I’m selling my Kubota M4D-071 just because I want to try something new. That means someone is going to get a heck of a deal with an awesome, low hour tractor that’s outfitted with seven amazing accessories. We’ll walk you through the build and the features of this Kubota, and maybe you can be the lucky one to buy it!

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Folks I am selling my Cabota I talked about it that I might do It and I'm making a decision and I'm Sticking to it so if I take it off the Markets cuz I didn't want to sell it but We're putting it on the market for now Because I bought a brand new tractor a Bigger one a Kabota m5111 not the black One with the tracks bought a brand new One I'll probably do a side by-side Video maybe if I get around to it of the M4 versus the M5 biggest tractor I've ever personally Owned small for a lot of Big Time Farmers out there still I understand but As big as I could go and still use um The attachments that I sell right I like To mix it up I've had this tractor two Years there's nothing wrong with it I'm Not selling it cuz I don't like it I'm Just selling it cuz I like to try new Things and show you guys new things and Mix it up and try new equipment and you Know just to have fun so anyway this is A oneof a kind in my opinion all right We've done all sorts of things to make This Unique unlike anything else on the Market today there's about 170 hours on It what is this a 2021 20120 we'll look it up 2020 2021 I've had it since October November 2021 it had about I think about 50 hours If I remember right when I bought it so

I only put about 120 hours on it got a Lot of equipment so it's kind of nice to Not put a a ton of hours on one machine But it's it's done great for me I put All these food plots in and uh did a lot Of driveway installation with it and you Know tilling I did mowing um we did some Stuff out of the Richland property we First had it too out there subsoiling It's a big old Beast of a machine now This one has uh the transmission where You can push the button on the gear Select it's like clutchless you just Push a button instead of having to push A clutch in then you can switch gears on The fly so that's really nice that was An option on my M5 but I didn't go with That uh because again I found a really Good deal on one and it just didn't have That that feature so that's how it goes Um these tires are loaded all right Liquid balast in the Tires of course a full HVAC cab on here Too these are the R1 EGS a couple steps To get up either side does have doors on Both sides so you can enter and exit I Didn't often enter on this side you can See there I'm a pretty slim Guy still hard to fit through there Though as you'll notice I still have the Plastic on the seat okay try to take Care of my things keep that dust and Dirt off that seat could have put a I Don't know if they make a seat cover but

That that plastic was in good shape Somebody said they'd never trust a guy Who left plastic on a seat so if that's You I guess you can't trust me but La 1154 loader on here great bucket Upgraded this uh bucket with this nice Ju Fab Works bucket bracket right in the Middle all right if you want to get one Of these for yourself say 5% with code GWT at ju Fab Works now right behind there see these Hoses down here this whole black section Is a hydraulic quick coupler all right And so it's just kind of like the Fancier skid steers you can take this Bucket off and put a set of pallet Forks On without ever leaving the operator Seat or same thing with a snow Pusher For Example cats meow all right so nothing Else like that on the market give him Little angle over here so we've got two Sets of extra hydraulic hoses coming up Front because not only do we have the Hydraulic hoses going for this hydraulic Quick coupler but we've also got a third Function mounted here too so you can run A grapp on here if you got like a Hydraulic angling snowblade or if you Want to run a a loader mounted postle Augur this has enough hydraulic flow Where you could do that on there too and So that's gives you a lot of capability This is a a super capable loader this is

A step above the grand l66 60 all right So you can't get hydrostatic in this Size of a machine they just don't make Them no brand makes them in hydrostatic Once you get to this size and get a lot More torque just a lot more power to the Ground they run cooler if you're going To be doing like brush hogging in the Summertime for example you'll notice There's a significantly lower and more Consistent and even engine temperature You don't have to worry about Overheating nearly as much um installed The uh the 511 grill guard on here and The side guards too again another Discount Club partner where you can save 5% sent with code GWT and they got these Grill guards all sorts of accessories on Their website for all kinds of tractors On there too you will notice it's a Little tweaked a little Bent okay that's nothing to do with the Tractor itself it's to do with uh this Bracket that's down here so we got this Tractor stuck in a video uh we showed You last summer or this past summer Whatever it was and it was stuck pretty Darn good and so there really wasn't a Great spot to to chain it around and so We chained right around the base of that Bracket and pulling it out yanking it Out it tweaked that that frame of the The grill guard there just a little bit But that's no big deal uh let's take a

