Salvaging a Damaged Walnut Log on the Woodmizer LT40

Yeah I was like how did that how did we Go through that look look at it look at It real close Brock you can see the Copper jacket on it those are bullets [Music] Foreign Here from Rock Hill Farms and today I'm Ellen Paul Case Farms I got a big old Walnut log here that I skinned up a Little bit actually Barber chaired it And tore it up a little bit we're gonna See if we can Mill it and make some good Lumber I think I hear Paul in there Running the Halverson so let's go take a Look Camera Wire I've heard that [Music] See why I sell the short small bent on Any craft [Applause] I forgot did that split move up and down That wedge move up and down or is that Fixed it's fixed Oh by the way how you been Paul good how Are you pretty good pretty good well I'm Gonna run a contest on my channel yeah See whether they like my video better or Yours That's a good thing good get a boat Going yeah and see how that works so if You didn't catch what Paul was saying There he's made a video about this same Project we're working on and published

It on his channel so I'll put a link in The description in the pinned comment You can go check out Paul's video tell Him his is better than mine Foreign Well I was gonna be here earlier but my Son had a flat tire when I was uh going Through Baxter had to turn around and go Get him and they didn't nobody had any Tires so I'd order one for tomorrow So Tell somebody Then yeah I mean I'm always bad about running late Anyways I wasn't doing too bad today and It was I tired he didn't care what my Plans were I guess you know I guess Running late's not bad as long as you're Still running right I can tell you've been right in front of My saw Yeah it shot black all over you yeah I I Was like that was the wrong place to Stand I just told the Viewers here that I tore this log Up Barber chairing it I don't know if you Saw that but I think it just skinned off One side I think it'll still make good Lumber we can play yep all right let's Take a look at it and see if we can get It see if we can make some boards So I tore it up down here And that bad spot where it tore kind of Twists as it goes down he was also

Showing me it's got some uh Some irregularities irregularities on Them Those uh those make it not good for a Peeler And actually when you're sawing log They'll they'll actually tell you well You need a log that has uh two clear Sides and that would be to where you Could figure out you know is this one Straight and this one straight with no Those none of those irregularities on Them and they're worth more money Because they're so out better Lumber so I'm going to put a link at the end of This video to the one where I Barber Chair this one a lot of people in that Video I talked the did you see the video Where I cut this down and uh I said that All the problem was that because I left A trigger and a hinge and the hinge was Way too fat I felt like that was the Whole problem a lot of people are also Saying my face cut wasn't deep enough Got a ton of comments about face cut not Being deep enough I don't know was that The face cut no that was the trigger Yeah your face cut would have been on The side that's gone right yeah I think It was probably You said that on some trees you only do The width of the bar you probably did Twice the width of the bar maybe 15 to 20 percent of the tree instead of the 30

Percent I think that really mattered the Only way I could see it matters is if Your your hinge is out on a piece of Wood that's not very strong but yeah It's hard to tell if it's strong or not Until you I got a lot of comments about That and I called them up I I said well Paul case said oh great great let him Hate on me I don't care I learned Because I do the same stupidity thing That you was talking about there I'll Leave the hinge too wide and I've had Several of them that when they do fall And stood at a barber chair and they'll Pull fibers out of the middle of them And the Sawmills don't like that they'll Actually call that or knock that log Back a grade and I'll pay you as much For it so I got to learning to whittle Out a bunch in the middle And it's it's pretty easy to do when You've got your Notch over here that You've cut out then before you ever cut Anything else just stick your saw back In there and cut that back so I'm in the Middle and you a lot of people say oh Well then it'll break your hinge pieces Well not if you've got them in the right Place not if you're making it fall the Way it wants to fall anyway but anyway What do you think of that you see that Hackberry it's like 37 inches it's Reasonably straight I don't know Anything about Hackberry like to you do

