Someone Get This IDIOT OFF The Roof ;)

I asked my date to meet me at the gym But she didn’t show up I guess we aren’t going to work out You’re welcome Oh yeah that’ll just slide by there I Think I just want to be between the two You ain’t in two ridges okay yeah That’ll work oh good okay okay now you Cut it did you see it through those 290s Yeah yeah that’s what we had to go to Store for today yeah because this here Is running into the strapping and it Would have ran into a ridge that I don’t Feel like trying to fit that thing on The other side on no well attempting to See what I’m doing I feel like I had way more room when I Did this before This always feels wrong yeah We get a four inch down to a half inch Yeah it is We just had a big hole size yeah All you could do it was Cutters instead Of your actual saw well I don’t know how It’s going to be sitting there with that Yeah might just passing the Snips I’ll See if it’s hard or not yeah pretty good That’s how I did it before no do we have The red ones I don’t know I’ll pass you these will I Look how about that we get the the Card on them so we can cut a circle I Thought we had them here but I don’t see Them hey yeah I’m passing my gloves

[Music] I don’t know maybe I should try the Sawzall okay you get most of it cut but For the last little bit or something Yeah I just don’t think I’d be able to See that’s all with the sauce off oh Because I can’t see that well now Click this thing Okay yeah [Music] Looks like that’s a hard now almost yeah I heard me to see where it is It’s so bright it’s handy though yeah it Is right close Just the tiniest bit more it looks like My eye it’s kind of trippy look into a Hole because you can see the clouds that Are like going by but it’s like a Skyline okay Are you kidding me come on Bit now oh yeah You should make sure this is lined up Yeah You know I should put a Mark here or Something I can cut that up top yeah Foreign There yeah They just have to strip this in it right Yeah that’s gonna work like there what I Want to do is Mark it before I glue this So I knew where to set it so once you Get the glue in the freaking thing oh Glue schmoo do you really need it yeah You have to pull it out and then put it

Back [Music] Yeah Really got it in there good now you Gotta take this Got it He’s dancing with the pool Girlie oh my God He’s a pole dancer Oh it’s out Well it’s gonna be tough though yeah He’s getting that through here once I Have the concrete stuff in there yeah It has to be in the exact right spot Yeah yeah now screw it up now Lined up I wanted to be easier to put the pipe on This first yeah and then put it in that If I put it in there yeah yeah then you Line it up to where it’s at yeah but I Mean you got to put the stuff in it yeah That looks pretty easy we’ll put it back In and then try it if it doesn’t work Then we’ll just do it the other way Foreign [Music] Oh that’s funny like when you like How warm it in your sleeping bag So like sweat no and then somebody farts Oh okay no not those This is way harder than the last one Because it just went straight up the Last place

There wasn’t all these bends oh right Oh it’s on there that’s good Got it now if I can follow that I Shouldn’t pull that back down as soon as You put some glue in please stay there Nice Way to go Daddy no that’s all right yeah Big boy Daddy I gotta cut it because it’s like four Feet higher yeah that was the Middle Earth Does it look overly plum Look better cut it down though it’s Probably like oh it’ll be fine with this Stuff yeah The bird Well it should say Don’t fight let’s imagine [Music] Don’t you go cutting yourself now now [Music] Foreign [Music] Oh yeah See right now is just to get it on we’re Good yeah we needed a cap right that’s What that thing is I have scissors yeah Foreign [Music] Yeah You got it eh that’s good Pretty big job just putting a stink pipe In

[Music] It thank you The paint looks big there is no eh yeah We’re going off our plumber’s Recommendation that’s actually the code Though too yes but that’s bigger than The one we had last I think we had a Three inch pipe yeah I think so [Music] [Music] Yeah take six on each side oh wow See Santa’s down one day it doesn’t Matter yeah it definitely doesn’t matter No you won’t see that ever from anywhere Either because it’s way back here [Music] Well there it is that is uh that’ll do The trick maybe not the prettiest job Ever but the water will not go in there Instinct we’ll come out And not be in the cabin so that’s good Okay yeah You know what is nice look at this It’s a nice view they should put it back Up here you can shoot a deer right down In there Or over here Or there or there or there Or there [Music] A little bit of an angle on her but it Doesn’t look that bad You’ll never see it from the driveway [Music]

Oh yeah they set that thing up about 16 Inches so there’s some snow gathers There we’re not going to cover and Hide the bed [Music]

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