Say Goodbye to Rusty Tools

This guy comes walking in here with this Postcard it shows all this Rusty Corroded metal and one shiny clean one And he said all the other products that You know and like Produce these results and his product Produces that result let's see if it's True this is some creepy stuff It'll creep right into all your nooks And crannies and crevices this pipe Wrench we just picked up off the floor Here in my shop And it looks pretty rough and it doesn't Want to turn I can turn it But you can hear it grind I really am skeptical about this rust Patrol because this is heavy and it's Hanging on there it's a lot of weight But we'll find out Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And I'm here with Michael who is the Owner of rust Patrol and today we are Going to demonstrate what this product's For and discuss whether or not it can Replace some of these other products That most of you are probably familiar With so I want to tell us a little bit About your product and what it's used For rust Patrol was designed to prevent Rust it will also act as a lubricant a Penetrating oil and it will displace Moisture on electronics so rather than a Single solution product it will perform

All of these jobs as well or better than The competition So I've been using rust Patrol now for About six months I've used it on some Bolts that were stuck and I couldn't get To break loose on my hay wagon I've used It to lubricate some different shafts And different components on my my Tractor and implements and so far I've Been happy with it but what I want to do Today is demonstrate with some real life Tests how well it works and also show You some tests that rust Patrol as a Company has performed comparing it to These other products So the first thing That Drew me to it is the application With farm equipment but I want to start Here in the shop because as soon as Michael walked in my shop everything he Sees he's like you should have rust Patrol on that Everything and the table saw is an Example the garage door openers all over The place so this saw right here we use A lot and we've been treating it by Putting wax on it to make the boards Slide across it easier but even though We've been waxing this metal table it's Got rust on it so do you think we would Have been better off using rust Patrol And why definitely rust Patrol would Protect the top from corrosion most of These tables are made from carbon steel

And they rust easily So rather than just lubricating the Surface for the wood this would protect It and also help the wood to slide Easier In an ideal scenario the day I bought This table saw I would have probably Wiped it down with a rag that had some Rust Patrol on it to prevent this rust But that's not where we're at today it's Already got some rust on it so is that Rust Patrol going to remove all of this Rust off here no It'll remove surface rust or scaling Grit that sort of thing but once the Metal is pitted or stained that would Take a a different product and that's Going to be the same result you're going To get with like a WD-40 it's not Designed An actual rust remover is a product that Has to actually work into the metal It'll create a new oxide layer Shake well And hold on a minute before you do the Whole table let's get a before shot Right here we've got a pretty bad rough Spot we can go ahead and hit that and It's not going to remove that but it'll Help right right so rust Patrol being an Active product it'll move through that Corrosion to get down to the oxide layer And create a protective barrier against Further corrosion so it may not remove

The pitting and staining it might not Look great but it will be protected now Here's the real life conversation is I'm Not the type of person who's so thorough That I'm going to spray every tool every Day before and after I use it and like How often do you think I might need to Spray my table saw that's the thing About rust Patrol that is part of the Advantage is how long it lasts and based On testing and real world use we find That at minimum it lasts four times Longer than whatever it is you're Currently using And so at the end of the video we're Going to talk a little bit about where This product was invented and kind of The technology behind it but for right Now while we're letting this soak into The table I want to show you some clips Of some of the tests that rust Patrol as A company has already done so one of Them I'll let you talk about is with the Metal panel we took the metal panels and Coated them with the various products And then sprayed them twice a day with Salt water for three weeks just to speed Up the corrosion process and did a time Lapse so you can watch things rust And you can tell right here the results Are that rust Patrol outperformed the Other products in that test amazing and Then you decided to test it on Aviation So

