Rookie Sawmill Journey: Red Oak Lumber for Greenhouse

Play he's doing pretty good it's not too Dull Don't try this at home Hey welcome back to the channel today We're going to cut up some Big Red Oaks On The Sawmill and you guys come on for The ride should be fun we got Gizmo dog Here it's beautiful spring morning Um Just happy to be alive let's get started What do you see buddy Stuff that blew up on this We had some really bad storms here about Two weeks ago blew down a bunch of trees And power was out for some people had Power out for like six days and uh yeah You can see where the stuff blew against The front of the Sawmill and stuck That was how much how fast the wind blew It was flowing sideways All right let's see if I can get this Thing this is a big old log I brought my Tape measure down because I want to see What size it is This is pretty much to the capacity of This Sawmill so right here going to Crossways we're at 20 inches this thing Will cut 23 inches so we're safe About 21 inches right there So we'll check this in Yeah we're good shape it's got a little Bit of egg on it there's really no good Way to lay this on The Sawmill and this Is a heavy log it's about two years old

So it's been out here for a good little Bit uh We will definitely Have to work and manage this particular Saw for a little bit to get it down to a Manageable size So right now I'm going to try to get it To Gooch over to the back who out there Knows what scooch means you can just Leave me a comment Scooch over we'll see if I scooch this Thing over That outer side is pretty punky That's pretty much it I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to get a log done on This It's sitting at the back pretty pretty Tight you put my log dogs down just a Little bit that might let them go I might let it go a little further It's a big old log Right now kind of like a on its Pivot Point See it right there That might give me just enough I needed To put a log dog on The outside being all Punky it's not Gonna be great either Yeah I got that in there pretty good All right see if we can crank this thing Up let it warm up we'll be ready to cut All right choke on Let's start my engine

And I spoke too soon Pump it in both water in the gas the Other day it's raining sideways Go running a turbo 7 by wood Miser on Here set the green blade and what I'm Going to do today instead of having big Heavy pieces I'm going to make a few More extra touch on these outer cut so The parts are the pieces are small and Thin and light enough for me to pick Them up by myself Tanya had dental Surgery she's running the camera but she Can't help me at all she can't lift Anything heavy so I'm gonna have to make New Plate is it not exactly new You've got several cuts on it so I'm not Sure how it's going to hold up So this is a two inch cut At the base there we probably just cut 20 inches Well at least a good thing Clay's doing pretty good it's not too Tall Probably gonna be a pretty heavy piece Right here Sit around it did exactly what I said I Wasn't going to do But I think I can manage it I'll pull it Away Pretty good pretty styling looking wood So a little bit of bark here All right that'll get as fast as this Force in here and then we'll roll the

Log Just for those people that are Interested uh right here the thickest Part of the cut we're going to be Cutting about uh About 20 inches which is the pretty much The width that you can touch with this This does have a it has a 13 and a half 14 horsepower engine but you can get a 10 horsepower engine from a frontier I Think you'll have just as much luck with That as I do with this 14 the reality is I never even strained this engine Big wide big cut two inch slab Double blade dirty log So one of the things I do like about This new grapple my small grapple it's a Small grapple and it has some Limitations but this one has a little Bit of a lip so when I roll back the the Grapple all the way makes a nice place To set boards and I really didn't have That with a small grapple because so I Really am going to like that yeah I Think I said that twice so that means It's true Foreign Again because Tanya is Can't do this right now I'm gonna have To be creative Probably should have Probably should have moved that piece of Wood under the front tire but it's gonna Work out

So all I'm going to do now is to slide This big heavy thing out here I'll go around to the other side and put It on the front so I don't have to pick It up I would imagine that's a good 100 Pounds or 80 to 100 pound board I don't know I over exaggerate stuff It's probably only 30 pounds No that's a little bit more 30 pounds We'll set that back on the sawmill in a Few minutes and we will We'll Cut the edges off of that I'm not going To use that just as a live agent I'm Just gonna make a board out of that Okay so we're going to push this forward A little bit and pull this out turn it Around And extend it so we can turn it over I gotta rotate it yeah so I gotta rotate It first All right So since I already have this uh this Board on the grapple I'm going to try to Do this with a cant hook Don't try this at home Take somebody without a lick of sense to Do this One little turn I'm gonna keep pulling For the bottom Foreign That was it told me to put a wedge onto This thank you very much I think I've had a couple people tell me

