Rebuilding my goat herd brought me to the suburbs. Acclimating them to my farm animals.

Hello Rob here from the Flanagan Homestead uh talking about my goat herd Today uh for the last 25 years or so I've always had at least a couple goats And got as high as 23 goats on on our Property we have uh not a ton of acreage To run here and uh actually last spring I was probably at the highest point We've been in years we were over a 20 Goats on the property and I started Selling off goats because I wanted to Add sheep into the equation and so the Plan was to sell way down and get down To my buck that I wanted to keep and my Three prize does and I I got down to my Buck in three does and then the coyotes Took care of two of them so I was down To two goats and I bought some sheep Yesterday a three sheep that three Pregnant use so hopefully I will start Building up my flock or herd there and Today I'm going to pick up a couple more Nigerian dwarf does and bring them in And so that I could start building my Goats back up and so this is a story I Looked at the address and it looks like It's his address in the city when I'm Used to running out in the country we'll We'll see how this goes yesterday I Picked up three sheep to expand my herd And today I'm picking up a couple does You can see them down right here when I Came to pick them up it's not quite what I normally expect normally I'm going out

To like yesterday I was out in clatskin I way away from everybody else out in The woods and today I'm In the suburbs in Vancouver Washington But these goats were out in Battle Ground out in the country the family has Moved into town and so they're gonna let A couple does go and these Look like some nice ones to join uh my Little herd all right I just got my two New Nigerian dwarf does home Mother-daughter uh pair I was told their Names are Nova and Kathy and I need to Get them out it's been raining and I'm Driving down the freeway and kind of Cool I don't like to transport animals Wet and windy but it was a fairly short Trip but I need to get them down there And if they want to run in the barn and Warm up that'll be great I'm probably gonna just throw down the Tailgate here because it's a Mother-daughter pair I just need to grab One and take it down and the other will Probably follow and if not we'll have Some excitement on our hands Come on So as one comes the other one's coming Yeah There you go On down through the garden no you're not Gonna go eat in the garden Come on over here I'm gonna get you in The pasture

Hello Good girl Let's take this off There you go In the pasture they see the sheep for The first time They're gonna be trying to figure each Other out I'm like my other goats are not running Away from the Sheep Well the Sheep want to check out the new Goats I'm surprised the cannon my buck Hasn't come running out to greet them They're shivering It's cold A couple more goats come and see him Karen You guys are being shy I'm surprised They haven't come to each other This is kind of what I expected to Happen it's taken longer than I thought My buck Smells two new does and he's Going to check them out They're not sure what to do with a horny Buck You got him on the Run can it He says this is my turn Uh Now they're checking each other out In a friendly way They came up to me to get some green First day So that's we're starting to settle down In they haven't quite learned how to

Fight for their position in the trough Yet Phoebe be nice These two have found my hay feeder Underneath my covered area right here so They have a nice dry spot that they're Feeding I'm gonna let them sleep out Here tonight It's not windy it's dry there and uh Tomorrow when they get more acclimated With the other animals hopefully they All sleep inside It's evening time and all the goats Every night come in and get on their Bunks get ready to go to bed yeah My new does don't like this much Attention yet they're not comfortable With me yet and Can't in my buck I don't give them this Kind of attention because I won't be all Smelly BB's a good girl She's the daughter of my best go ever And so BB's a really good one too she's She goes to the petting zoo every year In the Christmas tree farm Kids love her huh baby Kids love you Well there you have it a couple new does With my new sheep and the goats that Have been on the property uh there'll be Other videos soon seeing how they're all Getting acclimated to each other and Thanks for joining me on the Flanagan

Homestead where Christmas trees are my Business teaching and cleaning Horticulture is my job and outdoor Projects are my passion hope to see you Again soon be blessed everyone

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