If you’ve watched the channel for a while, you know that sometimes I can’t leave well enough alone. In this case, I love my Kubota M4D-071 but I’m feeling like trying something new. Something bigger. I’ve currently looking at the John Deere 5100E and the Kubota M5-111. For reasons I’ll explain in the video, the Kubota is winning the race. Not to mention there’s a wild edition for sale in Tennessee that I can’t help but consider.

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When I'm going through all this these Data points on the specs I'm thinking Okay I know the John Deere's more so Give me more for my money right and We're already starting with less because It's less horsepower less PTO horsepower Than the Kabota but it costs more so Um just going through how I look at this I am thinking of selling my cabota M4 And not because I don't like it not Because I think it's a good idea but Because I'm just getting that itch and So my brother thinks I'm an idiot for Doing that and I probably am we've gone Through this whole kind of thing before Where I have a tractor all dialed in the Way that I Want and then I get the itch to buy Something different and then I regret it So maybe I get something new hang on to This one and then if I don't like the New one I sell the new one and still Have this one there and um can go back To my my fallback option there but I Want to get something Bigger not because I need something Bigger but because I want something Bigger and so I'm in a unique situation Compared to most people where I use a Tractor to make videos to sell tractor Attachments and I've shown this one for A couple of years and all sorts of tools On it and I just feel like maybe it's

Time for something fresh show you guys Something Different and uh I'm thinking about the Kabota M5 series all right so a step Bigger than this guy this is the Kabota M4 or D71 going to an m511 or the comparable At least I think this is comparable John Deere 5100e so they make a 5100 M I Think a 5100r price points just keep going up But anyway uh the 5100e is what I'm Looking at as well I was considering Coyote too but there's just really Nothing in the used Market out there I Mean very very hard to find um the Volume it just isn't there so anyway I've narrowed it down to the cabota and The John Deere now what I found is Probably the coolest Kabota M5 111 that I could have ever found and so this is a Problem for me because I want to buy it So talk me off of a ledge if you would So we'll show the listing pictures up There yeah so this is a unique one all Right now it does come with about a $5,000 Premium for all I can see being tracks Instead of wheels and black paint it Looks pretty amazing I want to get it And uh being again in my unique Situation where this is totally Impractical I can see potentially that $50,000

Increase drawing in more eyeballs now With all the videos that I have all the Content I put out there would I end up Seeing a return on that additional $50,000 in you know an advertising spend Basically I have no idea that's a big Gamble but this thing is really catching My attention but a few questions really In my mind that are jumping out number One where am I putting the rim guard in The rear tracks I don't see a spot to Put that that could be a problem on top Of that those got to be lighter than Wheels in general and and some of these Bigger cotas have like cast iron plates In them and of course you can add wheel Weights in there on top of liquid Ballast to get a lot of counterweight And be stable Which I'm big on it just looks light in The back end and and maybe there's Something I don't know maybe there's More to the story there but you have a Front end loader which lifts a heck of a Lot of weight about 4,000 lbs of weight All right so you need a lot of weight on The rear end to offset that and also What kind of a load do those front Tracks what can they take you know I Mean 4,000 lb that's to full height it Lifts I don't know 5 6,000 lb if you're Just getting it off the ground so that Is a heck of a lot of force to put on Those front tracks are they really

Designed to support that so I'm kind of Torn on this one guys I don't know I'm Probably well I want to say I'm not Going to do it but don't be surprised if I do it all right so talk me out of it Talk me into it I don't know I I don't Know if this is the kind of thing That'll be for sale for a long time or If there's some other crazy fool like me Out there who's like I got to have it I Would just hate to get it and find out It's like really unusable for what I Want to use it For where they at they're in they're in Tennessee maybe this maybe this requires A GWT business trip down south to give This thing a test drive I don't know the Weather is starting to get chilly up Here get some warmer weather down there Anyway I want to take you through My highlevel decision-making process on Deciding between well I've already Decided I think unless I found unless I Found an absolute screaming deal there's Always exceptions to every rule if I Found an absolute screaming deal on Something that could always change my Mind but I'm going to take you through My decision-making process when I've Been looking at the M5 and the 5100e and then let you know where I Landed on the one that I decided that I Really want to narrow down and go with But again when I'm shopping in the used

