Shearing Christmas trees, well getting ready to shear.

East Fork Christmas Tree Farm is about to start shearing. For the first time ever we intend to hire in a professional crew. They do not cut the handles or tie the tops that is our job. So today we are working on that in preparation of the crew coming next week. @FlanaganHomestead

[Music] Hello Rob here from the Flanigan Homestead and East Fork Christmas Tree Farms today is July 11th 12th something Like that but we are in the week after The 4th of July so here in the Pacific Northwest that's typically time to get Sharing uh Wyatt is over here cutting Handles uh falling a lot of our trees He's about 25 hours into cutting handles So far this summer you can see off in The distance there Barry's on a ladder As he's doing tops and I'm going to Start tying Tops on the Nobles here Typically this time of year July 10th 11th 12th that time of year the tops are Firm enough to bend up but not so stiff That they'll snap off so it's a good Time for us to tie tops I'm going to tie The tops on the entire field not today Obviously but uh and then we'll have People come in with a blade and Shear Them we do some of the shearing but I Think we're going to hire a crew we Think to come in and do the shearing After we tie the top You can see some of these trees have Quite the pile of branches but we're Cutting the handles a lot of people like To do them around Christmas time so they could use that to Make wreaths we just want to get it done When we can get it done but you know There are

A fair amount of branches here that Could be used for good wreath making if It were that time of year But we got Wyatt today right why yep so We'll take it when we get it because I Don't want to bend over these trees all Day long All right let's go join Berry tying some Tops I've got my ladder for the taller Trees I've got my Holster Clippers and then my fancy tool Belt I got my twist ties and my sticks In the pockets ready to go This is why we like uh tying our tops in Mid July They're firm enough and they're done Growing but yet they're not so stiff That they break off sometimes if you get Them when they're softer they'll break Off easily if you get them when they're Stiffer you try to bend these up they Want to break off but these are still Pliable I think I can bend them straight Up to the stick We can get a twist tie on there Squeeze it back to the stick again here Foreign But yet It's done growing When you talk about doing Tops on trees You normally think about taller trees Bigger trees but you need to look at the Top of every tree and this little tiny Tree right here has two different tops

That want to start I want to get rid of The one extra ones So that it'll put growth into one One liter next year and not a whole Bunch and so we'll start getting a Straight single straight top right there And not have to deal with A double next year Again we don't need four tops here Let's let it have one Continue on All right today's update was not much of A teaching video I did show a little bit What we're doing on the tops but I have Another video that I did on how we tie Our tops I'll put a link in the Description and it'll be on the end Screen but uh anyway you could do look At that if you want to see how we tied Tops but this is just more of an update On where we're at right now in the Process on the Christmas tree farm we're Getting into that shearing season uh Been tying tops Barry did most of the North side of the field already we gotta I'm gonna be helping out here now Getting the South Side done and while I Was out here uh working on that I did Get a call back from the crew that we Couldn't try for the first time ever They're going to come out and sheer uh The week of the 24th of July they're Going to come out here and work through It and uh I this will be the first time

That we hire a team that is a Christmas Tree shearing company and we're gonna I'll talk about I'll have more videos on How much it cost us and how they did and Try to show some video of them working Out here but as always thanks for Joining me on the Flanagan Homestead Where Christmas trees are my business Teaching including Horticulture is my Job and outdoor projects are my passion Hope to see you again soon be blessed Everyone

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