When folks ask me if I think something's A good deal it never is take a look for That that's a Discerning Eye but that's Something that I really got accustomed To looking for because that's a nice Upgrade and so that can really sway You know the value of a price the Interpretation of a price based on that Information I used to buy and sell used Tractors for a living But I don't do it anymore I get out of The game but because of all the Information I've put out there about all The use tractors that I used to sell I Get asked these questions all the time On is this a good deal is that a good Deal which one should I get between These five tractors how do I know if I'm Getting a good price well there's no Magic bullet but I'm going to give you The recipe everything that I used to Make a living buying and selling used Tractors now whether you're looking to Flip tractors or if you just want to get A really good value and not get ripped Off not get taken well I don't have a Skin in the game so I'm going to shoot You straight first thing to talk about Pricing all right so the first thing you Need to do is establish your Baseline And for me that means determining what The price is when it's brand new so the Summit tractor here equipped the way That you see it well with a bucket

Instead of forks is nineteen thousand Dollars at this point in time that will Change with time now On either side here the camera you have A 1025r a Kubota bx23s you can do the Same thing it's a little bit more Challenging if you go to their websites You can build it out you're going to get The MSRP which is essentially never what You're going to pay for the tractor Maybe five ten fifteen percent less Depends on the economic conditions Depends on your dealer your geographic Area all sorts of those variables so What can you do go to a place like TractorHouse I've found that to be the Most comprehensive Collection of tractors that are out There so new and used you'll see a lot Of dealers advertising their brand new Tractors there and they're going to put A competitive price on there compared to The MSRP they're trying to make it Enticing for you to contact them to work Out a deal so the main thing that you Need to focus on here is time you're Going to have to invest your time but This is where you can save your money And potentially save thousands all right In a little bit of background I bought and sold tractors all over the Country and so I was able to buy Tractors maybe I don't know from Texas Or Colorado or New York or Tennessee

Wherever it was had them freighted into Me on a hot shot trailer Do everything I need to do Establish a retail price with delivery And then ship them back out to a Customer in one of these other states And make a buck so there are thousands Of dollars that you can save if you know What you're looking for so stay with me Here this is the most time intensive Part of the whole process all right but It's very important to make sure that You're not well you got to start off on The right foot so now that we have an Idea of what the new pricing is you've Picked out your tractor with whatever Attachments you want on it maybe it's Just a loader maybe it's a loader and a Mower maybe a loader and a backhoe Whatever it is you've done your research Establish the new pricing Baseline now You can start researching used models Which are going to be cheaper but very Widely Based on a lot of conditions that we're Going to talk about now and this is Where you got to pay real close Attention to the detail Or you might not find out like I did Early on until you get one home and Realize ah Why didn't I think about that before I Bought it all right so I did write down A lot of notes because I've kind of

Forgotten all the things that go into it All right so when we go through this List of A big time list of things that you have To look for all right you're going to Miss out on good deals and that's part Of the process so as you keep looking at More and more tractors kind of single Those out make them their own page make A whole I'll sometimes I'd have a tab With 20 different tractors open just Kind of looking at it and you refresh it On a daily basis or an hour basis or Whatever you're doing and you can see How quick some of these tractors get off The market and are sold and so those Opportunities missed will inform you They're going to make you smarter and Know that you're on the right track Finding what other folks also consider To be a good deal and it's going to Improve your knowledge base you're going To get quicker at it and then once you Find a really good deal you're going to Be confident to jump on it and move Forward all right so the first thing I Do when I'm looking for tractors besides If there's a certain model number I want Or whatever it can be all tracks there's Gonna be anything is the hours for me Reselling a tractor I want low hours all Right and so I did have a lot of dealers That would reach out to me that I Established relationships with and took

Their trade-ins and that became a lot Easier but it took a long time to get There I never bought from auctions I Think those are just problem children Waiting to happen it's just not worth it So I think buying from a dealer Which is where I probably bought 90 or 95 of my tractors and still was able to Earn a living this gives you a Well it's not foolproof but you get more Confidence in it right that it's going To be a safe transaction that they're Potentially going to stand behind it or Um at least maybe put it through an Inspection or tell you what's wrong with It versus a private individual where There's a bit more risk involved but Typically I would search For sure under 500 hours oftentimes I'd Really like to see equipment with under 300 hours Not because I think that 500 hours means It's anywhere near the end of its usable Life just because I feel like well if You think you're about sitting on a Machine for 500 hours there's a lot of Things that can just potentially go Wrong Um not even so much mechanically but More with the Cosmetics right maybe Something's damaged by accident you know A lot of compact tractors are owned by First time owners that maybe are just Still learning the ropes so you have a