Market if I see something that's almost Too good to be True well all bets are off the table Then so anyway Kota M5 versus 5100e now I'm looking at the M5 d111 they also Make an m5- 091 the specs are very very Similar between both of those models and So besides the engine horsepower and the PTO horsepower but like weight loader Three-point capacity tires all that kind Of stuff are all hydraulic system I Think are all the same um so you could Interchange it if you wanted To the Kabota has about 105 106 Horsepower the 50 100e has 100 Horsepower so it's about as it's a Little bit closer if a comparison than The N than the M5091 why do I want to get ATT tracted This big just for the heck of it I Really don't even need a front end Loader I use the front end loader for Forks on here but I do have a I sort of Have a skid steer the JCB doesn't work Right now I don't even have it here it's Been in the JCB I've been out without my JCB skid steer for 3 weeks now maybe More than that still not repaired the Loader doesn't lift it's got 31 hours so Um I'm going to get a 333g so I'll have A huge loader is my point with front end Loader capability so I don't necessarily Need a loader on the big tractor that I Get so I would consider a loadless one

Which would give me an opportunity to Put an HLA snowing I wanted to try one Of those frame mounted snowing WIS for a Long time you can get the snowing wings For the loaders for the skid steers too I may go that route but I'm just him and Han on what I would do The primary tasks that I use this cabota For and that I would use the next one For are for um driveway maintenance uh Snow blower on the back or you know plow Or something um a rear blade something Like that in the back for snow Removal um mowing ditch Banks I put a Big ditchbank Mower on there or mowing Like the uh the industrial park that we Have um nobody that hasn't been mowed Besides when I mowed it this year so Nobody else is doing that apparently Uh all the food plot Stuff like planting corn uh discing Tilling yada yada Yada a lot of these tools would need to Be bigger than I've ever shown before And so it would give me an opportunity To show some bigger heavier Duty stuff Which is honestly a smaller Market I Sell a lot more stuff for sub compacts And small compacts but it would just be Something different and fun and there's There's not a lot of really good content Out there that I found so it would help Folks make easier decisions when they Are shopping for tractor tools that size

All right so I'm going to trusty tractor Data and I did also bounce a couple Things off of the OEM websites cabota And deer's websites too uh just to Verify some of this information But uh PTO horsepower is something I was Interested in again planning on using Some bigger attachments I want to make Sure I'm not borderline on that that I'm Right in the Wheelhouse and the Kabota Had well the cabota has a little bit More information so they've got a Claimed PTO horsepower which you'll see On tractor data and then they also have A tested so that's nice when you have That and the claimed PTO is 89 so that's Like what Coda is publishing but when it Was actually tested it tested at Basically 98 uh PTO horsepower which is A lot that's a lot more too um the John Deere had 85 claim they don't have a Tested on there but if we assume that That goes up by 8 even it's still below Um the cabota so and it should make Sense the cabota has a bit more it has a Few more ponies in the engine too So I I I think I already know this Information so it's probably worth Sharing with you the John Deere from my research what I can find The John Deere brand new pricing is a Little bit higher not a lot but a little Bit higher than the cabota all right so I when I'm going through all this these

Data points on the specs I'm thinking Okay I know the John Deere's more so Give me more for my money right and We're already starting with less because It's less horsepower less PTO horsepower Than the Cabota but it costs more so Um just going through how I look at this Right so anyway uh fuel capacity 30 Horsepower on the deer I think it was 27 28 on the uh on the Cabota oh uh going through fuel capacity Going to be 28 horsepower on the Coda 30 okay going through fuel Capacity 28 gallons not horsepower 28 Gallons of fuel I don't know how many Horsepower in a gallon but there's 30 Gallons of fuel in the tank on the John Deere so I don't unless that was like 20 Versus 30 I go through a lot of fuel on Here you know it would have been had a Had to be a big Delta for me to be Concerned about That but we're we going to get to what I Think this is when my mind was made up Right here and this next data point There's more that are also impressive But this one Alone and I'm only going through this in How it's listed on tractor Data this is mind-blowing okay so the Cabota has two options for three-point Lift capacity and when they're measuring This use the measurement that's 24 in

