SHE Said RIP IT OFF….So I Did!

If you're American when you go into the Bathroom in America when you come out of The bathroom What are you while you're in the Bathroom European You're welcome [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Oh yeah oh yeah it's a better price we Saw hot tubs at last round yeah look at That Over hot tubs I know right pick my color Look like you have a camel hot tub They're smaller they do seem a little Smaller don't they yeah Yeah so I'm it's only one person out of All the different sizes yeah big hot tub A little hot tub right you know these Guys what are they doing yeah what what Are they doing with it come on it's not What it's for See I'm stuck They're sinking glasses I'm thinking Yeah I guess Yeah if it's good I like that Very nice spin Yeah Cool Oh yeah yeah it's got a deer skull Coming back maybe like beer we like deer

Yeah Deer near me deer and beer life-changing It's your life yeah they would change Mine hot shot oh my goodness that's Funny nice can you get a pair Yeah Sure Get you a hot shot yeah all my land look At their sauces and spices I don't Remember seeing this I was literally Popcorn last night yeah thinking I'd Like to have a thing ain't that would be Good the ranch Yeah well yeah I imagine That's right cool on a sauce We need a new barbecue sauce You think this one sweet onion Sure all right hey also good bro yeah I Just bought some of this or I would have Got it sweet red chili just bought that Somewhere else I didn't know they had it Here look at that a barbecue glazed Tangy honey honey mustard Oh these are glazes okay I want just This I want the sauce I want the sauce Instead right now and then for popcorn Yum [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music]

Foreign [Music] [Music] Ed up in here yet it's so cold today Yeah so uh you see me at the top piece Trim on there we're gonna do the bottom Then we're gonna do The corners and then we're going to do The middle Now we're gonna do the door there into The window there's a lot to do yeah I'm Just gonna do the bottom right now yeah And then go from there yeah probably Don't have your measuring tape okay I'll Get them straight tape I see it I Literally just put that piece there Because don't you want to shove Something in this crack You want something right here or what We'll be all right for the first piece We're offer that when we go middle maybe You build it yeah all right put Something there sure I know you put that There right Oh it's the same you could probably just Cut that like in a couple of pieces it Doesn't really need lunch you should do This remember that there might be enough That you don't need it you put this one On and then that went into it so we're Gonna put the other one first we're Doing the bottom right now so Oh I know what you're saying yeah yeah Right right let's just put the bottom

Line it's not the measure it's just it's Just a fit you can cut an angle on this End I like that the gun's right outside the Door yeah I need my glasses now you're Good don't worry about it They said here it's gonna stay here no You're not that's so nice and warm over Here how's that yeah I'm good I'll create this thing Every time Why don't we buy a new one oh you get The guns or good for the Hunger thing Yeah Oh Freak No no Me and your gun yeah this is ridiculous This is done All right so that's the only way we have The nail those boards on it's only again We have so it's garbage clearly we've Been saying that like since the last Couple times we've been using it we need To get a new one so we actually need to Get a new one this time though the WD-40 Is no longer saving it no I take it Apart and spray it it'll work a while But It nailed one into the floor and then One in the board to test it now and then Now it's just not working so That's our only Ryobi tool and it's Garbage we will not be buying that again Will we no we'll go get another one uh

We did do a lot with that thing so it Did work well well actually the first One that one there we the first one we That's our second one of those yeah the First one we had for probably I don't Know we've got five years out of it or Something I don't think that we got that Much we did we 100 got at least five Years out of it because we bought at our Old house in 2015 and we used it for Building boxes and all that stuff oh Yeah and then we used it at the first Place doing a lot not the first place But the first home set we were building You stare a lot anyways worked all right That second one that's only a couple Years old not even used all that much so Not up to the task so we're gonna go get Another one and yeah since we're Absolutely nowhere's near stores that Sell tools we gotta Driveways to get it so yeah in the Meantime we're gonna go check the trail Cams yeah see what's rolling through the Property before we hit the road again Get tools So let's go check that out hopefully There's something cool in there yeah Yeah it's quite icy yeah we're gonna get Some salt too Silly okay [Music] The blue uh Maybe so she's on yeah

Yeah I'm sinking Those ones I wear last night Yeah it does not yeah You're gonna walk down the stairs with Those Good luck Your ice everywhere All right you're gonna be fun just Walking on the ice It's like minus 15 Celsius today we're Going up for good snowshoeing It's not that bad She was shooting a lot colder than that You warm up once you get going [Music] Looks better yeah [Music] Foreign Come on So I was thinking You can see there's been deer going Through eh oh yeah tracks everywhere Foreign [Music] Yeah lots of tracks that's cool Here [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Not sure if I had mentioned it yet but