We took a toy helicopter and coated the Electronics it's there's nothing special About the helicopter dipped it in a Little Beaker of rust Patrol you let it Cure for five minutes you can wipe off The excess if you want and then we stick It in a bucket of water and fly it out So no air no moisture reaches the Electronics current continues to pass And obviously it doesn't blow up short Out All right that used to work yeah but I Don't own a helicopter how's that Relevant to me how does that lesson Apply to something I might be doing so Buttons switches battery uh cables Terminal connectors All of your equipment that has any sort Of switches and buttons on the outside It'll they'll continue to work when you Flip that switch it's going to activate Whatever it is you're trying to do I'm Always building more buildings to try to Get all my stuff inside but my log Splitter sits outside right so that'd be An example perfect a real life example Exactly anything like that anything with Uh electronics particularly if you've Got two different types of metal a Nickel and a copper you'll get that Green stuff that corrosion on there and It won't it won't work you got to clean It all off rust Patrol will keep that Prevent that from happening in the first

Place well we're still letting this soak In I want to point out that if any of You guys are interested in getting a can Of rust Patrol first you guys are in how Many stores right now retail roughly 600 So it's a slow process this rolls out Into more stores but if you want to Order a can today you can go to right now and use code Rock Hill to get a discount five percent Off and if you order 50 dollars or more We throw in shipping you get free Shipping so not too bad so while that's Soaking let's talk about hand tools I Have probably 20 of these clamps around The shop And they right now I'm trying to slide That and it'll stick it still works you Can I mean it's functional but you can See the rust on it if you look up here Close And I'd like it if that sled easier so What would you do with something like This or maybe something like a crescent Wrench or any kind of tool right I'd Spray a crescent wrench this you could Spray or wipe down with a cloth And another application any tools any Tools saw blades drill bits it'll help Keep the blade sharper longer and also Keep it from rusting uh wire cutters uh Vice grips anything and everything now It sounds like we're spending a ton of Money on Rust Patrol we're going to go

Through like 20 cans of this to spread It around Well you don't need to use a lot of Product that's another difference a Little goes a long way so I've had a Tendency with me when I'm doing any kind Of product I'm like just dousing it and He's explaining to me that you just Don't have to do that no you don't I Mean it's better for me if you do but to Be honest you a smaller amount is uh Fine to use So I coat the rag So we can be very specific with where We're putting it And then coat The metal so I think previously you told Me that this the same amount of product Will treat more surface than it than Your competitors A gallon of Say multi-purpose we'll cover up to 1200 Square feet A lot of the other products particularly If they are geared toward preventing Corrosion You might get four to six hundred square Feet So your cost per square foot goes down With my Product So he's telling me that this product Lasts longer and you need less of it so Sounds like a winner but he's selling

This stuff so you'll probably say Anything right I will but you've done Tests that that prove this Yes you can use uh you get about 1200 Square foot uh per gallon of the Multi-purpose it's a very thin coating You do not need a lot of product and so That helps stretch out the amount uh you Know of coverage that you get and you're Also telling me that you're going to Have to use it less often to get the Same it lasts longer right so less Product lasts longer Less money we're going to try to prove That or disprove it whichever way it Works out all right so let me quit Messing with that let me see it Now I did want to mention it's plastic In there on the metal so it will help Lubricate it uh not as well as if it was Metal on metal Okay there's a definitive difference This is lubricated and it slides better This pipe wrench we just picked up off The floor here in my shop And it looks pretty rough and it doesn't Want to turn I can turn it But you can hear it grind Foreign Obviously you want to try to get The whole Of the Shaft here

Yeah so I would think we'd want to force It to turn so that you can spray the Part that was under that rye which It's already Looks a lot easier yeah it's already Moving easier you're not like a world Record uh handshake strength Champion so Yeah I have an extremely strong pincer Grip And that's not true I have arthritis I'm An old person well that definitely Turned easier automatically right And it will continue to turn easier We're going to get that all the way out There you can see that you know we got To get Up in there coded as well Just for the whole Rust Patrol experience now I think it Will I had no idea how much Rusty stuff I had Michael's been walking around all day do You mind if I spray that Dolly with rust Patrol Um no do you mind if I spray that with a Rust Patrol have at it man Turns out everything on my property is Rusty or Dusty or crusty So you let me let me see you were trying To do it early Hey send this uh trick guy in here to Trick us because he has strong hand Let's see Is that easier than it was

