Skinning A Lamb With Compressed Air

In this video I’m demonstrating how I skun a lamb using compressed air. This was only the 2nd time attempting this technique with the 1st time only being 10 minutes before. Take a look to see how it goes. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to my channel. Cheers

G'day guys butcher Benny T here uh with A quick quick backup video for you Um the reason I'm doing this one uh I've Just tried something completely new to Me in the last 10 minutes I've tried skin the lamb differently to What I have before so I thought I'd Share it with you Um so this will be the second time I've Done it Um for you guys so what I'm going to do I'm going to use one of these an air Nozzle so I can press that I'm gonna blow that lamb there up And try to get him to come out how this First one's just come out which I think for a first go Has come up pretty good Um so I think it's important That I stay on the outside of this red Skin this bark Um Otherwise this next one could turn out Completely different better so we'll see How we go I'll just get set up And I'll be I'll be right back with you All right let's see how we go um this is How I did it last time so see if we can Do it again Just going to put a little Nick in his Leg Trying to stay under that bit of skin Then I'll show you that back so I've got A little Nick in there

I'll grab my air hose Stick that in there Add some in it you can see he's blowing Right up There he goes Up he goes Right after the legs there Are other legs flowing up now There he is that was pretty quick Now I'll start to slip the skid open Then we can stop pulling the skin off So I'm just pulling it off now I Normally this hardening him up here I'd Normally do it Um When I'm skinning them normally but this Is this is a bit different All right Lift that up a bit Sweden shot up the middle Foreign Cool about that having a little bit of Air on the brisket Like that Now getting hung up and we'll pull the Skin off Foreign Okay [Applause] So there we have it Uh the finished product Um come up all right you can see that it Grabbed in a couple of spots Grabbed on just a little bit pulled the

Skin but that's not too bad and a little Bit down the side there but All in all that's um that's pretty good So there we have it guys Um second time Um I've done that the first time like I Said was 10 minutes before I started This video that was the second time uh I Think it makes it a fair bit easier Um punching attack although they are Good Lambs the last two I've just done Um But it did definitely make it easier Um Anyway I'm out of here thanks again for Watching Um like share subscribe to the channel If you haven't already and I'll catch up With you cheers guys

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