural same as you are yeah so pole Barns and Whatever firewood storage Sawmill shed Yeah yeah gonna need some wheel shed We need any other last thoughts Questions That I can Probably not know the answer to No I’ve I felt like it was uh Successful there were a couple little Little hiccups but those are what you Learn from yeah well and two they’re our Biggest problem at the beginning of this Is I took this out went and washed it at The car wash come back in re-leveled it

And there’s a few little things I missed So that normally like now we probably The next log we put on there all those Are ironed out we’ll just go through and But that’s for the next video yep So we’ll get these moved out of the way And go from there Hey we hope you enjoyed this this is man We’re just taking it real life we’re Taking you on this tour it’s his first Time working at this Sawmill uh what Second time on a sawmill yeah and um and We moved this Sawmill cleaned it put it Back into place so there’s a few hiccups That I caused we put a new belt on it Which again that you have to stop and Tighten the belt up for the first day You know as it breaks in so we had a lot Of little hiccups I think now the next The next time we do the log I think You’ll you’ll it’ll we’ll run a lot Faster with it well I really appreciate You taking time to have us here and to Show us show me how to do this yeah just So you know we’re not letting them go Home for a couple days we’re you know Free Labor like hey you got to you got To hang out here for a couple days so You’ll see some more videos with us yeah Your labor Free Labor huh listen I Really appreciate you watching our Channel uh I’m Tony’s tractor Adventure This is Rock Hill Farm if you hadn’t Watched this channel we really strongly

Encourage you to watch this channel it Does a lot of what we do just kind of Sometimes he’s just better at it than I Am it’s really humiliating but he stole My line yeah anyway guys we appreciate You God bless have a great day thanks [Music]

Tilt, Angle, and Offset - This Blade Does it All
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