Out from the end of the arm so your Three-point arm ends here they do do a Load test that's like if you had an Attachment on the back that's two foot Out beyond that because that's realistic And I like using that that data point so They've got two options they must have An upgrade available but I'm going to Use round Numbers the lower option is 5200 lb that It'll lift on the 3point 5,200 lb on the 3point that's the lowest one the the Higher option is 7,300 lb all right I Mean that is that could almost lift this Entire tractor off the ground right here That's insane so now I want you To sit down for the John Deere same Thing 24 in out from the end of those Three-point Arms 3,200 Lb that's their only Option 3,200 lb versus 5200 lb or 7,300 Lb so 2,000 lb Less on that John Deere I can't even believe that Numberers accurate it's just it's so Incredibly low for a tractor that size That I would be embarrassed as a Salesman to repeat that number there's Honestly no excuse now I know the 5m you can upgrade the threo I think the The 5m gives you some additional Upgrades and you're paying for that when You go from a 5e to a 5m you are paying A lot more for those tractors so it's

Not even the same category in my opinion Anyway so my was made up right there as Give me a break John Deere okay so this One here they've got a weight range they Always do weight ranges that's because There's different configurations open Stations and cabs certain models will Have two wheel drive and four-wheel Drive and they're all going to have Different weights so if you're getting a Four-wheel drive cab tractor you can Always it's pretty safe to assume you're Getting the heaviest configuration and So that's what I'm using in this Comparison so the cabota weighs 7700 Lb the deer weigh weighs 8150 so I mean Round up to 8,200 I guess if you want so The deer is heavier by S what was that By 500 lb okay so that's a win for the Deer over the cabota which is kind of Surprising um but the good thing is Unless well unless I get the machine With tracks I can put a lot of liquid Bance in the rear tires and make up a Lot of weight that way and put wheel Weights on there and and still have a Ton of bance weight if I need it all Right moving on to the engine size Um Again this is where John Deere is Beating cabota all right so both four Cylinder engines on there both made by The OEM so Kabota makes their engine John Deere makes their engine I think

That's good thing they're both known to Be very high quality engines and I don't Think That uh engine reliability and Performance would be an issue with Either one of these um 230 cubic inch on The Cabota and it was 276 cubic in on the deers so that's a or Four well we could do this a different Way 3.8 lit versus 4.5 L too so that's a Pretty significant Difference Although does that mean that the cabota Is more efficient it's drawing 156 Horsepower out of a smaller Engine they give two different rated RPMs the open station runs at 2400 the Cab runs at 2600 RPMs the deer runs at 2500 rpm so RPM are fairly comparable Depending on if you're open station or Cab now there's guys out there that know Way more about engines than me um and so You guys can chime in on that on on what Your thoughts are I'd be curious to know And and learn a little bit there myself Too so Transmissions they're both going To have similar power reverse power Shuttle hydraulic shuttle type Transmissions some of the kabas I've Been looking at have the clutchless Version and some of them don't so I There must be some other option like This Kota M4 has a clutchless um shuttle

Where you can just push a button and That engages the clutch and then you can Shift the gear on the Fly pretty sweet Um some of them don't though they're Just you have to push in the clutch and Then change your gear so there's there's A couple variations deer doesn't have That as far as I know why why this why This next data point didn't matter as Much to me is because I don't I haven't Necessarily decided I'm going to get a Loader if I find if the one I find has a Loader on it and that's what I perceive Is the best value then great I'll get it But it's still worth Knowing the loader specs on there and And what to expect out of that oh Actually this one tractor data didn't Have the uh the the lift height so let Me go to tractor or to the Kabota Website and pull that up because this is Interesting all right and so K cabota Loaders have two Positions I don't know if any of the Deer loaders do I don't think the 520m Loader does But there's there's a power position and Then there's like a Max height position All right and I believe that's just with This adjustment right here and so uh I Don't know which position this is in I Don't I don't remember I haven't messed With it because I don't I don't care It's not enough of a a worry for me but

