Rednecks with Chainsaws… What Could Go Wrong?

[Music] If anything this log wants to roll that Way so I don't think it's going to roll Back on me Hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms And I'm on my way out to Paul's house to Cut down some trees Well at least I think I am I didn't Actually ask him what we were going to Do but I saw on his YouTube video that He'd hurt his foot and was having a hard Time getting around I seen a message Asked him if he needed some help this Week he said come on over but hopefully I'm able to help him out and we have a Good day see you out there So we are not cutting down trees at Least not right now Paul's hired someone to cut down all the Trees you see behind me and he wanted Them cut into eight and ten foot lengths They marked them where they needed cut But they didn't actually cut them so I'm Going to start out with this morning is Cutting these to length so he can get Them loaded up and hauled over to the Mill Foreign [Music] [Music] First cut I put the chain in the dirt Got a sharpen it already Hmm [Music]

[Music] Um [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] The biggest struggle for me is knowing What Paul does on an everyday basis With big logs that are setting on the Ground are they cutting 90 percent of The way through leaving it and then he Comes over and rolls it and they cut That last 10 percent or as the saw man Finding a way to cut all the way through Because I don't know how to cut all the Way through Without putting my saw in the dirt Foreign [Music] [Music] Oh I got a story I figured you'd need one Get Buffs on that thing mate really Makes it a lot louder than mine Yeah By the way if you was wondering if you Got your chain sharp I could tell it was Sharp because she was blowing chips all Over me while I was sitting in the Loader yeah I noticed uh on that one I Said man of probably a good saw man Would have pointed these shavings out a Different way it's a tradition around Here Paul gives us a story so I got us

One I'll tell you a story and then I Gotta go that's my line there was a guy Named Jack walked into a sports bar About Air before 10 o'clock set down next to a Blonde lady And I started running the 10 o'clock News and there was a clip come on about A guy who was standing on the ledge on a Building fixing a jump Jack looks at the lady and said I bet You thirty dollars he jumps And the lady says I don't think he'll do It so she pulls out thirty dollars and She's sitting on the bar the guy jumps To his death you know Jack says well I just don't really feel Right taking your money she says no That's fair I bet you fair and square He said but I watched the six o'clock News and the same story was on the six O'clock news and he jumped on the six O'clock news And she says I watched it too but I Didn't think he'd do it again Yeah There goes half your viewership Oh it's always a good time out here [Music] This little log here is just firewood But it's Paul uses a skid steer Mount Firewood processor and that's a little Bit too long so I just took the end off

This one's got a big hole in the end I'll see how they marked it but it Doesn't look like it's going to make a Salt log to me Oh foreign [Music] We got the first load done I felt so slow and awkward and in the Way I'm used to just taking my time on My own property but Paul is going to go Deliver this load of logs to the mill Get them unloaded and he said he'll Actually probably be gone for a couple Hours he's got a couple things to do See what I can get cut by then First he said to look at this pile see How many eight foot long firewood logs We can get nothing in here is big enough For the mill but there should be some Stuff here that's good for firewood Then I've got a big tree Over here And then A thousand more if I just keep going He's like work at your own pace do what You can do And that's good news because I couldn't Be fast if I tried [Music] [Music] Hmm [Music] I feel like I can probably make the last Cut on this log and it'll just sit there

But I'm not certain so I'm going to put A couple of these rounds up against it To hold it in place [Music] I got my bar pinched And believe it or not this is the first Time I've ever taken a chainsaw off of a Bar because the bar was pinched Now I generally take my time and try to Be thoughtful so I don't get it pinched But it still happens But I've got a cheat code at home That that skid loader will will move Whatever log I'm working on so if I was At home right now I'd just nudge this Log And the saw would pop out There is a skid loader here but I have Never ran it I don't own it And he's been having trouble with the Battery I think he's been having to jump Start it every time so That's why I've decided to go ahead and Take the chain off and the bar off see If I can get a wedge Right in here if anything this log wants To roll that way so I don't think it's Going to roll back on me otherwise I Wouldn't be down here like this Looks like it's actually going to Continue rolling I was worried I'd Tweaked the chain hard enough that it Was going to to bind and have have to Fight with it to get it to run but looks

Like it's going to be all right [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign So if you're watching this and you're Actually good at this stuff let me know How I should have done this but there Are two cuts here that are suspended I Think I'm going to do is cut the top cut Down the back Put wedges in the top then cut up Through the bottom And do both cuts at the same time [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Music] Hey one of them actually went according To plan that was a good clean cut I saw Paul pull up and I think this skid loader needs jump Started so I'm gonna go do that [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you All right [Applause] [Music] He's just getting some firewood out of This pile

I don't know exactly what he keeps and How he sets it up that Albertson will do Five to ten inch diameter low it's like Eight feet long [Applause] I've been trying to help him pull logs Out of here for half a day and what I've Learned is I don't know what I'm doing But I'm trying to stay out of the way And help him if I can Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] While I was cutting this brush pile into Firewood logs my camera battery died and I went to the truck where I normally Keep extra batteries and realized I Didn't have any extra batteries so I Didn't get to finish the end of the day Or my normal end of the video but I Appreciate you taking time to watch I'll Put links on the screen to more of our Videos and I'll see you next time

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