Today we're going to max out this wood Chipper this thing's a horse let's see If it works [Music] Excited today trying out the split fire Wood chipper on the big Kubota now we Showed you before the small end of the Range with the summit tx25 to the John Deere 2038r and that just shows you the Versatility of this piece of equipment And surprising a lot of folks have Multiple tractors do a survey on that we Do a lot of surveys so get a lot of cool Information about track owners that Watch our Channel and if you have Multiple tractors it's one piece of Equipment that can work on both of them And yeah this is a cat too but it's a Cat one cat two three-point hitch on the Kubota and we've got a cat one quick Hitch on there so we hooked that up with Split fire chip around there now one Thing about my Kubota it doesn't lower Down to the ground quite far enough No problem though we just had a couple Of pieces of wood that we blocked up on There you want to have your splitter Nice and stable and stationary on the Ground a lot of vibration going on Especially when you're putting the wood Through there to get chipped up and so Get that nice and sturdy and stable You'll be good to go some interesting No-sew about today's setup with our

Kubota it just happened to be going Through a regen cycle all right and some Questions might come up from time to Time Can you use your tractor while it's Going through regen or do you have to Sit there park it and let it do its Thing and you're going to see today we Are using it to its fullest extent while It is going through the regen process oh Something else worth mentioning too So we had this set up working on our Small tractors and every tractor is a Bit different on how the back end of it Is configured with the three-point hitch How far it sticks out if you have a Quick hitch on there or not the length Of the PTO shaft to get back to the Spline output on the tractor itself and It just so happens that we did not have Enough PTO shaft overlap there's the PTO Shaft is two pieces right and so it kind Of slides in and out on top of itself as You raise and lower because it's just Kind of a dynamic position there but we Solved that by adding on the PTO link Which gives us about five extra inches Of length overall to work with gets us Back to where we need to be on our Minimum overlap we're out here one of The passengers cutting down some dead Timber I got to get this cleaned up it's Just it's since we've moved in two of The trees have kind of broke off and

Fell down and I want to get the rest of It on the ground and see what this bad Boy here can chip and so that's what We're doing today again it's another Well there's we're in January in Michigan there's no snow on the ground There's a few flurries in the sky today But that's about it so we're out here Getting some work done a good day to Test this chipper and I was able to get My chainsaw sharpened I used that steel Two in one sharpener that they have made That a really easy job now I wanted to Push this thing to its limits and Beyond Today not that you're Necessarily supposed to go above and Beyond what something is rated for but That's part of the that's part of the Deal on Good Works tractors and so we're Going to find some big chunks of wood Here and test that out and see how it Handles it it says it's rated for three And a half inches on this plate but That's because they rent so many of These out to rental yards okay and then You have all sorts of different Operators so it gives them a little Margin for error it's technically rated Up to four inch that it'll chip but We're going to go above and beyond that Today and see what it'll handle now as Far as split fire goes they are a direct Sales model so they were kind enough to Send several different pieces of

Equipment over to me To demo do some videos on test out show You guys what they're all about and give You a good visual and demonstration of Them in action too and and I I hope that We're doing that Justice because I want To show you all sorts of different Conditions for it and different Applications different machines and just How well it works so how do you buy Split fire you go directly to their Website Canadian website Us website Whatever you need give them a call send Them an email they'll help you pick out The right setup for your machine they've Got all sorts of different well not just Chippers but they have a lot of Splitters too they've got a carry-all Gas powered electric PTO hydraulic you Name it they can help you out you're Going to place your order right with Them they'll pack it up and ship it out Well so we were able to find the the max Limit of this bad boy and Now again if I was going exactly by the Manual you put in smaller chunks the Bigger the diameter the smaller the Chunk you put in it needs some time to Recover you know that that blade that Tip speed slows down when you're putting Greater than what it's rated for in There or you know even if even if you're In the rated range right the bigger the Material you put in there the slower you

Want to end feed the shorter the pieces In there Foreign So we found the max of this machine Today and it's well above what it's Rated for the laser engraved plate here Says three and a half inches it's Technically rated for four inches we Measured this right here at about five And a quarter inches so five plus inches 25 percent more than what it says it can Do and it still handled it pretty well Up until the point of when the Driveline System started to protect itself now if I cut this into smaller sections like The manual says when you're near the max Diameter or potentially beyond the max Diameter then it would probably still be Taking it just fine but I think it's Enough of a visual demonstration to show It's going to easily handle the four Inch that it's rated for now I'm sure it Was those belts down there that were Smoking uh pretty typical I mean I've Seen that before I've had that happen on A flow Mower and you've seen that on Just your little Lawnmowers at home too so we hit the Trailer here again you know if I'm going To do this a lot we're just kind of Doing this for for demo purposes so I'm Gonna do this a lot I'd fashioned some Kind of guard on there to collect more Of those chips you know you can see some

Of them really not all that many on the Ground but some of them are out there But um it is a really handy way to move These this is actually a different Trailer that last one we're using is Called the earth mover it's got a swing Gate on the back now this version here Really similar the back actually just Comes completely off it's gonna be a Little bit handier with the firewood That I use in there because that swing Gate the wood tends to hang up on that So a little bit nicer here but overall I Really love these trailers from Ultra Tech really handy on the homestead Anyway folks I hope you enjoyed today's Video I love using the big Kubota Whenever I can if you are looking for Something for your tractor could be a Big tractor small tractor we're happy to Help check out we Have all sorts of tractor attachments we Sell and ship all over the country every Day of the week I love using the big Kubota whenever I have a chance in fact We just recently did a review on it had It a little bit over a year now so check That out to get our thoughts there too And if you'd be so kind hit that Subscribe button down below to see Future videos I want to thank you for Taking time out of your day to stop by And until next time stay safe we'll see You soon so I reached out to split fire

Let them know what happened when I uh When I overloaded the machine beyond the Specifications you know I mean come on I Like to push the limits right anyway So the bells for smoking all that kind Of thing and uh wanted to see what they Had to say about it and they said a Couple things okay so first Not a big deal obviously you don't want To make that a regular occurrence but That's part of the protection system That's on there I'd have to smoke those Belts for a heck of a lot longer than That in order to do some real damage and Have to replace the belts on there but Also there's two different types of Protection going on so first they're Going to have a shear bolt on the PTO Shaft all right and then they're going To have the belts on here too so if There's a sudden jarring Reason for the for the shaft and Everything the rotor to stop turning That's when the the shear Bolt's going To break all right and protect the rest Of the Driveline when it's kind of Getting jammed up and coming to a slow a Slower stop that's when those belts are Going to start to slip they're going to Kind of kind of try to keep going and Get through it but then at some point They're they're not all right and so That's what you guys saw happen is those Kind of infeed going on it's handling it

For the beginning and then it starts to Get jammed up and slows down and that's When it starts smoking and so you have a Couple different ways of protection on There a redundant system I like that and You'll see we don't have it hooked up But there is the emergency stop here so I was running into the tractor and Turning the key off and the PTO off and Everything else You could if you hook it up you know hit That button right there and you're good To go once I decide what machine I'll Run this on on a regular basis I'll Probably go ahead and hook up the Electrical side of things but I bounce It around trying to try out different Things and so I'm not there yet [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Baby [Applause] [Music]

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