If you lift higher like it maybe is a Foot higher lift or something but it'll Lift less weight but if you need to max Out the amount of power or weight that You can lift then it'll lift more weight But it'll lift it lower so I'm going to Give you the um the highest lift Comparison here we can follow it up with The power position but the K Cabota will Lift 145. 7 in or a little bit over 12T High at the pin all right these are These are Max specs all right so at the Pin 146 in a little over 12T and it'll Lift basically 4,000 lbs 3,990 Lbs to over 12T High The John Deere 520m loader will Lift 132 in high all right so 11t up at The pin and it'll lift 3523 lb so Ballpark of 500 lb less 400 450 lb less Than the cabota and it's lifting it a Foot lower as well so using that 11t Height that's what Cabot's power Position is all right so if you left it In the power position the Kabota loader Can lift to 11t high 132 Ines and doing So it will lift 4,144 lb all right so you're over 600 lb More lifting it to the same height Compared to the deer or about 20% more Than the deer that's a lot So I think those are really the the big

Highlights that I was looking at because I'm I'm looking at I know that the Engines are going to be good I know that Both tractors are Reliable but what I want to use them for Right I'm using the three-point hitch For sure I may be using the Loader the hydraulic system you know if I'm hooking up certain attachments to it And want to run it I didn't talk about The hydraulic system I skipped right Over that did I skip over the hydraulic System oh man I talked about it in my Head I looked at it like five times Let's talk about the hydraulic System I don't think there was much to Talk about there though maybe that's why I skipped over it and I had to go I had To bounce this off of Cabot's website Too tractor data had only part well Tractor data had some information on There So hydraulic system now you got to pay Attention because these numbers can be You got to know what you're you're Looking at this is where cross Referencing makes sense because you'll See total hydraulic flow sometimes You'll just see hydraulic flow sometimes You'll see steering flow you'll see a Three-point flow or whatever so cabota Has for their cab has 17 gpms it says For cab pump flow and then it says for Cab steering flow 6.1 so you add those

Numbers up and you have a total flow of 23.1 GPM that's pretty good so deer it's Broken out a little bit differently but They their total flow right on here is 22 A2 all right so it's slightly lower Uh it lists an SCV flow of 15.9 so That's again slightly lower about a GPM Lower than the uh the cab Koda so those Are both pretty solid um But all those numbers are low compared To a well a 333g high flow skid steer Right that does Cost uh honestly not that much more a Comparable used one is maybe 10 15 grand More than one of these Tractors and you're getting around 40 Gpms on a high flow skid steer all right So on their best days they're about half On one of those tractors all right so That's a tractors just aren't designed For hydraulic flow like skid steers are They're just they're made to made to use The PTO you know with the Gear Drive um Systems on there and and you can operate Attachments they cost a lot less they're They're they're simpler uh to work on Replace and repair if you need to so a Lot of benefits of that but a little bit Of a tangent there so I'm thinking you Can probably guess what direction I'm Leaning towards right now which is the K Cabota m511 I I Just in the used Market the price points

Are pretty comparable I mean you're Going to see some higher and lower and It's tough right because they're all set Up one has two remotes one has three um You know used hours some have 100 some Have 500 some have 300 the year the Model year what warranties left little Things here and there right so it's Tough to you can't do an Apples to Apples exactly but you can get pretty Close and Ed prices are roughly the same I mean the deers are slightly more makes Sense but really it's pretty marginal as Far as that goes but Chris brought up a Question I've talked about how it can be Really hard to sell a tractor that Doesn't have a front-end loader on it And I agree that is very true or if you Think you're going to buy a tractor that Doesn't have a loader on there and then Just go find one in the used Market That's a lot easier said than done I Also think that's very applicable to the Compact tractors I think once you start To get up into tractors bigger than this You know you get into the more of the Farm tractors and number one I think Lots of outfits and operations are going To have more than one machine they Probably have a tandler or a skid steer Or some other piece of equipment with a Big old loader on it anyways and you see A ton of tractors that size without Loaders on them and I I think that kind

