I just ordered in some hoses and some Fittings as well I thought I'd show you These to have a nice visual for you but /4 in 38 1/ in hose you can get it in a Variety of lengths get the fittings you Need as well so if you get a new grapple Or snow blower or anything else and you Need to have it set up for your machine Look at this even a uh a combo here a Little coupler that goes from a flat Face to a Pioneer style so if I use Something on my skid steer and I want to Use it on like my big cabota there then I can just put this coupler on and use It right there but I've got a lot of Different tractors with different Fittings on them all sorts of Attachments back there too so I'm always Needing something I just want to have Some stuff to have on hand but I thought It'd be a good time to show you what This looks like you can order it they Ship it right to you it comes in a I Don't know a couple days two three days Depending on where you're at save 5% With code GWT at Summit Hydraulics you Can get all these products there along With third function kits hydraulic Multipliers top and tilt kits you name It say 5% with code GWT summon Hydraulic.oil

Tilt, Angle, and Offset - This Blade Does it All
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