Look at the backs side Chris show you What we have going on here all right so This is a a category 1/2 3-point hitch And we have as proof that category one Will work on here a cat 1 3point quick Hitch on here I'll probably sell this Quick hitch and the hitch hangers along With it um so the hitch hangers you can Hang suitcase weights on all right so You can put 3 41 or 70 lb suitcase Weights on either side I would suggest 70 lb weights on here if you're going to Go that route um and so you can get a Bunch of extra weight for three-point Weight again we have liquid balast in The tires but this loader can lift well That 1154 number on the loader is Kilogram so turn that into pounds and You're at like what 23 2400 lb 2500 lb Something something like that to full Height and even more if you're just Trying to get something off the ground So maybe over 3,000 lb just getting it Off the ground it'll lift a lot of Weight so you want to have good Counterweight on the backside to offset That we do have a hydraulic top link on Here I got this hydraulic top link on Amazon but now Summit Hydraulics sells Hydraulic top and tilt links okay so Going to be a lot higher quality this Got the job done it's Just it kind of it basically came in Looking like this so kind of all you

Know shyish but hydraulic top links are Amazing and I would highly recommend Getting one um one way or the other but Sa 5% with code GWT at some Hydraulics And also get this hydraulic multiplier All right you get that third function up Front too but this is amazing all right So from the factory this had two Hydraulic circuits that you can see down Here one two hoses are one circuit so One and two circuits right There I wanted more hydraulic functions To operate other things and so that's What you see plugged in here you know Let's just say you had a hydraulic top And a tilt kit right that's two Hydraulic functions that would would Take up both of these if that's all you Had and you couldn't use anything else Hydraulically in the back of your Tractor but instead we stole one of These circuits and and fed it into this Whole multiplier so we turn one circuit Into six circuits all right we have a Couple of them going up front feeding Our hydraulic quick coupler okay and Then we still have the ability if we Want to to add on a hydraulic side link And then let's say I got a hydraulic Snowblower with a hydraulic shoot Rotation or not a hydraulic snowblower a Snowblower with a hydraulic shoot Rotation a hydraulic defle C hydraulic Backd drag well we need another circuit

Another circuit another circuit then There's just one left so you can see how These can add up quickly depending on What you're you're going to be doing With it anything else back here Chris feature you never use oh this Feature yeah so the M5 does not have This on there and uh Chris was pointing That out the other day when we were Looking at the tractor and I said yeah But I never use this feature on on this Tractor or really any tractor so it does Have the ability to you can turn this Knob and raise and lower the three-point With the tractors on um I don't Know it has it I don't I don't think It's all that useful myself does have The telescoping draft links that can be Useful especially if you don't have a Quick hitch um maybe this would be more Useful if you if you didn't have a quick Hitch on there but I mean I've I've Backed right up to so many attachments And just picked them right up from the Operator seat that you know if you have A quick hitch you don't really need that Function so uh get set up the right way Out of the eight and and you're good to Go I'm 6' three rounding up for scale so This is a pretty good siiz tractor Pretty Substantial um have to check the specs On tractor data I think It's yeah it's too tall I think it's a

9ft door that you need 8T it's not going To fit underneath I think you need a 9ft Door to fit this tractor under but um It's been a good tractor we got we've Done a lot of video a lot of projects With it been a good machine what do you Think about this tractor Chris I I don't think there's a reason To get rid of it yeah he doesn't think I Should sell It but you know so one of the reasons Kind of kind of stupid but one of the Reasons I went with this tractor over The John Deere 5 series was the Buddy Seat I had no buddies ride along with me Though no buy no buddies but this had a Buddy seat in my M5 I got one in there Just in case I ever get a buddy I don't Know I'm still looking June June yeah gu Strapp her in here maybe take June along With me she'd want to get out and Chase Down every creature she saw though but Uh plenty of room in the operator Station got the little sun roof which They kind of Market it as visibility for The loader if you had it raised to full Height that you can still see uh up up Through the top of the roof instead of Having to go like this I guess I don't Know I like to say it's just so fancy It's it's got a sunroof on it though Kind of like a sports car or something But radio I don't think I've ever even Turned that on my M5 I didn't even get a

Radio in it no I got a radio in my Coyote I bought a brand new Coyote Tractor too a smaller one we'll show you Guys that as well but it has a dome Light controls Um I I think I'm neutral I don't love or Hate the position of all the HVAC stuff Kind of all around the console compared To all the other tractors that have the Vents all up top Um I don't know I I I could take it to Leave it either way I I guess if I was Probably building my own tractor I would Probably put him up here instead of down Around here but I don't I don't hate This either it just it's just the Location that it's in but you can see Chris Chris was thinking that the M5 had A had a different design but it's quite Similar to this one here with the uh Little power reverser deal there love The tilt steering just that lever I mean It's super nice you know convenient to Get in and out Like that but everything is it's great Lot of storage in here I mean I'm always Using my storage got cup holder back Here more storage there more storage There I sometimes will tuck things down There if I need to but I've even put Stuff there's enough room behind my feet On the floor to even kind of store Something down there a lot of the time