Of tells a story right there um but two Would also let me on top of that snowing Wi that we can put on the front give me An opportunity we sell a lot of suitcase Weights right but it would just get I Don't run any suitcase weights on the Front of tractors because they all have Loaders and so I can put a weight Bracket on on this and uh just stack it Up with with suitcase weights on the Front of the tractor too and just Highlight that again just when customers Visually see stuff in videos over and Over it lets them know oh hey maybe I Need that for my tractor so um just Another unique angle and potential Opportunity there For for it to be put out there in videos Now you can use this I thought it'd be Helpful right because I'm looking at Making this decision and purchasing an Actual tractor so it's a big decision For me it's a lot of money to spend you Can use the same concept the same Application it does doesn't matter what Brand it could be coyote it could be LS Mahindra tym whatever it is and if You're comparing between a couple of Different Ones five different ones right you know Just line them all up and and find the The data points that are important to You and make a little chart just a Little spreadsheet right and just write

Here's the hydraulic flow here's the Lift capacity here's you know maybe mid PTO maybe you want to run a front bout Front mount snowblower on there and you Need to have something with a mid PTO so You can run a front mount blower on There you know maybe that's an important Criteria to you so you can do this with A sub compact you can do it with a Compact or utility tractor whatever it Is but that's how I go through it um and In some ways when folks are looking for Tractors from me I ask a whole series of Questions and that helps me eliminate 90% of the tractors and narrow down on The right tractor Forum so uh just Another way to look at it I thought it'd Be helpful to show how I go through the Process and if you're not sure where to Start or you're just lost in all the Data you got to start somewhere this is A really good place to start because it Can help you it can help you find what Is the best value and of course that's Not all that goes into it there's dealer Support that is huge And I'm going to be Frank all dealers are still struggling So uh we had a tractor that came in That's under powertrain warranty but It's got A hose leak on it and I wanted to be Taken care of under warranty before we Sell it because it's got warranty so I

Don't want to pay for It we talked we got two John Deere Dealers around here one of them was a Month out just to get it in the other One was two months out to get it in so One or two months just to get your Tractor in and looked at and it's always I don't care what time of year it is It's always well we're busy for this Reason or we're busy for this reason and It doesn't really seem to matter that's Just the way that it is Anymore and I'm not picking on deer it's Just an example I mean I could use a Make cases about the whole JCB debacle You guys have heard about I could talk About Kabota I could talk about the Polaris Ranger Saga that I had a long Time ago I mean I could I could tell you About all sorts of things so um it's Kind of across the board where it Doesn't really seem what manufacturer it Is and and that's in my neck of the Woods maybe your neck of the woods is Different I still think how a dealer Treats you even if they are backed up Though if they um do it with the right Attitude you know if they are looking to Support you and not just say well Tough Luck Chuck you know I still think that There's a demeanor and a way about going About your business that can give you a Sense of confidence at least that they They're capable they're going to take

Care of you they're doing what they can Uh and go from there so that's always Subject to your area your circumstances And everything else so anyway if you're In the market for a tractor we'd love to Help you out if you're in the market for A tractor attachment for the front end Loader or the three-point hitch we can Help with that too we ship tractors Tractor attachments Nationwide every day Of the week if you don't know what you Need we have a lot of comparisons we Show all these tools in action on a lot Of different tractors so you can see how It works sometimes how it doesn't work Cuz we showed that Too go to goodworkstractors decom I want To thank you for taking time out of your Day to stop by and until next time stay Safe we'll see you Soon [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh

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