That's a winner right there yeah Go up with it Oh yeah I was going the other way Earlier Against Gravity You have a little easier time That's a dramatic difference that's Because of our nanotechnology Same stuff that Tony Stark uses Do you think we're ready to go ahead and Clean this off then sure now you just Wipe it off I guess Um yep You know it works its way down like I Said to the oxide layer and it's pushing Off anything that uh is in between it It's what makes it an excellent Firearms Cleaner as well for powder and fouling But Staining and pitting not so much The nice thing is the table won't Corrode any further it'll stop the Corrosion process So as I look at this what I'm thinking I Would actually do and seeing that it has Removed some of the rust but not all of It I think what I would do now is hit This with like a a wire brush on a Scouring pad like on a rotary grip And then after taking off some big Chunks with that then use the rust Patrol right this is a general idea for Any kind of You know tools that you have but I'm

Interested in how this is going to work Outside with my tractors and all that Kind of equipment I am too let's go out And I've got a few things that are Supposed to turn and they don't or Supposed to move and they don't and We'll see if we can do anything about it Perfect excellent So this grapple has a lot of points of Articulation all of these bolts Have a pivoting action in them Obviously the cylinder slides we have Grease zerks at the front and the back Of the cylinder on these pivot Points But essentially Everything else that moves here now this If we spray this is your lubricant going To work down in there it would work its Way down to the metal If you have braided cable and you coat The outside of it it it's called creep It'll move in to the center of that Cape Same with this it'll work its way down The the shaft it'll work its way down in To the bolt there anything covered in That shaft you get you get moisture in There eventually it's going to corrode And I'm just pivoting this and watching The way it works and you could literally Have 40 grease zerks on this but it's Not practical so that's 40 points that You can hit with a spray every so often For sure So for pivot Points like this we can't

See the point that needs lubricated and There's no access so are you just going To kind of spray it on like this and let It work let it work its way in and just About how much I did there yep and then After you spray them all just cycle it Yes that's exactly right you should Cycle it so I'm not having a problem With this but I am having a problem Sliding my pallet Forks on the frame so Let's let's see if this helps with that Perfect I can't get anything done because every Two steps this guy's telling me hit it With rust Patrol the pins that hold this In would go in a lot easier with a Little bit of rough Patrol Perfect a little dabble do you [Applause] Most of you guys probably know how a set Of forks slides pretty common design Here is either a flip up latch or Something like this but either way it's Spring-loaded and you got to pull it up And rotate it And these are kind of hard to pull Sometimes so we'll spray a little bit of Rust Patrol in there and That's plenty that little dabble do you And then okay now the next thing is Trying to get these to slide there's Friction here and here And at the top and the bottom and if you Slide the top faster than the bottom

That gets in a bind and it's kind of a Pain so I slide these forks from here To about here so we're probably going to Put a light coating top and bottom on That whole area So there's two ways to do this the first Way is what I'm usually going to do is Just walk up Spray a little something on there Probably the right way is to remove the Corrosion and then spray something on There and when it comes to something Like this There's a lot of different ways I could Free this up I could just glob some grease on here And it's going to slide but what's going To happen with the grease is it's going To fill with sand and sawdust and Blades Of grass and everything else and clog up The idea here is a light film doesn't Have things stick to it like that is That how you would say it right well and Also a grease will retain moisture so it Can actually speed up the corrosion Process Some of this still has paint on it and I'm not hitting it hard and trying to Take it down to Bare Metal just remove Some of the excess buildup Foreign I'm skeptical I really am skeptical About this rust Patrol because this is Heavy and it's hanging on there it's a

Lot of weight but we'll find out I hit this main surface But I think most of the obstruction Happens right up here on the top Probably so I'm gonna get that a little Spot treatment with the rag All right There's no question that's a lot easier To move than it was Just a minute ago now to be fair I could Have taken some old motor oil and poured On this and that would have made it Easier to move now the reason this is Supposed to be better than that is that A thin film should stay on here longer And prevent the rust so this is a dirty Nasty PTO shaft can be a little bit of a Fight To get these together we got the grease Circ here so the actual joint is is Lubricated But We don't have a way to lubricate this Mechanism right here This releases the ball And then actually you're sliding your Shaft and if you just run your finger Down this And it's it's just nasty Gunk and that's Not grease it's just build up of of Whatever I've encountered And so this would be something where You're going to spray Yep the collar to help make that easier

