Split firewood to prevent rot

In case you’re wondering logs rot Firewood cures And lumber dries this is not a saying That I’ve made up myself as I’m getting My wood my logs cut split stacked and I’m going to have them covered before The rains come I’m reminded that loggers Or people that work in the middle Sawmills whatever will say the same Thing logs logs rot Firewood cures and lumber dries living Out here in the woods of the Pacific Northwest I found that to be true as far As the rotting goes Alder is definitely The worst if you leave that odd over Winter for the winter rains it’s Definitely going to want to rot and if You cut logs into rounds and leave them In weather they tend to rot even worse But you can leave them in the weather Just the same but split in half as in Firewood and I found especially with Alder that they they last much better Let me know in the comments uh what the Firewoods that you burn in your area of The country and is it the same thing

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