You see a valuable log there oh yeah There's some kind of value there we saw Pallet Lumber out of Hackberry all the Time Hackberry is really bad to be bendy and Even on the very bottom logs on a tree Especially if they have lean to them the Google searches were telling me that it Would look straight and then it might Try to twist as it dried oh yeah that Stuff don't want to stay stay flat when It dries Billy's got my skid loader oh yeah I'm renting it to this casino he works For try to get get it to pay for himself A little bit Maybe uh Just keep going It'll dump out it'll let you know when To stop You make a better video If you wrote it Down Get your hat yeah I could just uh Circle I didn't really want to saw your log but I knew you had some packages That may have been the most uneventful Log unloading I've ever seen Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] The same model a meal as the other one Except it's just a they they have super Hydraulic and that's what the other one

Is it has Two Uh hydraulic pumps in the Box on it this One has been modified and it runs off of A hydraulic pump run by a Electric motor sitting over there this Is the lt4 lt-40 hydraulic I bet this has got some hours on it I Would like to know but the scale or the Meter on still says the same thing it Did when I bought it so let's imagine For a minute that I didn't know how to Cut up a log for lumber I don't know how good your imagination Is but if uh about to train some people So yeah I can fully understand what You're saying so the only thing I feel Like I know is the first thing we want To we want to establish two flat sides That are 90 degrees to each other is That you like your first thought well a Lot of times they do the bottom top and Bottom right and all of that is personal Preference generally sometimes a log Won't land right to where you can push It up against the backstops and be able To adjust it the way you want and the Other side's better so you might cut two Opposing sides and then that way you get To roll it to the side you want to start With now this Mill only has one toe Board hydraulic but it's on the front And so I have to do all my adjusting From the front one of those for this

But uh The the biggest thing that's hard to get Your head wrapped around is That you have to start somewhere and Where you start Changes the dynamic for all four other Sides And for cutting grade Lumber Like if it's got an odd or a defect on It you want to make it so that defect Winds up at the corners Because then you can take the boards That have that defect in them and run Them through a machine that would cut The edges off and take that defect off With the edge And you'll come out with higher grade Boards however Most of our sawing is done for a Target Size piece And so everything we do moves toward That Target Like the saw and that you've watched Scott do he's trying to cut three and a Half inch wide boards so he'll try to Get to where he can get a log that he Can cut into three and a half inch wide Pieces And then turn it up and cut boards off Front And the quickest and easiest way to do That is turn it a quarter turn every Time And then on the third turn you saw those

Pieces out into three and a half inches And then stand them up cut boards off From them Speed is a bigger thing on that than it Is trying to read a log and get the Knots set at the corners or whatever Yeah it all depends on what you're doing It depends on what you're needing I have Cut a lot of customers logs that they Would say well I need some 2x10s or Something like that and so you you have To have a targets you're going to have To on your first cut make a 10 inch wide Face at least And then when you turn it you'll want a Nice 10 inch wide face because that's Going to be the bottom board the bottom Of the bottom board and the third turn You're going to get want to get down to Where it's 10 inches thick the piece you Leave That way on the fourth one you wind up With Cutting boards through and through so I Guess the first thing you need to know Is uh what kind of lumber we want out of This that's handy yeah I don't even know A lot most crafting Lumber is cut an Inch and a quarter to make what they Call Four quarter and you can dry it and Then run through a planer and still come Out with a board that's like 7 8 or something like that I got a Planer now

That's just what you need You'll be completely and totally set up If you just had a sawmill yeah I got a Stack I got two stacks of lumber That have come from different you know Different things over the last year Without owning my own Mill I got Oak I've got Walnut I've got Cherry stacked Up and just all different sizes so yeah I thought if we could make some one buys That'd be great okay Do you want some thicker pieces when we Get to the middle sure and I love the Smell of Walnut love the look of it Wife's been looking at things online That we can make the only thing I can Smell in here is that Pine he's been Sawing yeah I had to lean down to it So you got you use water to drip on your Blade some guys use these solar Different things but different meals are Set up different to do that you don't Need very much right this one here Sometimes you need a lot it really Depends on the species of wood you're Cutting up I always figured sawdust is Natural it must be good for you to Breathe And glitter Oh [Music] [Applause] Wow that wasn't good kind of help yep These belts on these they put them on