You remember I put the chains on there And I also loaded the tires So they're got some weight in the back And then Traction in the front with With the chains man what a difference That has made to plowing so I'm still Playing with the loader but it'd be nice To have a snow blower or something you Know something different but that it That actually works pretty good someday I'll probably get a snowblower for it But it that actually does work pretty Good but man what a difference of the Chains and the weight loaded tires now It's just made it completely different Because it's quite icy underneath right Now because our weather's been like Fluctuating like it's going down to Minus 25 tonight and then plus five Three days ago so when that happens the Ground gets all random and there's ice Because it starts to thigh but anyways There's ice underneath the snow And uh you know you can lose traction Pretty easy but this has been worked This year no problems this year at all Zero last year I actually ended up stuck Over there had to push myself out with a Bucket but we had so much snow I just Ended up stuck in another spot man it Was pretty bad but Yeah really happy with how that's Working All right so we went to the store got

Ourselves a new gun we just wanted to Stick with DeWalt this time because That's what we've been using recently we Have a lot of extra batteries for DeWalt Stuff and we've just found it to be and We've just found it to be a lot better Quality so hopefully this one lasts us a Little longer and gets the job done Because that really sucked fighting with It all the time taking it apart spraying It and just hoping it'll work and then It sprays WD-40 all over our stuff Anyway so it is a ridiculously snowy Cold day today so Jeremy's out plowing And I need to shovel this deck off and Then we'll get back in and test it this New nail gun Foreign Also doubles as a box opener I don't Imagine the batteries charged Get that charging up Ready to use Cloth Good Morning yep [Music] Okay what can we do We'll just put it like a corner Beetle On the bottom there yeah at some point Yep we're definitely gonna have to get Something Like here This is gapped yeah cord around or Something we cheaped out and bought the

Thin trim and now it's not big enough Now you're gonna need something bigger Yeah straight I forgot about the floor It's good everywhere else just the floor I left the Gap so it doesn't all buckle On us yeah Um anyways so let's put something Cry around yeah going around it'll look Fine Next room we won't do that This is probably just under Because I wish we had to use the light Stuff yeah Definitely quarterings are shitty what If we only what if we use the white Stuff on the bottom yeah I think we Should just rip that one off this isn't Looking good no it's gonna sleep over That corner it looks fine on the top and It'll find windows and stuff but yeah Not there Well back off yeah Yeah it just looks too stupid didn't Feel right We'll get her yeah [Music] There's a reason why we had certain Plants yeah So change of plans we do the window Instead yeah because we need that bottom Done yeah because we're gonna like the Top bottom and then we'll do the corners And then have this done and then we'll Do the middle part yeah but we need the

Bottom next to do the corners right so Shopping again yeah we just need to pick Up a few for the bottom [Music] Foreign [Music] Yeah and if you want it like if you're Going to do like a lighter cell you do a Lighter piece you bring it over here but We'll just we're just reading it as Normal Foreign [Applause] Looking good um how is this supposed to Be right on the ends and then the other One comes down past it no it's pretty Longer than that's going to go the whole Way then Y is 23 and a half this that's Not what it is 30 and a quarter why did You tell me 23 and a half 34 of these two of them [Applause] Okay I like it extra because we didn't Get to do this at our last place yeah This is cool is that 34 underneath [Applause] This window we pretty much got to get That yeah The final piece yeah between flour and Dean tools [Music] Before you kneel it I'll just have a PK Make sure it looks pretty level like I Think it does do you want me to hold it

And you can look back Make sure it's even on each side I think It looks pretty good yeah it's just like What's a good guy yeah I think it looks Pretty good if you want to nail it a Little bit yeah All right I like it yeah I like it Get that rustic look to it All right I love it So cool Yeah it looks pretty good I know like uh It's a cavity Rusty Vibe we're going for Right Yeah with the ceiling and that other Term and everything I know it's got a Cool vibe with the white and the wood I Know I like it I don't mind if this uh Like if you ever painted it well Coke The cracks and yeah and do all that but I like the look of like the I like the Nails and the recipe vibe to it it Actually it just has that cabinet feel You know yeah but if you ever wanted to Clean all that up it's easy enough and Some It's like talking and paint or whatever Right yeah I like it like this I think It looks cool I think it's gonna look so So do I Like for real I like how it looks like That It's neat oh man I love it that's uh Something be it this time yeah we need

To uh we need to go get something else For the bottoms because that yeah we Gotta go with the plan that we actually Had for them we just went here at the Store those other boards were cheaper so Yeah we were like well we'll go with Those and maybe it'll work yeah it don't It'll work for everything else yeah so That's cool but we need to do the floor Or the trim on the floor next we don't Want that cord around it's just gonna Look not that good nothing so yeah we'll Pick up some more 1×4 for that you know Build that out right yeah that'll be Good yeah we'll be good and then we can Do these right and then that's why we Yeah gotta get it so yeah but at least We're gonna do this part Yeah got a little cell here yeah I love It it's so fun cleans it up well that's Uh it for now I guess that's all we can Really get done right now so we're gonna Pick up some more materials we actually Have a gun now that we can keep going Forward with those so yeah all the Batteries interchangeable so that's what We want we now the that matches the rest Of our tools so that's a good thing yeah All right so all right we'll see you Next time right see you in the next one [Music] Thank you

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