SHE Can Get LOUD ;) | Soundproofing Our Off Grid Cabin

Where do dads store their dad jokes In their database You're welcome [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] All right so we picked up some of that Rockwool insulation so this is a fire Resistant water repellent fits easy into Two by four walls 16 inch on Center and This is going to go in between the Bedrooms and the bathroom so this is a Soundproofing insulation a little Different than the pink stuff we put on The exterior that's not soundproofing we Really like to have sound proofing Between the bedrooms and bathrooms that Way because it is a small space if Somebody's in the bathroom right here And the rest of people are right here Where I'm standing in the living room You're not going to hear what's going on In there and then at night Jeremy likes To stay up a little bit later than we do And the bedrooms are like literally Right there we're not gonna hear

Whatever he's doing late at night we'll Be able to sleep so the soundproofing is Really awesome we do really like that so We're gonna get these couple of bags up And not really 100 sure how much we need But we're gonna start with these two Eggs see how far it goes and then we'll Go on to the drywall so or whatever we Decide to put on the walls boards Drywall whatever it is not 100 sure yet [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] No not nearly that was two bags yeah You have to get a couple more yep got More at least 60 square feet a piece so Should do it it's just the rest of that Well yeah you're on and then This wall here over the bathroom we're Actually going to leave that out for Well at least This back part of it Because up there is the editor end of The shower head and that's going to be Moved down a little bit before we put The shower and then we gotta drill Through and that so just till the Shower's in we'll keep the Rocks a lot Of that part of it yeah and then the Back wall you just see like the it's the Other side of that right there which Goes to the kitchen yeah so and that's It so today just a couple more bags do

It yeah because that just did that that One and then that part of it yeah can't Be that much more no try two more bags Yeah I could just figure it out but It's 106 square feet yeah so that's what It's actually already figurative But uh we'll get that next All right [Music] There that's good nice so here Look at this There's actually dimmer on the bottom But we just wanted to have a little Light here something temporary for now So we picked these up at Princess Auto We actually picked up a few of them Maybe you saw it in I don't know a Couple weeks ago not really sure but it Wasn't that long ago I think it was our Last trip we went there picked up a few Of these just to try them out and these Have a little thing there So now at least when we come in the door Turn that on and get ourselves sorted Then we can plug in our light to our Power generator stuff and Go from there but this will be like at Least an initial bite to get in and see We also have one just in the bathroom If you can see in there for now and then We throw a couple in the bedrooms one in Each bedroom too we just run on Batteries so double a batteries I think

It's Double A's is it yeah yeah so it's Pretty cool anyways Something cool for uh It'd be good for a closet or anything Really You just didn't have light in your Closet in a regular house yeah let alone Off grid here in the mountain life off Grid in the woods I think Princess Auto For keeping us lit up out here And the fire reaches of the northern Hemisphere Cool they're so cool yeah yeah and They're bright pretty cheap too Like in costs not in quality yeah I will See how long it lasts we make that Decision later yeah but they seem to be Holding up good we've actually been Using for a couple weeks Cool all right so we picked up more Insulation so I'm gonna finish this Bedroom here along the top there and Then a couple pieces along the bottom And then we'll just go out into the Kitchen area and do that one wall That'll be it Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] So I got all of Sam's room down there so I'm back in the master bedroom and I Just have the littlest bit right above

The door there And then right on this side of the door Actually looks like I could use a tiny Bit right in between Where the door is but I'll wait and see If Jeremy just wants to use like spray Foam insulation or what he wants to put In there so only a little bit left What a mess [Music] Foreign [Music] Done in here [Music] It's supper time [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] I have that knife I just cut some right here it's right There on the ladder Always leave things safely on the ladder Yeah for you to move You've never had an issue no Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you There [Music] Can you go in behind them yeah no no it Will maybe I don't know not it won't get

