Salt & Sand Spreader For Winter! #tractor

If you live in a snowy area you got to Spread salt ice melt pellets sand Something to take care of those slippery Surfaces we have bigger units too we can Get whatever you need but these are all PTO driven quick hitch Compatible poly all right not going to Corrode stainless down below as well That's why I can handle salt okay the Poly weighs as much as a steel Hopper These things are heavy duty beefy made In America quick hitch compatible PTO Driven sand Salt pellets Seed whatever you need use it year round But you know you need it this winter too Nothing worse than slipping and slidding Down your driveways sidewalks all that Kind of thing the biggest one here has a Actually I think you can get on that Smaller one Too the option to hydraulically open and Close the gate as well you can see the Extra hoses here too this is a big dog Get them from goodworkstractors decom we Ship them Nationwide get set up for Winter time shoot year round as well

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