SAFE(R) way to use gas on a fire. No such thing as safe.

So I'm supposed to tell you not to use Gasoline to accelerate your fire but Since I know many of us do it here is a Safer way not safe but a safer way to do It the Flames can follow the gas vapor Trail all the way back to the container Catch it on fire or you on fire you Don't want this to happen put a small Amount of gasoline in a cup and thrust The cup in such a way that all of the Gas stays in the cup until it hits the Fire and at that point in time spreads Out there is no Trail to follow back to You So I have a cup I keep it upright I'm Going to push all the gas in not pour it Hopefully I can hit the Flames down Below and get things going And that's how it's done a little more Safe not safely but safer

Tilt, Angle, and Offset - This Blade Does it All
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