Relaxing by the Fire is Hard Work

But I tell you I feel a little bit like Smokey and the Bandit today because I Got a long way to go and a short time to Get there Hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms And I was given a job by my wife and I'm Gonna see if I can do a decent job of it So we're having guests over tonight And so I was supposed to do this two Weeks ago but I didn't and in Yesterday's video I was showing that I Wasn't sure how to do it So the the plan is We want to set up a fire pit set a ring Of chairs around it and then outside That ring of chairs we want to have post With lights strung around those posts But we didn't want to build a permanent Structure because where we're doing this Isn't where we would want it to be We may eventually build a permanent Version of this but for today we want Something we can set up and then take Back down So she bought these flower pots right Here And treated two by fours and wanted me To stand these Boards in these pots and fill them with Concrete so they would stand up Well that was pretty challenging Actually I mean I walked out here Without a plan Filled a pot full of concrete instead of

Post in it and of course it wouldn't Stand up so I had to make a cross I actually used plywood to make a plus Sign and screw it to this board stuck The first one down in there poured Concrete in it and let it dry Then as a follow-up I lined all these pots up I let the First one dry overnight and I lined all The rest of them up I put legs on the First one to stabilize it then I ran This longer two by across the top of all The pots so now I have something to Screw the next one to We will get one screw in this then back Up and see if we're straight up and down Back up and take a look at it Well she's the one with the calibrated Eyeball but she went to Pick up some more supplies so good Enough for me Thank you Foreign So primarily what we have is a case of Me procrastinating and not listening to My wife She told me I should go get concrete and Have it here for this I said I got Plenty of concrete Well I had 11 bags it's taking about two And a half bags to fill one of those So I had about half what we need so She's off to get the concrete now And that's just a minor inconvenience so

The good news is I think it's gonna work Now yesterday I showed us setting up the Rocks for this makeshift fire pit out Here but I got so much rain it's all Muddy now so I'm gonna try to move those Rocks with the skid loader and set them Up down in the grassy area down closer To the pond Be a good view down there anyway Better than all this mud Thank you Laughs Foreign Started trying to get this burned down To coals so we can put more wood on it We're going to use the old John Deere Hay wagon as a banquet table Starting to come together if that Concrete will dry fast enough around Those light poles It doesn't get any better than the old Haywagon scaffolding Okay so for these poles we have these Boxes it's LED string lights I actually Bought these year and a half ago it's my One of my favorite channels outdoors With the Morgans They said they tried all the different Brands and they thought these were the Best and I saw it on their video I Ordered two boxes of them With the plan of rebuilding our pool Deck And we ended up having a a tear in our

Pool liner and I was supposed to build a New deck for it anyway so you might have Noticed our pool Has been torn down and before we put it Back up We're going to level all this and build A new deck around it But in the meantime we're gonna put These lights one box around where the Food's at and another Box of these lights over by the fire If the other set of posts get set up I told you guys in yesterday's video I Was going to do an update on how much Difference it made on the pond with all The rain we got so let's go take a look Well I mentioned yesterday I was hoping For water under the bridge and clearly That didn't happen But it does look like the water levels Come up quite a bit let's take a look Not as much as I was hoping for but it's Up quite a bit it's been the story all Year says we're going to get a ton of Rain they're saying like five inches of Rain and that didn't happen so But progress is progress And any rain's better than none the way This year has been so back to the lights I ordered these lights because I needed A set of Lights I made sure to order Them through Mike Morgan's link because I enjoy watching Mike so much and if I'm Gonna buy them anyway

I might as well order it through his Link so he can get you know about one Percent of the cost of it goes back to The link you did okay so what we've got Here Is a ton of these little LED bulbs I Think I'm in the shadow a little bit Lots of these LED bulbs I thought it was All going to come as one piece but looks Like you have to screw individual bulbs In that is a heavy gauge cord Got all these Sockets wired into it Now let's see Do I put these bulbs in here and then Drag this around with the bulbs in it or Do I hang it up and then put the bulbs In it I think I'll hang it up and then Put them in maybe less likely to break a Bulb Foreign We'll see how they look When it gets dark out here and how much Light they put off but I think We'll at least be able to see the food That's the goal now I'm going to get the Barbecue grill I have a grilling area Set up for my grill setting on concrete But she wants me to cook down here So that everyone can talk while I'm Grilling so I must see if I can carry the grill down Here with the tractor then I need to go Get some more firewood

Foreign Foreign Foreign So basically all of the work's done we Got a roaring fire in here two more Totes of wood to keep adding to it We've got the food table set up we've Got the barbecue grill We got coolers all packed we're going to Bring all the food down here wish you Guys could come and hang out with us and Have some barbecue But I'll probably at the end I'll add a Couple shots of how the lights look at Night and the fire and everything but Otherwise that's going to wrap this Video up I appreciate you taking time to Watch put links on the screen do a Couple more of our videos and I'll see You next time

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