She keeps apples fresh all winter long using this simple method!

Whether you’ve gone apple picking or picked up some apples at the grocery store, follow these methods for storing apples to ensure your apples stay fresh and crisp for months to come.

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Well it's fall here on the homestead and One of the last things that we need to Do before we are all done with our fall Prep is to pick the apples now we've Already done a lot of apples we have Made apple cider we've made apple sauce We've made canned apple pie filling We've dehydrated apples we've Freeze-dried apples but now we want to Get these winter ripening apples in for Fresh eating so I'm going to show you How I do it it's really really [Music] Easy first you're going to need some Coolers they have to be completely dry And you're going to want them to be Pretty clean you also need a good Quality Apple now these are are some red Delicious and they are nice and crisp And firm now these apples don't get all The way sweet or all the way ripe until They've sat in storage for at least a Few weeks so we've waited until after a Couple of light frosts to be able to Harvest these because that just helps Their flavor to develop a whole lot and Then we're going to get these packed Into our coolers making sure everything Is completely Dry One of the things that's super important When you're picking apples for long Storage is to make sure that they don't Get bruised don't toss them into

Anything don't pick up the windfall Apples just make sure that you are Grabbing really good quality apples Without any blemishes and that you do it Really Carefully look at what we found first Nest once you have your apples all Picked go ahead and gently place them Into your cooler it's fine if they touch Each Other now this cooler is going to get Really heavy once it gets filled with Apples so make sure you either fill it In its final place or you have some Strong people to help you go ahead and Move it once it gets all filled up If you get any leaves on your Apple While you're picking it's best to go Ahead and pop those off so that they Don't start rotting down while they're In [Music] Storage apples freeze right at about 26° F so it's important that you get them Off the tree after a light frost or two But before it gets to that bottom 26° Where they're going to freeze kind of Solid oh but look when we get ones like These we don't want to put them in [Music] Okay All right come on girls we got to go get Hay okay [Music]

Okay all right see you [Music] Later [Music] We have got the last of our apples Coming off the tree right now and we Have 1 two three four five good siiz Coolers of apples all of the apples that Hit the ground while we were picking all Of those guys we're going to pick up and We're going to use for cider here so We're going to Steam Juice those or Press those and turn them into apple Cider probably going to make some hard Cider with those and we're going to can Some sweet cider that'll stay on the Shelf ready for hot apple cider all Winter long but these guys we're going To get their Lids on but not closed down That's really important you want to keep Some air flow in these and you want to Make sure that any moisture can escape Rather than than building up and Becoming you know condensation on the Inside and then getting things wet and Allowing them to start molding so we're Going to move these into our uninsulated Garage space and even though we have Temperatures here that sometimes dip Down into -20° F these will last in the coolers in That uninsulated garage all the way Through winter they're going to stay Nice and cold but they shouldn't freeze

And we're going to be able to Gra grab From these whenever we want some fresh Apples which is a wonderful treat we've Eaten these apples all the way until March before just by doing this exact Thing now it is important to notice There's that old saying uh One Bad Apple Spoil the whole batch and that is Absolutely true that's a very true Saying it's absolutely true of apples if You get into your apples and you notice Any of them are getting soft or moldy or Mushy you want to make sure to sort Through them all and make sure to get All the bad ones out so that you don't Lose a whole cooler full of apples you Guys this is a great way to keep fresh Eating apples ready to go all winter Long and if you want to know another Really cool historical technique for Saving food through the winter check out This video right here

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