Setting Up the NEW Maschio Flail Mower Didn’t Go According to Plan

Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today we're going to do some mowing With my new machio Flail Mower this Mower just got delivered two days ago And I've got a good size brush cutting Job that I've been putting off for the Last two months because I want to do it With my new mower so let's get this Thing off the pallet on the machine and Get out there and do some brush cutting So my tractor is 60 inches or Technically just a little bit under 60 Inches wide with the wheel spacers And this is 64 inches wide I've got a 1300 pound lift capacity on The three point this weighs a thousand Pounds So Weight Wise this is still as big as I Can handle But I wanted it to be about as big as I Could handle because of the prospect That I may get a larger tractor at some Point the previous martial Flail Mower Had a hydraulic offset and this one is Just a manual offset Um you pull a pin right here And this Carriage slides but I'm not Gonna mess with that right now we've got A little mini trip we're taking we're Leaving tonight and we got a hotel room Booked a few hours from here And I've got to get this job done get Everything unloaded get home and get Ready so all I want to do is get it on

There and get out and get the work done I've mowed this property two times Before Three times I mowed it twice with the Brush cutter the rotary cutter on the Tractor I mowed it once with the brush Cutter on the skid loader so Having done the exact same property Multiple times I should be able to give You a good comparison so the foil mower That I delivered to Daniel Was called The Terminator Sounds pretty cool right This one's called Bravo 160. Not quite as cool sounding but uh Looks Very very similar the back plates are The same The Hammers that I showed on that video Are the same they're about five inches Wide they're cast they're really thick This Um gearbox looks the same It's just not as wide and it does not Have the hydraulic offset Other than that a very similar product That I think my tractor can actually Handle this time See if this is marked Which side goes to the Tractor Foreign You can tell this has a lot of grease on It already on all the U-joints it's also

Got a hole here that lets you access the Grease fittings And we got A cradle for the PTO I love the geometry of this one doesn't Seem to hold it quite as well there we Go This looks quick hitch compatible They've got this floating link they use Which basically what I just called it it Kind of lets the mower float a little Bit Just eyeballing it I thought this was Going to be quick hitch compatible but Our distance here to here Probably eight inches off of where it Needs to be This can come up to there but I still Don't think that gets us where we need To be let's just skip the quick hitch at Least for today and hook it up the Old-fashioned way good news is about This For hooking up without a quick hitch is This kind of pin like this is easier Than if this pin stuck out like this and I had to get my arms out around it All right [Music] As I re-watch the footage I realize it's Probably for the best that it is not Quick hitch compatible because with that Floating top link I think I would rather Not have that in the top hook of a quick

Hitch I think I would rather have that Directly attached I'll lift the kickstands now before I Bend them I've only done that once but It was enough to make me remember also Ran the I tell her one time with the Kickstand down the whole time and it Didn't hurt anything All right so everything is greased I made sure there's oil in the gearbox We are connected I guess the last thing I need to do is make sure it's going to Spin before I load it on the trailer [Music] Thank you Well I said that was my last step but I Guess I've got one more it's currently About 28 degrees outside high today is 38. We all know how much dust you kick up When brush cutting so I'm going to go Ahead and winterize the cab keep that Dust off me at the same time Only takes a minute to put these doors On so we'll just get it done real quick And then one more one more is I need to Get a leaf blower to clean off my Radiator as needed Thank you [Applause] Foreign Foreign [Applause]

Well guys it feels like I was about to Really mess this up and I wonder if any Of you guys noticed What I'm talking about as I was hooking This up but come over here and show you And it might be all right the way it is But I don't want to take any risk Foreign [Music] Foreign So a lot of you probably have a better Understanding of this than I do but in Case someone's watching that doesn't I'm Going to tell you what I know about it This right here when this guard bottoms Out against the other piece of the guard That means that internally your PTO Shaft is probably also bottomed out I Think they've set them up to be about The same So what that means is if this touches This You're bottomed out and your weight of Your Implement is shoving in on your Actual gearbox your PTO on the back of The tractor and you can cause some Pretty serious damage Now I've got several PTO implements and I've never had to cut a PTO shaft Everything fit and was Good to go when I got them And this one it seems like We need to take two inches off of this Because with the idea being if this was

A bigger tractor which this can run on a Bigger tractor so if this was a bigger Tractor These Arms might be three or Four inches longer and this might be Three or four inches longer so the shaft Is sized for that And technically I didn't quite bottom Out but I'm within an inch and the Concern is when I come on and off of a Trailer or I go through a dip or my Tires go down in a valley and then back Out that at some point this can drop Even lower than it is now and and Drive that shaft into my PTO and tear Something up So I'm going to take this off and see if I can get it cut down a little bit and Then we'll give it a try Before I even do it leave it in the Comments do you think this is a problem Would you run this this way or would you Cut it down Now the next thing Is this has that offset to it I'm Wondering how much difference it makes In the length of the PTO shaft when you Offset the mower So if I slide it that way a foot I would think it would make this Probably six seven inches longer At which point it wouldn't need to be Cut And that would give me time that would Let me mow with it with it offset

And try to determine if how much I want To cut it down and make sure I cut it Down properly So I think I'm gonna see if I can slide This over and see how much difference That makes on the length of the PTO Shaft Okay so Bye Offsetting this as far as it would go I now have about four inches Right here so there's no chance that This is going to bottom out into my PTO While running it with an offset But if one day I decide I want to run it Directly behind the tractor I don't want To have this problem again so before I Do very much mowing I'm gonna cut this PTO shaft down So what I want to do right now is make Sure the tractor can handle the offset Weight this is a heavy attachment I'm Going to mow just a little bit see how It moves And then I'm going to go pick my skid Loader up because I've had it at a Rental and it's done And then On Monday I think I'm going to cut this PTO shaft down I want your advice do you Think this needs cut down how much And to really know that I'll need to Extend it out and see how long it is Fully extended take the measurement here

Extend it and measure it But I think on Monday I'll cut this down And I've got like seven acres here to Mow so it's going to take a long time And like I said earlier I've got a trip To make so right now I'm going to make Sure this will handle mowing like this And then we'll go from there [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] All right well the tractor seemed to Handle the mower just fine I didn't feel Any issues with uh stability or anything It's got a big roller on the back of it That sets on the ground And with that on the ground You know it and then it's got a floating Top link so between that roller and the Floating top link This is really wavy ground and it seemed Like it followed the Contour on its own Without me constantly Feathering the Three-point controls So I'm really happy with the cut quality I think this is sized appropriately for My tractor But I also think it's big enough that if I get a bigger tractor it's still going To work for me and that's what I was Looking for in terms of the size of Mower to get So really happy with this first use I've

Got two hours before I'm supposed to be Back home and and heading out on the Road so in in that time I'm gonna go get My skid loader I've got seven acres to Mow here so that'll take Several hours and I want to just donate A whole day to it So the next video you'll see me most Likely cutting that PTO shaft down and then mowing a lot of This property which is really hilly and Has a lot of different types of brush to Deal with So I appreciate you taking time to watch This video if you're interested in one Of these flail mowers mosio flail mowers Are available At most local tractor dealerships on You can also get information at so I appreciate you taking Time to watch I'll put links on the screen to a couple More of our videos and I'll see you next Time

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