Small Tractor PTO Stump Grinder Clearing Lot

That's good [Music] Nice and steady movement [Music] Hey welcome back to the channel today we Are going to grind some stumps with a T25 and our stump grinder let me talk You through it so a stock grinder as it Engages wants to pull the way it's Turning in our case it wants to pull This way it's very very important that You Tighten your stabilizers up as good as You can you don't want any the more Movement that you have the more likely That it's going to damage your tractor Because it gets momentum and then comes Over and just all sudden hits the Stabilizers really really hard and That's why you end up a lot of times Damaging your stabilizers because it Gets enough kinetic Force going that it Back snaps it so we're going to tighten Our our stabilizer up and then we'll Hook this dude up our stabilizers this Is going to want to go to that that side It's going to constantly pull to that Side so we're going to make sure that This is the side that we're going to Pull to and tighten up as tight as we Can some tractors have like pin systems This tractor has a turnbuckle So just loosen that nut and we're going To

Tighten this up Until it takes out all of the slack Still a little bit more in there a Little more we can get out Take out the remainder of the slack over Here All right make sure you tighten up your Turnbuckles really tight because this Will vibrate loose so now I've got my Three-point hitch really tight and it's Really tight right here As you go down the different angles of The Three-point hitch come into play so You'll see a I have a little bit more Free play at the bottom There we go This I wasn't too hard That's good [Music] So it's been really rainy out here and Wet and nasty so we just kind of have to Pick our jobs of what we can do with the Weather we have a high clay content so We're not as likely to sync up in this Area than we are in some areas so I'm Going to go ahead and hit these two Shorts actually a old stump here and Then another stump here we're going to Hit those and try to do as much as we Can here and then maybe later on we'll Do some wood chipping Us This thing has two pillow bearings and

I've greased those up they're in really Good shape so I think we're ready Everything's serviced and ready to go [Music] Foreign So I'm really getting the hang of this By just taking little small bites it Seems to be a lot easier on the tractor The bigger tractor can actually handle More each time I go forward I just drop It a little bit further Foreign [Music] About another inch [Music] Doing it like this is actually kind of Pleasurable It's dragging it back over the back Probably shouldn't do that but I'm gonna take this about six inches Below the ground [Music] And on that particular one I did take a Little bit too big of a bite So now we're going to move over to the Other part of the stump I started on the as I'm looking at it I'm starting on the left side and Working my way to the right because it Throws except the chips out to the right Foreign [Music] Same thing again drop it about maybe an Inch or so

Putting up abusing our Trager so much [Music] This stuff is about uh I'm gonna say it's about 18 inches on Diameter when we started Obviously it gets bigger as they go down Further A little bit too big of a bite [Music] And a lunge forward a little bit but Tractor still handling [Music] This T25 this is a it's running about 18 To 19 PTO horsepower so that's what We're getting this done with [Music] Cut it down a little another pass Maybe [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] We're definitely getting a better hang Of this the Just taking small bites and and I really Do like the small tractor for this I the 474 is obviously got a lot more power And we probably went through this Quicker we probably took two inch bites Versus The one inch bites that we were taking But this is just the little 25 Horsepower tractor is just such a Pleasure now I get a lot of comments About this like well why wouldn't you

Dig this up with a backhoe well I don't Need to it's got six inches of mulch Over the top of it grass is going to Grow it's going to be a yard or actually It's gonna be the chicken area and so It's not really necessary and if I do Need to build something I can always Come in at that point and dig it up with A backhoe what's left here most likely a Postal Digger would go through it if we Were like trying to put a fence down so Yeah I'm pretty pretty happy with this So that's one down These two are poplars are not hard to do Either so They're a lot softer wood Yeah This one over here let's see this one's Bigger this is probably about a 21 It's probably 20 20 inches wide tulip Poplar we'll knock this one out real Quick that one's going to be a big one There I gotta get the chainsaw back here And Cut that one down that's an old Cherry Over there we got to cut down so We'll just get these two knocked out Today we had some extra time and in Between the rains have rain we've had We've had like a month of rain now crazy You're gonna stand on it we're taking Your perch away So again we're starting I'm going to Start on the left side as I'm looking

Backwards I'm starting on the left side Actually the right side of my tractor as I'm setting on it it's going to throw to The left side of the tractor as you're Looking forward So I'm gonna again just come down and Just sit right on top of it And then I'll drop it down so I hear it Hit All right I'm just going to back up [Music] You want to drop it down about an inch And here we go That's a nice Easy Pass there We cut off about seven inches wide on The widest part All right a little bit heavier bite see What happens [Music] Nice and steady movement This is why it's recommended for a hydro Set only [Music] Drop it down another A little about an inch and a half Making these passes smooth and steady Jerkin when I first got this thing I had A hard time because it won a jerk left And right I was overloading the unit [Music] This is a big healthy stump from a tree That was alive just uh A few weeks ago so this is not a sickly

Stump or anything like that Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Laughter] But I committed to it so I went with it Yeah we're getting down now [Music] Foreign [Music] [Laughter] Inches under the ground there I'm gonna Go back over Get another get another swipe We'll be back about six inches over It's kind of hard to tell you just Learned to watch where things are at Again I'm going to pull right in the Center of the stump I touched it so I'll be back up a little Bit Now put it down so I find the dump and I'm gonna back up Drop it down about an inch Start taking my bites [Music] Another inch Foreign [Music] Ly take about three passes Maybe for What I mean passes I mean

Separate cut pad And each cut pads it might take six or Eight cuts Foreign [Music] [Music] So that's not bad I don't think uh we've Done I would say each one of those Stumps took about What seven eight minutes at most And we've cut up A little stump grinder we've cut up I Don't know probably 60 70 stumps now More probably more than that overall I Don't know how many stumps we've done We've done them two and three four five And ten at a time just depending on what Day it was so I'm really starting to gravitate towards The T25 for the stump grinder even Though it doesn't have the horsepower of The 474 the it's very refined and how You can move forward and backwards it's Very refined in how you can move up and Down and I can see the actual stump Grinder where the 474 is such a big Tractor that it's it's hard to see I Think I could do better with a 474 if I Had one of those video cameras mounted To the back or you could actually see What's going on it's really hard to see Where the cutter is and here I can gauge It a lot better on this T25 I just don't Think you could ask for any better

Results to be honest with you uh that's That stump right there is probably we Cut it off Six to eight inches underground like I Said it and it's there's very little of It underground anymore anyway so if we Do need to Um like put a post here for some reason I feel very comfortable that a postal Digger would do through that and if not It'd be easy enough to take the backhoe And dig it up guys I appreciate you Watching our Channel hope you enjoyed This we'll get back to you with some More fun tractor stuff in between all This rain we were so dry this summer and Now look at us rain every day God bless Have a great day

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