It behind the bowl Sure not in behind this black one Oh is it very tight yeah it's all real Tight Putting that drywall up you know kind of What do you want me to do here oh yeah Um Yeah and then we'll figure it out here Somewhere And then here I would shove it behind That yeah You don't have to go behind that it's a Black things that's hard to get behind It breaks like nothing yeah You can't refund it like that I'll have To play more You can't ever squeeze it that's for Sure He's going talking yeah I did like the Other one I just shot the side Yeah like this Yeah right It's pushed down so you should be able To go up with it now Is it the way yeah [Applause] [Music] It's hot Foreign Foreign Of January 2023 and it's raining yeah so We're utilizing the water we're gonna Take advantage of it eh before we start Getting salted with snow

This is our maple syrup pans They're also good at collecting rain Water yeah we need to get a rain barrel Sometime yeah Uh no I think it's okay Okay yeah You basically decided who's gonna get Wet yeah Foreign We use these in our toilet right now Whatever we throw in there they'll be Like leaves and stuff After A short period of time that'll all Settle So then we're just pouring like the Clear water down and then whatever's at The bottom we just Chuck later so we're Not like throwing all that into like the Toilet and everything we have a really Small tank on the top so it's actually Better to throw it in the top And Flash it that way just with the like That you don't even have to fill it and That'll flush it but if you try to pour It right down the toilet right you know You can just pour it down and flush it It takes way more water to get it to go Yeah so you just put that bit there but Yeah we just let it saddle and it works Works good Feels like Spring's coming I know it's Weird I thought we actually We know what this is what new Bruns

Looks like it confuses you you think Like oh baby winter's not coming and Then Whammo 15 feet of snow in six weeks okay yeah There's a little bit more you get a Couple in there too yeah And those will refill it's supposed to Rain all day so yeah we'll go check Trail cams too while it's nice walking Yeah without snow shoes yeah Foreign So yeah we just right here just a tiny Little tank in the back there It's good I'm never gonna be gone for Any length of time And it's really cold which it will be Here soon it's actually not freezing Right now obviously training we just Throw a little bit of that in just takes A bit of it Just to make sure that doesn't freeze up We'll do the same once the shower's Going Probably not here This should be the only winter we have To do this because then we should be Here for the next one or whatever I Think so But it works good We did that before too So our past like well wet I don't know Your tracks

Deer going through here Um Okay I feel like I'm not in the right Spot That way Well there's the water line so it Definitely goes out oh yeah That's all I'd like to see loose tracks I haven't Seen them here yet That's a lot more deer That's where he broke the AC of the day Right here Wow there's a lot more snow yeah Getting deeper in the mountains This is a good spot for deer right here This camera has lots yeah That's a pretty big one Yeah that's it Yeah I know that's fresh near poop Stevie It's a little warm That's cool probably this morning a Little chocolate nugget to try yeah Remember you tried one muslin oh yeah I Pretend to do I didn't actually try it They know it's not gonna be bad for Years yeah I know it's just optimistic Yeah [Music] Yeah You have a little zipper in the back of Your hat oh yeah your hood

Here Oh no it's a tie What's that doing here I don't know it's Weird I thought maybe if it was a Dipper like Something to like tuck your hood in you Know how sometimes you can tuck your Hood into your coat or whatever yeah it Doesn't look like that yeah Tighten around your head it looks like Yeah This isn't gonna be fun I can tell Already there's gonna be a lot of water Go down there yeah yeah there was an Island yeah Oh more Foreign Over here you gotta go across the snow I Think so that's easy for the deer going I see the track I'll follow I'll follow them yeah [Music] Yeah coming down here to drink No no See the trail nice New Year's Day walk Yeah I thought I seen it The roads right up front of us It's like a little stream see it yeah Who's that it's really how bad is Attracted today oh yeah We brought it far Last one [Music]

