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A new pastor was visiting in the homes Of his parishioners at one house it Seemed obvious that someone was home but No one came to the door even though he Repeatedly knocked he took out his Business card wrote Revelations 3 verse 20 and stuck it in the crack of the door When the offering was processed the Following Sunday he noticed that his Card was in the offering basket added to It was the cryptic message Genesis 3 10 Reaching for his Bible to check out the Citation he broke up in a glass of Laughter Revelations 3 20 States behold I stand at the door and knock Genesis 3 10 reads I heard your voice in the Garden and I was afraid for I was naked You're welcome Foreign So as you can see Jeremy had to cut all Around the top here because water is Accumulating inside the insulation in The attic and it is just becoming such a Mess the guy is supposed to be coming Tomorrow to look at it but there's so Much snow and ice on the roof still I Don't know what he could possibly do so For now we're cutting it because it's Just becoming an even bigger mess it's Just kind of spreading because so much Water is accumulating we may pop this Pipe off and just throw a bucket to Continue catching because there's Basically going to be a giant hole in

The roof and more snow and melt is going To be coming so we'll see Foreign Oopsie Got it Yeah Okay so lay it down Friday Some Queen yeah That's dry eh most of it yeah that's Good There's the hole How's the metal look all right or Yeah it looks like it's just the pipe That's bent The pipes like folded in half yeah is That snow around it is it ice yeah I Think so Now that it's open like that what if we Had the heater on I wonder if that'd Melt it oh what if I hit it yeah With something instead the shovel and I Could turn the heater on you can see it This here it almost ripped that right Off Foreign Wow yeah we get a big hole Yeah It's better without it How an earthy impact that I have no idea I thought maybe you could just push this Thing right out Yeah I guess if you took that Circle off Couldn't you 'd go back through I don't know this is Like

On there because it's so bent probably This is another screw at the back Nope Probably because it's like that Did it like no did it turns he just Caught up underneath something yeah I mean this whole part it's pretty much All ruined this stuff yeah Should you keep hitting the ice to get It all off there if I took this stuff Off it may just come off I have no idea We really just don't know Yeah this just got like embedded in There yeah for all the pressure Since that ice being gone yeah When I hit it with the Sledge some more The ice well it's probably still screwed A couple spots right I'm not hitting the ice I know what you Mean but it won't come out of it if the Chimney's still screwed somehow Like this here thing is that scared to Something yeah All right I want it off that brick Oh goodness It's dripping water Just the back side's still on which Where was it dripping when you poured it It was kind of pouring out that way You tip tilted it How much not anymore I did it just Dripped out here somewhere but it's not Anymore there's one more under it you'd

Have to lift a bit because I have to Shut my hands right under And this one we can put there Back here This is not what my hot tub is supposed To be used for So my hot tub is busy being used to Collect water from the giant hole in my Ceiling How annoying is that brand new metal Roof brand new chimney and look at it At least all the snow today is 17 Degrees which is like crazy 17 degrees Celsius for here in Canada and there's Still snow on the roof can you believe It that's how high we are in the Mountain right here it's ridiculous but At least now the majority of the snow is Gone so we can get this chimney piece That's dented and halfway out the roof We can get it in or out whatever Jeremy Is doing with it and then we can patch Up the giant hole in the metal because That really sucks and it's supposed to Rain and we really don't want more rain Coming into our cabin because that is no Fun so as I mentioned before we are Going to get this move to a more central Location like right near the peak so This hopefully never happens again Because my hot tub needs to be used as a Hot tub and not as collecting water from A Hole by in my roof As you can see here

The ice is all gone you can see sky so That's a good thing I guess dull perspective right All right so as you can see there from The outside you can see it melted away So that's that's great I guess we can Actually sort this out now though and Look at the chimneys all bad I need a Few extra parts the chimney is going to End up the overhang for detective just Back of that like up the top just this Side of it it's where it's going to go And it'll be just inside on the side of The entrance door so It'll work out good and we won't have to Deal with that again so that sucks but Had a pro install it for this reason so Hopefully this wouldn't happen but it Still happens so whatever It is it is now we'll get it shorted Thank you Thank you It's legit worm yeah Beauty of the day It doesn't even fit who designed that Hey It's a beauty of a day So today is another sunny beautiful day We have the guy here fixing our chimney All the snow is finally melted so he's Able to get it out and then move it so We're airing out the camper behind me We're getting the washroom set up again In it the compost just with soil so like

We had last year so it's an extra little Bathroom we don't have to use any water Forks we're collecting water we don't Have a well here so this just makes it Easier use the washroom in the camper And just put dirt on it and you're good To go I'm burning a bunch of boxes from things That we had and Jeremy is driving up and Down the driveway with the tractor Trying to flatten it out because with All the snow melting it has really Become so Mucky it's just a complete Mess getting in and out of the driveway So he's going up and down it with the Tractor see if he can like grade it a Little bit and make it a little easier To drive up and down I'm also going to go pull all the Taps From the maple syrup Bush maple syrup Trees maple trees because we do not have Any more evenings or days going below Zero so that means that the sap is done They're starting to Bud and it gets like A really gross taste if you continue to Get collect sap after they're budding And when it's not going like below zero And then warmer during the day So I'm just going to pull all those Taps And we'll call it done it was a small Yield this year but that's okay we at Least got some we got enough for now Thank you So right here is an actual bathroom but