There and twos they're two v-belts made Together but they always wear out in the Middle When they get to where they wear out in The middle they want to jump like that [Music] [Applause] This was the big ugly defect [Music] Where you said you thought there was a Branch previously or something like that I remember this one didn't show up like A branch but I thought that was a bump There too that would have been a branch Yeah and somebody buying this log would Discount for you but it doesn't Necessarily take away from the lumber to Me This character character character I Like the way you think Yeah I was worried that was gonna throw It off At this point some guys on YouTube Would be worried about the height of the Pith right now and trying to get that The same on both sides so that uh it Ends up on the same board doing is that Do you really give that much stall you Know for most of what we could Uh and even on things like trailer floor Here there it's a species thing too Whether that makes a difference or not Red oak if you're making some trailer Flooring out of red oak if you're

Cutting thick pieces the pieces that Have the pith in them as they dry out When they bolted them down their trailer Floor they'll split right down the Middle completely into Post Oak don't do that white oak won't Do that no but for what you're doing It's going to make a lot of difference Depends on what you're doing with the Wood if you're making a beam out of it Wants that to be in the midloth uh and We used to make a lot of railroad ties And all railroad ties you gotta have a Hard game And they're picky about that they will Hunt you down and rename the next seven Generations of your family if you send Them a bunch of Tides don't have the Heart boots But walnuts about as it really is about As sought after as anything isn't it I'd Have sold some white oak almost as high As I've sold Some Walnut They like that white oak for Barrel Saves and if you get good ones you've Got to [Music] See if it works yes Or cup one for the good guys [Music] There's a hydraulic tensioner on it And you gotta watch the water and Sawdust can gum up you walk for white on

The blade that means you're about to Have a problem this is five quarter Right actually inch and a quarter four Quarters it's it's cut an inch and a Quarter if you wanted five quarter we'd Have cut it on an inch and a half so Four quarter is actually an inch and an Eight an inch and an eight yeah with the Idea of being it'll be an inch when it Dries they give you planer kerf and uh Pull out for the drying It could be like out of the woods and Put some water on it yeah you see look How beautiful this is yes I I found gold in this log if you see out Of the woods do his political Talk video You know he said uh stall your breath Goes against the grain his title was Sawyer goes against the grain and relief Reveals political beliefs and he built Up the whole video to talk about Politics and then he's like so now I'm Going to tell you about politics and Then you hear like the helicopter Overhead and you never hear a word He really did a good job with it but the Meter's running while you're fiddling Around with this thing Foreign [Music] See how high that was [Applause] Still on there

I told me I need to get better lights in Here All right Now's the point where you'd ask me a Question like now what are you going to Do with that big messing up the clock So Paul how are you planning to salvage A lot of lumber out of this messed up Log watch and look and learn watch and Learn that's my script yeah cut it That's what we do [Music] Thank you Yeah I can't wait to see what it looks Like when it when it uh darkens So you think you want a couple of them Two and a half inches thick yeah Neat table tops or something a bar top And join them together So There's the bottom five we only got four More boards to cut till we get to them [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign What do you think about that I think yeah I think it had some chunks Of metal in it Oh that's lead My shot into it We would have known if it was metal Yeah I was like how did that how did we Go through that look at it look at real

Close Brock you can see the copper Jacket on it those are bullets That's even better Kind of cool we'll have to leave those In there Probably from the Civil War Well you could count how close it was to The middle yeah It's a good sized tree I bet it wasn't That old but so we got one by 15s About five or six of them then we got Two of them they're about two and a half By 15. Seems like if you wanted to buy that That much dimensional Walnut you'd spend Quite a bit on it Thank you All right I had to get out of the way Then I want to be a pancake Yeah I was gonna say it looked like you've Done this before Foreign [Music] Heck yeah Here's a look at that Lumber after I got It home cleaned it up stacked it and Stickered it Well I had a really good time tonight Got some nice Lumber out of it I learned Uh you get a little bit more if you Don't tear up the tree but anyway I Appreciate you taking time to watch this Video go check out Paul's Channel and uh

Paul case Farm Paul Case Farms and we'll See on the next one

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