Renters on property force me to make some changes.

Hello Rob here from the Flanagan Homestead just an update on the Campground and the RV pad we've decided We've closed down our hip Camp listing Uh for the winter we don't want to we're Not really ready for campers and there's Not going to be that many out here uh This time of year plus we have a Permanent resident now on the RV pad a Young small family moved up there and They're living Um on the RV pad and they plan to stay Here indefinitely so we're going to give Them their privacy we may open up the Campground again next summer they know That their this area may be used for Other campers but for the next several Months they're gonna this is just going To be their place obviously I told them I'm going to be in here and working and Whatnot so there's a couple things that We're I have to accomplish today you can See I've got a nice big fire behind me Uh where some of the brush that's been Cleared out now that it's been raining And raining for the last couple weeks And really got wet the burn ban is off So we're burning again I'm doing that But uh today uh one of the things I need To do is make a poor man's gate uh I'll Talk about that again in a minute but uh One other thing that uh surprised just Uh on bringing someone on tomorrow Property I thought that the Postal

Service would automatically deliver to Us and I went into the post office and I Said you know making sure that I put the Mailbox at the exact right height and Where they wanted it and I said and I Said I have people living in an RV Probably shouldn't have said that Probably should have said I have people Living on my property but the lady at The counter was very hopeful trying to Help me out figure out where to put the Mailbox because this property has a Complete separate address from my home Property but the postmaster was back in Office I couldn't even see her but the Door was open she heard me say RV and And she hollered out to the people Unless they have a foundation uh Structure that's a permanent structure We will not deliver mail out there so Unfortunately My new tenants that are going to be Living on the property are had to buy a Post office box in town which is eight Miles away to pick up their mails and And you know they They were really good about they said You know we got to go into town every Few days and for his stuff anyway so We'll just pick up our mail but that was A frustrating thing and had I just said I had a residence there you know at Seven acres I've got all the power water Septic everything I thought there'd be

No problem getting a post mailbox out Here but they won't let us do that so Minor frustration Uh so here's what I'm talking about uh Poor Man's uh gate uh the people that I Bought this property from or this Section of the property from had big Steel posts and then logging equipment Because they logged and replanted and Sold to me but uh They drove these big steel posts with Eyes on it to connect uh to lock a chain To it at the front of the property and You come in that main gate you turn into My what is mile my property and then you Turn to the left and go up to what he Still owns uh more high dollar property Up on top of the hill and uh so and and There's not a gate there anymore he had The gate and I kept it up we both wanted To keep it up when nobody was living Here but since I have someone living Here going in and out all the time uh I Took down the chain and so now I don't Have the ability to sink in the steel Post or the steel posts like he has but Uh when I say Poor Man's if you ever Rent an excavator have something I have Stumps laying around and I'm going to Put a pile of stumps at least this is The plan on one side of the road going Up the other direction another pile of Stumps up the other side and find a way To connect the chain and lock the chain

Around those will it be as solid and Secure no but usually most people if There's I mean there's nothing up there Right now so people shouldn't be too Motivated but if people come up to a Road with a pile of stumps on either Side and a chain across hopefully They'll just turn around and not figure Out you know I could back up to that Yank the chain down and yet you know Roll some stumps off the pile but uh I'm Assuming most people will leave it alone And so that's what I'm working on today Along with Getting my brush pile done Had a good start you know just took some Dry firewood lit it Stacked up stuff on top of it with the Excavator used the blower to get some Air in there until it warmed up and away We go [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign Foreign Posts in to hold up the chain but Because it is it is well it is nice and Strong and secure I could really Yank on It and it's not moving anywhere so I can Pull the chain tight but because the Chain is so heavy and these posts are Lower to the ground than the I-beam Posts that I had over there so when I Pull on it you have to pull really hard To get this really heavy chain off the Ground uh very high and and people will I need people to see it and not want to Just try to drive over it so I'm going To use these posts but I'm going to go Ahead and get some cable so it'll pull a Little bit more easily measure it out to The right length and put it around there And then Because cable isn't very highly visible I'll put some flagging tape around the Cable so when people see it not Inadvertently run into it So once again thanks for joining me on The Flanagan Homestead where Christmas Trees are my business teaching including Horticulture is my job and outdoor Projects are my passion I need to run up The hill I've got reports that people Are illegally hunting up there gonna go

Check it out Hope to see you again soon be blessed Everyone

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