Couple hundred hours on there it's just More likely for it to be in closer to New condition uh warranty okay and tied Into warranty is model year So kind of just that face value most Tractors these days come with a six year Powertrain warranty on them and you can Take a quick glance you know it's 2023 Right now so six years ago was 2017 you Know in general a tractor from 2017 is Pretty much out of any kind of warranty Now there's some caveats there because If a tractor didn't sell In the beginning of 2017 maybe it sat on The lot back then for a year and a half So it the warranty doesn't kick in until It sells all right so it could have not Been sold until 2018 at some point and Maybe have some warranty left on there So it's just kind of a general gauge Always worth asking if there is any Warranty left both the bumper to bumper Plus the powertrain and Emissions to Most of the newer stuff on that note Definitely not worth getting an extended Warranty or buying some kind of Aftermarket warranty the likelihood of Recuperating that cost in my opinion is Really really low Tractors are robust you know if you do Have a couple things that go wrong maybe An axle seal and I don't even know I mean there's just Not a lot that goes wrong with these

Tractors unless there's something very Unusual that happens I just roll with it I don't it's not a Deal breaker for me to not have a Warranty now don't always trust what's Written in the description of these Listings of tractors that are for sale Pay attention try to see the model Numbers that are written try to look for Visual clues of the different Attachments that are included all right And certain models of tractors will have Different kinds of loaders you can get a Non-self leveling or a self-leveling Self-leveling is always going to be more Money so that is going to typically Generate a higher price okay more decks There could be different sizes of mower Decks 54 60 72 I know the John Deere 1 Series used to have a lot that were not Auto connect and by that I mean with the Auto connect PTO Most of them these days I feel like are Or do include the auto connect PTO so Double check that just point blank ask The dealer does it have the auto connect PTO coupler on there as well not just a Drive over uh and connection arms on There oh and besides even just non-self Leveling versus self-leveling loaders Some tractor series will have different Loader models that lift more weight lift It higher so they're going to be a price Difference there as well so make sure

You're you know you're educated about Which loaders you can get the John Deere 3r series for example there's two Different loaders that you can get with That I think some Kubota models have That too so just be aware tires are a Big one all right these are the R14 Tires that come standard on the summit Those are typically going to be a Premium or an up charge on most tractor Brands out there right now if they're Even available I don't know if it's Still the same way or not but on the Kubota standard L Series like the l3301 L3302 the R1 AG tire so those skinny a Little bit taller like the farm style Tires or the cheap best option and if You even wanted to go to a regular R4 Industrial Tire and Rim Those were going to cost you more money Just to go to that and if you're Thinking yeah I'll get the tractor I'll Just swap out the wheels swap out the Tires later on well that's an expensive Proposition typically you'd have to get Really lucky to find something on Facebook Marketplace or wherever and get A cheap swap out so don't count on that Make sure you get it set up with the Wheels and the tires that you want okay So now a quick list of things to Visually look at that you the smart Shopper can see and can clue in on and If it doesn't list it out in the

Description but you see it in the Pictures when you talk to that dealer Just verify to be sure but what I would Always do I always look for remotes okay The extra hydraulic functions like the Summit has standard the extra function On the front to control a grapple that Is not very common but has huge value Same thing on the back side all right There's a rear remote on the back side Of this tractor most tractors don't have That when you're looking around and Those pictures in the backs of the Tractor look for hydraulic Outlets back Here there are power beyond versus Traditional SUVs power beyond is going To be for something like a backhoe a Typical SUV like this is going to Control like a hydraulic top link or a Hydraulic snowball or shoot rotation Something like that but again a lot of Extra value that's going to change the Potential price point of the tractor or Let you know maybe for this price wow That's a really good value compared to Something else quick attach up here on The loader okay more and more tractors Are starting to come out standard with a Quick attack like a skid steer quick Attacher a John Deere quick attach but If you don't see a couple of levers up Here Visibly in the pictures make sure you Verify if you have a pinned on bucket

