Save $100’s With A DIY 3rd Function! #tractor

So this is a third function kit from Summit Hydraulics do it yourself all Right we did this here in a couple of Hours comes with everything you need the Fittings the hoses you name it just Follow those lines all the way back all Included right down here just mount it Up you'll take power just right up to Your your battery terminals they have These available for all the different County models get that hood open see the Red and black line just put them right On your terminals good to go has a Joystick right here too sa 5% with code GWT third function kits hydraulic Multipliers look just got routed you're Just putting it right in there pop this Rear tire off okay to put that hose on And then there's one more take the tire Off in this little plate and this little Fitting right there you put that on too Just route it right underneath your Floorboard you're good to go 5% goe GWT Again Summit Hydraulics website do It-yourself Solutions you're going to Save hundreds if not Thousands on everything you need for Your tractor

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