As long as it's a stationary thing and Not going to roll around um this been a Good machine overall I have we had any Problems with this Machine it was not the machine it was When we were hooking up the pull behind Yeah so I don't think we've had any Problems with the machine that I can Think of uh at all it's been a it's been A problem free Machine Um you know it's low hour it's still Going to have some warranty left on a Powertrain warranty not not a whole lot Uh the mirrors are really great I have Hit the mirrors on tree limbs more times Than I can count they'll just kind of Fold away but they're not broken you Know they're so they're a durable tough Tough mirror I would recommend this Tractor if you're in the market looking For something um now coyote makes a Similar one the RX series and of course You know other brands tym LS everybody Else makes them too But when you start looking at what the Value that you're getting for your money On some of these other brands besides Deer it I sell I'll sell I do sell John Deere tractors because they're a great Tractor but they aree a premium you know You're paying for the name and the color Of the tractor just for being a John Deere because a lot of these other

Tractors out there will do more for less Money right and so there is something About just looking at a green tractor in A field and and I can get the Nostalgia Of it and everything else and um I don't Want to dissuade you from getting one of Those but I would I would consider K Cabota I would consider coyote I would Consider some of these other brands too If you got the um you know the market in Your area to to support it for service And and parts and that kind of thing or If you can wrenching it yourself too That's that's good so controls in here As far as you're what we're looking at You got a couple of them to control the Rear remotes from the factory that's What these are parking brake this Controls your high and your low this is Our loader joystick with our our third Function on there here's our gear select Okay in that little gray button that my Thumb's on when you're going on the Fly You can just press that in and then Change to whatever gear you need to be In uh throttle okay so you have a a hand Throttle to control the engine RPMs up And down as well as your foot throttle Down here often times I'll just put the The hand throttle kind of right in the Middle and so that gives it kind of a Bottom you know your low end is going to Be right in the middle and then if I Need to rev up I just use the foot

Control to do that uh little button There just for two and four-wheel drive Oh I know that's what we had to take it In for there was that whining or that Chattering noise that was fixed with a Service bulletin and it had something to Do with four-wheel Drive that's been fixed we took it in a Long time ago and had that fixed down There that's all that was I don't Honestly remember what this is I I never Use this plus minus Thing I don't remember it could be for Engine RPMs it could be for recalling Settings I honestly don't I don't Remember but I never found it useful Enough to figure out what it Was I don't need a Super crazy amount of controls on my Tractor to to make it uh work right uh Three-point raising and lowering your Draft control for your uh your Three-point as well here your RPM or Your your rear PTO engage and disengage Some light controls things like that Um gosh beyond that that's really about It I Think split brakes clutch that's your Clutch here's your split brake I always Kept those tied together I didn't have a Need to to turn sharply with a a split Right or Left but yeah overall been a great great Machine we'll have it for sale on the

Website here soon we'll take some Pictures of it um and and and get it Listed up there it'll be free shipping To 36 stes like any of the other Tractors that we have for sale but this Is really this is set up with just about Everything you could possibly want you Know between all the options with the um The bucket bracket on there the grill Guards the third function the hydraulic Quick coupler the multiplier on the back Plus the two Factory remotes the the Quick hitch and the hitch hangers liquid Balast and Tires Factory cab air Conditioning Heat it's it's loaded up about what was It about 73 horsepower give or take Right around there we'll put the specs Uh from the from the website in the Listing too we ran 7 foot Tillers 8ot box blades 8ft L planes 8ot Rakes Um 8ft snow Pusher on the Front 8ot disc you know you're running Big you're running substantial Attachments you can get a lot of work Done quick you know we have 40 acres out Here and this was a kind of the go-to Tractor so you know we'll be able to get Work done maybe a little bit quicker With the bigger one um but more or less Just to show show a lot of these same Tools on just a little bit bigger Tractor that it'll still get to work on

On those two now if this tractor is too Big for you we do have other tractors Most of them smaller for sale as well so See everything we have to sell at Goodworkstractors decom whether you're Looking for a tractor or an attachment Or want to put together a package we can Certainly help you out and we ship Nationwide I want to thank you for Taking time out of your day to stop by And until next time stay safe we'll see You [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Soon Oh

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