You are going to regret it I promise you That Ruled the tractor out if it has a pinned On bucket you need to have a quick Attach up here I immediately move on if I don't see That option something else you're not Going to visibly see in pictures but you Should verify because it can cost you Hundreds of dollars to do it later on Liquid ballast inside the tires the Summit comes with that standard from rim Guard again we're sponsored by ring Bears for good reason we promote tractor Safety on this channel having all that Extra weight hundreds of pounds of extra Weight on the back end of your tractor Is going to help stabilize it just for Uneven property when you're using the Front end loader all kinds of things Check out rim guard at you can find the Dealer near you another one too Look and see if there's wheel weights if They are that's a nice bonus to have Wheel weights are probably the most Expensive form of ballast weight on the Market out there so if you do see a Stack a double stack a triple stack of Wheel weights in the back of that Tractor that's a nice bonus now take a Look at the seat as well now a lot of Tractor series are not going to have an Air ride seat upgrade available but like

The John Deere 3 Series the 3r series And the John Deere 4r series definitely Do and so it can be hard to see but There's going to be a little knob Typically that you pull out And that's going to be the indication And you'll see some oh Um kind of like accordion style folded Rubber flaps on there too and that's Going to be for the the expansion as it Goes up and down as you fill it or Release Air out of the seat but take a Look for that that's a Discerning Eye But that's something that I really got Accustomed to looking for because that's A nice upgrade and years ago it was like A thousand bucks it's probably more than That now but a very Kind of hard to find sneaky way to see If you're getting a better value on a Tractor or not and trust but verify is Probably pretty important as well Sometimes you'll see in pictures a Tractor shown with other attachments Maybe like a snow blower or something on The three-point hitch it's always worth Verifying that those are actually Included and sometimes there's nothing Else shown in the pictures but if you Read to the description it will list Other attachments that are included and So that can really sway You know the value of a price the Interpretation of a price based on that

Information and so you know the point Being I could look at I typically Probably looked at over a thousand Tractors To find one really good deal okay and They're hard to find but you have to Spend the time doing it and whether You're doing this just to find the right Tractor for you or you want to give it a Shot flipping tractors the same premise Applies When folks ask me if I think something's A good deal it never is right good deals Aren't just hanging out there for weeks On end good deals are gone typically in A day or less and so if you're sending Me something that's out there for a Month and you know the dealers you're Negotiating back and forth on what you Can do In my opinion it's not a good deal but That's because I have a different Interpretation of what I think a good Deal is versus just a whole home deal so Folks there you have it there's no magic Bullet like I said it's really about Just investing the time and for a lot of You folks out there that haven't bought A tractor yet well you have that time It's a big decision it's tens of Thousands of dollars you know especially By the time you had the attachments on Top of just the tractors the tractors Just kind of the base tool right you

Need all the attachments to get the work Done so it's worth putting in the time You can potentially save thousands of Dollars doing it the way that I did it And I think that this method stands the Test of time who knows maybe I decide to Get back into doing it it's fun For me it was always Well you know I don't want to say I Don't want to say like I was addicted to It but it was fun to always find a deal And then have the proof be when I sold It and and made a profit right so I got Very good of this I sold hundreds bought And sold hundreds and hundreds and Hundreds of tractors uh over the years And had a really good time and met a lot Of great folks but now we just sell Tractor attachments so when you do find The right tractor for you we'd love the Opportunity to help you out with the Attachments we can set you up with the Right size for the front end loader for The three-point hitch you don't want Something too heavy too small too wide Whatever it is check out goodworks we sell and ship all over The country every day of the week if you Enjoyed today's video we'd love to have You tag along hit that subscribe button Right down below oh and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Summit okay I'm really happy to work with Summit This is a brand new tractor here they

Are selling tractors in a different Format than everybody else's okay this Is a really good value coming with a lot Of those things that we talked about That most tractors don't like the rear Remotes the self leveling loader the Liquid ballast and the rear tires LED Lights a super comfortable seat at a Really good price point okay it's just If I was building out a tractor company Myself I'd go about it the same way some It is so give them a shot if you're Looking new I want to thank you for Taking time out of your day to stop by And until next time stay safe we'll see You soon Foreign