Sheep and Goats. Bringing home my first sheep to mix with goats.

Hello Rob here from the Flanagan Homestead yesterday I got my first ever Sheep after nearly 30 years of having Goats and really enjoying them I decided I wanted to get some sheep and so I Picked some up yesterday and Unfortunately I wasn't able to record at The farm that I picked them up at they Requested that I don't record there and If you're going to someone else's Property obviously honor that and don't Do that but I would have enjoyed it Because the gentleman that helped me was Good Christian farmer I got along with Him really well he was very helpful and Giving me suggestions on what to watch For with my sheep and and what to do and Also one of the things you'll see in the Video today is how to use a lead rope And you put it around the neck but don't Tighten it there but put them put around The uh under over the under the bahati And right just behind the legs and you Almost have like a handle you'll see That and a few other things so this is Uh unloading the sheep and letting them Meet my goats and see how they interact The first day of that and in the next Few days and weeks you'll probably see Several videos of the sheep getting Acclimated to my farm and getting them To know me and my goats and my chickens And everything else that's here The Sheep I picked up or across between

Dorper and Texas Paint the farm I got Them from is much larger than mine a lot More livestock so they're not used to Personal interaction so they're Comfortable around people but a little Skittish if you get too close so uh Routing them up and getting them in There and it turned out to be a little Bit mud wrestling so yeah you're going To see some of my sheep are a little bit Muddy and dirty but that's okay it would Have been fun to video there I would Have recorded a lot of the suggestions That he had for me for the sheep and Also because these animals aren't too Used to people getting them in the Corral and then trying to catch the ones That we wanted and get them in the Pickup there was a few exciting moments My sheep Pulling out There they are in the back plan is I'm Gonna open this up enough to squeeze Through here and grab one Well I'm grabbing one the others might Try to squirt out just stand in front of It here shut it back up don't let them Yeah get in there and then when I come Out I'm gonna hit behind me okay [Music] This is the one that Oh my goodness it was a runner you guys Are kind of loving here once you get in There

All right [Music] There we go okay All right All right here we go we can leave this Alone I think they'll be fine okay I think they'll be all right it was Almost Famous Last Words this video is About 30 seconds after I didn't even know that the Sheep inside The pickup were this excited until I Came back and checked what I had Recorded on the camera it's a good thing That we did close the gate and Everything tight Homestead Journey this is the one that He said should be having a baby in a few Days Hey don't jump through my window She's also the one that almost dragged Him across the farm This This one might be a little more Challenging All right Come on Come on We hope you're okay But I know there's lots of wraps Yeah All right let's go forward easy There we go Whoa Put a new traction

S On this Hillside Hang on Here we go big group Thank you [Applause] So this technique is working pretty well That the guy bought from I got the loop Around the net but I don't want to be Dragging on there's slack there then We're going under the legs To create a handle here I can kind of control which way she's Going kind of is the emphasis [Applause] [Applause] Girl here you go good girl Grass everywhere Right [Applause] Okay Cook now I've got one more up top that's Excited because he's by herself yeah He's gonna want to fall yeah she'll If she Sees them she'll want to run towards him Probably yeah You guys keep calling to each other That's okay calm down It's okay There you go Stuff over it yeah it's gonna be all Right yeah I'm just gonna put your harness on

There you go That'll work All right here we go come on down [Music] Hey buddies are this way Come on where's my buddies at Three Years Buddies need to call back so you know Where you're going Yeah you're doing good This is good Yeah yeah There they are Ah Excellent well thank you gentlemen yeah That worked out as good as I could hoped For The last one found her way through the Hole in the fence and she's Trying to catch up with the other two There you go Okay If he wants to meet up I just got done putting away the Sheep Hauling stuff and uh What is this half an hour later 20 Minutes later they're enjoying grazing Out here there's two right there you can See the back of one just over the Hillside I'm going to encourage them Back up to the other Paddock so they get Used to the goats well here comes the Goats to check them out

And but I'm going to keep them in the Closer pan For a couple days they still have half An acre in that pasture to work with Each other All things considered the unloading of The sheep and getting them into the Pasture went about as good as I could Have hoped for uh pay attention to the Channel in the next few days to see how Well the sheep and the goats are getting Acclimated to each other and the sheep And the new property and later on today I'm going to pick up a couple more Nigerian dwarfs uh those so there'll be A few more goats on the farm and we'll See how well they all come together Thanks for joining me on the Flanagan Homestead where Christmas trees are my Business teaching including Horticulture Is my job and outdoor projects are my Passion hope to see you again soon be Blessed everyone

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