Well it's the New Year first day of New Year we got a trail cam picks to check Out yeah that's really nice to be able To walk through there because I know Probably in like a couple weeks there's Going to be so much snow you're not Walking through there unless you're Snowshoeing yeah I've spotted the Snowshoes so we're ready when it comes Yeah because it's happening soon it Really is you get the tractor ready Jeans are on it yes the tires are filled Mm-hmm it'll be so much better this year With that those two things done yeah the Only problem with the tractor last year It did a good job but once like when you Get this uh days that swing back and Forth then you get the ice under it and Then that's what you know lose the Tracks of the fronts going whatever way And now we got chains for the front and Uh weight in the back so it should be a Lot better still pushing it with the Loader but yeah I mean it would be Better to not have the loader plow or Something or snowblower but kind of hard To complain about something he's great Is the tractor yourself yeah yeah that's Fine for now yeah that's what we can for Sure it does a good job for sure that's Ready January's here we know Winter's Coming we do soak up a nice day like Today literally yeah yeah Since today is a holiday there's not

Much more we can do now because we need Some supplies and everything is closed So I don't know about where you live but In new Bruns like basically everything Shuts down for New Year's Christmas and New Year's I know in Ontario it was Different because like Boxing Day Everything would be closed here in New Brunswick in Ontario it's all open and Everyone's shopping so for us it's New Year's Day okay and everything is shot So we are probably just going to spend The rest of the day relaxing playing Games as a family we love that Sam is Now eight and she's old enough to play Some games so we've got her playing Scrabble and crocodile last night we had Her play that with us Um what else have we played with her Candy Lane that's kind of a kids game But he played that when she was younger Too yeah so we're kind of like getting Her to play some of the older games now So that's cool we were always saying That like we'll create other players Yeah yeah in the you know all the woods A lot yeah and there's not exactly a Whole lot of people around yeah not a Lot of people uh wanting to come out Either so yeah everybody likes their Little cushy lifestyle yeah so we have To mold Sam into a little game player With us in the board games yeah yeah That's all good yeah it's fun we just

Create hopefully we can create another One you get four players I know that'd Be cool so you know another it's not That long down the road if you're able To get another one out yeah then we got An eight 16 year old yeah You got that's all that's you can play Any game with four players oh yeah I Know for real see we got all the planned We do you know we could just adopt an Eight-year-old so they're equally the Same age you could already play yeah you Can see that anyway we're gonna go and Play some games with Sam and just kind Of enjoy them rest of the holiday yeah I Enjoy uh above freezing day too yes it's Cool maybe we'll just walk around some More too I don't know yeah it is a Lovely day happy New Year happy New Year Everyone hope 2023 is a great year for Everybody we had a pop-up live stream so That was kind of fun so did that last Night yeah we brought the New Year in With some mbfers yeah that was fun yeah And let us know we can throw together an NBF for sure if you want mm-hmm yeah you Can actually toss that a d around for a Long time yep and uh maybe we'll see What the response would be so like maybe I'm an mbfer I could say or just says NBF or we'll figure something out let us Know comment below yeah something you're Interested in yeah sounds cool it does Sound cool yeah worst case maybe we'll

Just get ourselves a couple just anyway Just to wear around where the mbappers Yeah oh we are yeah I guess so Technically oh right before we go yes Almost forgot I have not mentioned this For a long time but there's another Fellow building Alaska for a long time a Friend of ours you know YouTube yeah but it's been a few years Been back before this guy for a long Time he's building anyways cabin Sean in Alaska yes I'll put his link below And you can look him up also it's just Look up Sean Alaska he's building his Cabin he's been killed all day yeah yeah So you know we love him he has been on Our Channel and a great supporter of our Channel for probably the whole entire Time we've been on here he's always on Our live streams and he really knows how To have a good time on our live streams Yeah he's always fun in the live streams Yeah yeah so we love him anyway go and Check him out yeah Sean Alaska He's really nice guys yeah yeah That's about it all right happy yeah Happy New Year [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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