Simple Limestone Parking Pad For Trailer Storage

Here we go folks our finished parking Pad for trailers and I guess overflow Storage we'll end up having this connect To the rest of the drive up that way Soon with Limestone and then going Around the building as well but we have Three trailers parked here and still as You can see plenty of room to kind of go All the way around either way with Another truck and Trailer when we had the barn redone I Had a couple dedicated circuits put here So we can put um Chargers on there so Like this hydraulic dump trailer for Example you know just put a battery Charger on that but yeah uh saved a heck Of a lot of money doing this myself with Just a tractor and some pretty simple Tools it did help to have a good Tailgate operator dropping all this Limestone down that saved a lot of work There is geotextile underneath Here wound up with about four to 5 in Somewhere in there depth of crush 21aa but yeah turned out pretty darn Good I'm happy

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