To move and then and then the you know Whatever the pieces you're trying to fit In there spray that side as well so You're going to hit the actual PTO shaft You're going to spray inside of here This mechanism that has the spring Behind it make sure it soaks down into The bowl that actually locks you in Right so then this right here Ah it's pretty tough to slide on and off Is it plastic you got a plastic oh Outside and this right here right this For sure lubricate and it's just like The forks uh lubricate that Same one you know So that it slides easily yeah or more Easily and this is going to be like we Were talking about with the pallet Forks This is going to be a case where putting Grease on here is gonna Make contamination and this grease Mixture right here what I've got on my Finger off of that Has grit in it from everything right so It's a good idea you can clean and Lubricate with with rust Patrol now this Is an interesting one These Are bars for my chainsaws this one looks Pretty good right Now these bars are expensive I mean you can easily spend a hundred Dollars on a bar this is a forestry bar For chainsaw Milling

And then this is a bucket of chains These Chains run from 30 to 50 to 60 Dollars a piece And I keep this bucket full of chains That needs sharpened This is a 36 inch chain I bet this cost 60 dollars And you can see it's just covered in Rust So if you've got a chain that you're not Going to use For a while yeah for a little while That this is a good application I'm Guessing right buy a gallon size here's Me up selling but you can just put it in The bucket just store it in the rust Patrol then when you need to pull it out And you know it'll be coated so every Five to ten uses I bring my chainsaw in And I take the cover off and everything And I just blow it out with an air hose Probably just light layer of rust Patrol There yeah Yep this is where the rubber Meets the road we've got Three crescent wrenches here they're all Brand new and identical We've got Three bolts with nuts on them Then we've got three of these Stainless or nickel coated bolts we've Got some door hinges We have some pieces of a PTO shaft that I cut down and we're going to try to Make these rust we've got a bucket of

Water here and some table salt we're Going to mix that up and then we're Going to treat one of each item with Rust Patrol I'm going to treat another One with WD-40 and then we'll have a Control unit and we'll do a follow-up Video in a couple weeks or however long It takes for the control unit to rust And we're going to compare the Differences so we've got our salt water And our tools in the control group we've Marked each bucket this one is Mark WD-40 this one's rest Patrol so I'm Going to put salt in both of these I Should have measured it but just it's a Lot in all of them it's probably more Salt than what will actually dissolve in This amount of water So we're not a hundred percent Controlled but I think it's going to be Good enough Oh he's respiratory in the restaurant Yeah he's not scared no Unfortunately we won't see the results Of this test in this video but if this Video has been out for a couple weeks at Least or a month when you're watching it Stick around to the end and I'll put a Link on the screen I'll also put it in The description of the video that leads You to the follow-up to see how this Protected these tools and which one's Rusted we've got this test done and I Was just kind of cleaning up the area

And he started talking about some kind Of Hydrophobia and I'm not that kind of Guy but he said it because we had this Water that had spilled onto the table And it's beating up And apparently that's Hydrophobia Hydrophobic rust Patrol is considered Hydrophobic so it actually pushes the Water away and that's the example in the Helicopter video So I think we've done about all we can Do today as far as testing this out and Showing different applications real Quick do you want to tell them the History of where this came from I mean You just sit at home one night and Stirred this up or still I'm not smart Enough to uh create this Dr James tour Out of Rice University he's one of the Top 10 Chemists in the world he's a Nanochemist uh invented this it Originally it was for corrosion on Electronics but then we found out on Heavy machinery salt any sort of harsh Environment it just excels so come back In a couple weeks and check out the test And the results of this test but I Really appreciate you taking the time to Come here and tell us about this oh I Appreciate you guys taking the time to Watch the video I'll put links on the Screen to a couple more of our videos And we'll see you next time

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