We took the toilet out because uh we Didn't want to use it we prefer the dirt Method so here's our bucket of dirt And here's our lugulo A little toilet paper little sink we Don't have any water but we could pump Water in here and then we could actually Use that sink It's cool Foreign So this here is the flashing for the Metal roof so we are going to run to Town and buy a new one because this is Obviously not going to work Yourself So now that I'm done burning all my Garbage we'll head in and grab that and Then he'll be able to finish up Everything getting the wood stove moved So that'll be so nice to have it in a Better location Foreign All right so I got all the Taps out so That's the end of the syrup season we Got a decent little yield so that's all Right and uh next year we're going to Try and tap a few more trees and then We're also going to make sure that we Kind of clear around some of them Because if we can cut around them That'll just provide a little more sun Rather than more shade and then we'll Get more sap flowing through them so That'll be a project we do over the

Summer is kind of cut around a bit of The maples and hopefully next year we Can tap some more Foreign Foreign Well he's up on the roof unscrewing the Metal so we can replace the sheets I'm Going to start cooking a supper if you Remember I don't know last month or so We ordered this barbecue from Cabela's Bass Pro online had it delivered and we Built it in front of you guys so it's an Awesome little barbecue and we love it So I'm gonna cook on it again so let's Make some hot dogs I love this little trait came with I got My onions I'm gonna Grill on that last Time we did peppers and stuff Here's the snake pipe Jeremy just hooked Down from the roof Foreign No Oh man And here's the pipe from the wood stove From the chimney there That's in pretty good shape eh gee There's the piece of metal all the Jeremy just threw down from the roof Gotta replace that dirty but thank God We actually had two extra it was Annoying at the time that we had to pay For it but now it's working out yeah Me Okay

Almost Little yeah yeah yeah Foreign Stove is now it's right as soon as you Come in the front door and we actually Really like it Jeremy's Up on the Roof Screwing stuff in we're fixing the metal So that's why so here I'll let you have A look at it so you walk in and to your Right will be our kitchen and now here To the left is like our sitting area Which is nice because we get to change The couch and the couch used to be right Where the wood stove is pretty much and Now it'll come right where I'm standing And it'll be facing the window which Looks right down the driveway and the Stove so it's actually a way better Setup and we are really happy with it Foreign Jeremy's right up there replacing the Metal from where it used to be so right There is where it used to be You know here's what it is All right That looks better taped and insulated Almost did you make it no no you Definitely got to push it a lot more Yeah you just gotta push it That's better now just uh the left yeah The left side Looks covered in it yeah I don't see it Anymore so You're really outfit and popping up

There All right It's pretty tight All right so we had to come over here And sort the roof out yeah two panels One we luckily had two panels one of Them was where the stove got ripped off That was actually not our fault they've Got a guide that was actually installed Cells to do that one no so Brackets or Diverters or anything like that anyways The other side was the vent pipe and That was I put that in so though I Didn't put a small blocker so that panel Was my fault yeah so It is what it is now I'm pretty sure I Put a small blocker above it at on the Last place In this face they just they just forget I guess yeah yeah right so anyways we Had two panels so luckily we threw those On so that sorted out that sorted out The Chimneys in the middle We fixed the insulation Vape rear and That one you just saw in the bathroom When I just cut it and there was some Water that had drained it so I drained It and now I'll have to fix that up but Yeah we're gonna call that good for now There's no no more holes in the roof and No more snow or rain it's going to come Into the cabin so that's huge yeah and It's ready for any weather now so we'll

Be good for next winter and all that too Because now it's up the middle and There's nothing else coming out there so I'm going to make this vent pipe go out Back the gable vent so I'm not going to Go up the roof with this one I just Don't even feel like dealing with it so Even though I could put it up and put Vent stuff I have no more Extra metal Now so I'm just going to put it at the Back cable Just one vent I'm going to put it there You won't even see it so and it'll be up Nice and high and all that so it'll be Fine we'll never have to worry about This again yeah so that'll be good so That will happen when it happens and Gotta finish that chicken coop yes so But this was in the middle of it right So we had to get over here and do this Because it was took priority yeah yeah Okay because we have six more hens Coming next week yeah so we're gonna Have 11 11 in there total like including The rooster yeah gonna build a little Bit of a bigger run for them because There's more now they'll be all good in The size of that place but yeah the Round itself we're going to add and be Able to move it around you'll see yeah It'll be cool that's it anyway see you In the next one later This is

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