That but it only took it took a little While for it to take Okay so there If we can push that up there if we push Roll this long forward and get it Get it square but Foreign Tighten this up should get It may have to take a different bite These big logs are tough to work with Cam flush against the back See when we crank this down pretty tight I'm out of breath All I'm doing now is just I got it tight And I'm just wiggling that log back and Forth so that it seats up against the Back of the backstops This log will get lighter as we cut more Off of it That's what I'm telling myself anyway Foreign Yeah it's been sitting out for at least Two years It's not looking bad it's pretty solid Really good looking Red Oak Yeah absolutely Heavy Put the back stops all the way High so we can turn over one more time And then I'll put the short back Thoughts in It's pretty heavy Unless where I had that split

Foreign So hard in the microphone That's tough work right there Still I can't think of anything else Though I'd rather be doing well maybe one but We'll just leave that alone Thank you All right so I'm going to switch back Over to now I've got a good straight Edge I'm going to switch back over to the Short Back stops and just have this little Portion here sticking up and what That'll do is Make me not have to worry about The back stocks anymore we're hitting The back stops because these back stops Will be below the lowest cut I always I have hit my backstops and I have Always heard that saying those are that Uh as far as hitting back stocks they're The people that will And the people that have so if you run a Sawmill you're going to hit the back Side just part of it so far I've only Done it once But I'm sure I'll do it again at some Point That's a chunk of chunk of log right There I generally don't like putting This big old log on just because of how

Heavy it is to work Well we're building some big old uh Some big raised bed gardens And we're going to make these six these All in two by sixes and what we're going To end up doing is Flaming the inside Charcoal on the inside so it doesn't rot As fast and the reason we're using these Is first off these logs have been on the Ground for two years second off is we Have them so that that is really the Main use I would rather use like a maybe A cedar or a a white oak something like That this is what I have in reality is By the time these brought out Tanya will Want me to change something anyway so Yeah not really a big deal You know that outside is pretty punky You hear that yeah I cranked it back up and it backfired it Secures me and give them to bed Foreign Over Six inches I'm going to come down and Make a six inch can flip it up and do Two by sixes all the way through some of Them will be very structural some of Them won't be but uh in like one or two It's gonna be in the fifth and that's Okay we understand it again it's not Really a structural build that we're Building These right here are some nasty boards There's actually some probably some two

By twelves right here matter of fact Let's look at it and see Yeah there's actually at least an oak Two by T in there the reality is I'd say a great a great beef Two by twelve so just some Punky on the Edge but not much still pretty strong Don't take what I call a veneer touch Exactly Whatever's left whatever's left and then We'll turn it up on each side and go Ahead and go through and make uh two by Six What our goal is our aim for all of them Let's go ahead and make another And get another Board on this side of the pit and then I'll turn them all up and put them So what I'm going to do is I'm just Going to come down and cut two inches up From the bottom bump and that way I Don't have to move this right now it's Going to leave a little slipper in the Middle Let me dump my bucket first I use my little dump bed on the back of The tractor for removing storm stuff and It's over at the house right now It's going to come down to an actual Cruise two inches below the Above the deck What could go wrong I will say this if you have the big Engine

If you get the os23 with a big engine It definitely pulls through this heavy Old stuff a lot better than the little Seven and a half seven horsepower You can do it You absolutely can do it but Yeah this the bigger engine big makes a Makes it go a lot faster even with a Dull blade like we got here All right so I ended up with about an Inch board in the middle Go ahead and put our Mac tops in and What we're going to do Is set these back stops where they're Roughly about six inches we'll take a Six inch cut we'll flip everything up Take a six inch cut Our 12 inch cut and then a six inch cut Yeah that's what we'll do take a 12 inch Cut and then a six inch cut and that'll Give us two six inch boards And That's what we want Foreign Enough leverage and I can move the world Look at the Grain on that isn't it Pretty All right A bad throw I could be smarter It's always that's always an option just To be smarter Making marks in the wood you know what I Won't have to cut this one separately

Because it's got a Live Edge on both Sides So we'll make one 12 inch cut whatever we get is what we Get And then we're going to make one six Inch cut And the bottom all the bottom one should Be a good a good two by six So I left a little bit I cut this 12 Inches strong so that I had a blade lift Left Yeah I'm about to adjust my back stops A little bit extra work but oh well They might be a two by four in that Maybe a two by four in that Foreign So this is what we got out of that big Red oak we got nine two by sixes some of Them are a little Punky in areas but the Majority of them are stable you got Three two by fours and there's two uh One by sixes in there and then over here In this pile there's still two Big uh they call those slabs you just Have I'm tired slab so there's two big Slabs over here my mind's not thinking About that but anyway we got two slabs Over here that Tanya wants to keep for Some other kind of projects so we could Have got at least probably three more Two by sixes out of those but It's a good start good start

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