Serious Hydraulic Setup On John Deere 4066r Tractor!

This is a serious hydraulic setup on This John Deere 4066r just got done Doing it uh all do it yourself DIY Install all the products from Summit Hydraulics website before I forget save 5% with code GWT on everything over There all right that's three rear Remotes plus a third function ran up Front super cool setup show you the uh The outlets right there all right so you Can hook up a grapple hook up a Hydraulic angle plow all that kind of Stuff have the hoses ran right around And you'll see some quick couplers here In just a second so if you did take your Loader off you can still uh just keep That stuff connected and just disconnect It there at the quick couplers that door Is locked I want to show you the the Controls inside the cab you have a new Joystick now with a third function with The buttons on there to open and close You know the jaws of the Grapple then three switches right there Those control your rear remotes one two And three so everything from Summit Hydraulics website save 5% with code GWT Hard to beat

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