Skidding Logs and Playing with Fire

Foreign Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And yesterday was Christmas I hope Everyone had a Merry Christmas and is enjoying their Holiday season we've got high Temperatures in the single digits the Last few days and I just haven't got Outside and done anything But today we're at our high of 18 Degrees Supposed to cool off again the rest of The day but then tomorrow we're supposed To get up over 30 which will be nice and Get more into the normal temperatures For this area But I thought I'd at least get out here For a couple hours and see if I could Get some of these trees drug out So we've got this one here that I just Cut down Then another big one behind it that fell On its own And way up on the hill And then We have another tree over here that that Fell on its own And then I need to get this big brush Pile And all this burnt off and I thought What a perfect day for that with the Snow on the ground the odds of uh Spreading Wildfire are a lot lower so If I can get these three trees out of

Here I'm gonna get all that burnt off And have this area cleaned up again for When we get some nicer weather So anyway better get to it [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign So we're back here to our second tree This one doesn't have a lot of big Branches on it Probably because they've been standing Dead for a long time But it does have A bunch of smaller trees that have it Kind of panned in over here It'd be very difficult to get up in There and pick it up with the grapple And carry it out I think I need to drag This out and to drag it out I need to Trim all these little trees that are Next to it kind of pinning it in place So I'm gonna do that real quick All right

[Music] [Music] Foreign I've never actually used a set of these Tongs But it should be Once I start pulling the harder I pull The tighter they dig in If We get them started with a bite I think that will do it but that's the Only part of it I'm not sure how to get The time the tongs bit into the log to Start with on this end I keep this D-ring here Oh this was the highest weight rating Chain I could get at Tractor Supply It still isn't I guess that high when You talk about something like this the Pull capacity of a skid loader but I Think this had a 9 000 pound brake Strength something like that or a 9 000 Pound weight rating So now I'm gonna take the chain further down And just Hook it like this I'm gonna go ahead and put this cable Dampener on this chain figure it can't Hurt right [Music] All right Well his tongs definitely did the job And I've done that before you could have

Just looped the chain around and hooked It but I felt a little more secure with The tongs So I think this will all be firewood Probably been laying on the ground too Long to be a saw log but I will Save a piece long enough to find out So I'm going to cut the butt off that Has the The stump still on it throw that stump In the burn pile And then maybe cut it in the middle take The end of firewood and we'll take a Look at the end of this see if it's got A chance of being saved [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign I kind of hate to burn these boxes Because they're the only proof I have That Santa is real and that he was here The Night Before Christmas putting those Together [Applause] When I came outside it was my intention To get all three of these trees But that one

There's a big rock and dirt pile that's Holding the butt up And then the other end The other end's all tied up in these Trees All the weight of that is you know seven Eight foot up in the air And I can't really get to it so I want To clean All of this out Maybe get around behind it or maybe Clear all these trees I don't know which Yet I think I'm gonna save that for Another day So I'll be watching this Feeding this fire the rest of the day And just making sure it stays contained I don't think that's going to be a Problem I'll definitely keep an eye on It I think we've got three or four tree Stumps that I've dug out And some brush And then I threw all these junk pallets On top of it I get so many pallets I've Got a good stack of pallets up there I'm Gonna burn all these off Then I'll probably in the next few weeks After this Burns off probably fill this Hole in and flatten all this out for an Access to get up there to that last tree I appreciate you taking time to watch This video I'll put links on the screen To a couple more of our videos and I'll See you next time

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