Rare and Unique John deere Tractors #johndeere #antiquetractors #tractor #farmlife

That's my favorite right there the top Steer is the most rare there's only 444 Of them manufactured and to find one is Very very rare you see very few of them Uh still are going today 127 years ago this was cutting edge corn Equipment yeah introduced in 1875. And look at the price yeah for 65 to 75 Dollars I'll give you that for it now yeah Third built D industrial out of 91 built And sold right many many of John Deere Tractors today are still power shift Driven but there's the very first one That they made It's all PTO driven So this thing doesn't run off Hydraulics At all it's no Hydraulics at all And it accomplishes that or how do you Control it then okay

Tilt, Angle, and Offset - This Blade Does it All
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