Splitting Gnarly Hickory on the Power Split

Splitting Gnarly Hickory on the Power Split

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So you guys probably already know this It's like common sense but all wood is Definitely not created equal this stuff Was really hard to split hey it's Brock Here from Rock Hill Farms and I'm over At my friend Paul case's house to pick Up some logs sometimes I buy firewood Logs from him to you know keep me Stocked up so I've got stuff to work on I actually came today because of you Guys leaving comments telling me that I Needed to test that Splitter on some Wood that was harder to split Paul Always has a wide variety of Vlogs here And I sent him a text message I said you Got anything that's hard to split and he Said I think I got something for you so We're going to come get last time I told Him I wanted some stuff that was hard to Split he gave me some sweet gum and some Hickory I don't know what all but anyway He's going to load me up with some logs We'll go home and get him cut up [Music] [Music] [Music] Is Are you just going to sit around all day Yeah makes my fingertips Cold it is getting to be that kind of [Music] Weather [Music] So I asked Paul for some logs that would

Be a pain to split so uh what'd you load Me with three post stakes and uh was There three hickories the first ones Were hickories yeah yeah kind of gnarly Stuff that that bigger one that's got All that bow in it that's Oak too it's Post o Yep yeah it's uh dry the others are Fairly green but the two smaller postes Are just riddled with knots when you Push that through the wedge on my Haverson you'll see the wedge do this You got any stories today Paul I Do I'm going to start a new math class For short People I'm going to call it making Little things Count hey if you guys like Dad jokes go Check out Paul Case Farms on YouTube the Whole channel is a dad Joke Go Okay So today really is just a test Responding to those comments asking for Us to split something that's a little Bit tougher to Split and I've only got a little bit of Time today because here in about two Hours we are leaving for Louisville Kentucky for the equip Expo so if you're New to the channel or you just like Equipment I'm going to spend the next Three or four days just reviewing

Different types of equipment this is an Awesome show if you happen to be Anywhere near Louisville or want to come To this show I'll be at the ironcraft Booth every day this week at 100 PM anyone wants to stop by and say [Music] [Music] Hello [Music] Ah [Music] [Music] All right the first seven rounds we have Are Hickory I'm no expert on varieties of Wood but I've been told hickory's pre- Darn hard little bit tough to split so We'll find out with that first and then After that the next set of rounds we Have is White Oak but the thing about That white oak is it's got a big Branch Coming off of it on pretty much every Round so Paul said he expects this stuff To be stringy and hard to separate and Kind of a pain so we'll see how this Splitter does with it also I'm going to Grab a tape measure cuz someone was Asking me what the maximum log height is On this exact Model looks like a about 21 and a/4 so Their idea is that you're going to be Doing 16 or 20 in Wood I guess I do all 16 so this works for me I didn't even

Think to wonder what the max height on This model is [Music] [Music] [Music] Than [Music] Look [Music] Don't [Music] [Music] He [Music] [Music] [Music] All right Well it's middle of October oober but It's actually still pretty darn warm out Here wonder what the high temperature Today is yeah it's a high of 70 today I Really don't need this I think I'm going To run in and get a drink of water real Quick and then we'll start on that Oak But didn't have any problem at all with That it I it never popping or struggling Or anything like that which I had that Happened with my other splitter before Where it would pop and you'd think oh no Is it something about the break it's It's not struggling with this at all and I've done really big rounds now I've Done some really hard wood but this one Will be a different challenge because

It's full of knots and it's got all Those limbs coming off of it so we'll See how it [Music] Does For [Music] 15 16 7 So you guys probably already know this It's like common sense but all wood is Definitely not created equal this stuff Was really hard to Split see how it it didn't just split And straight lines it split the way it Wanted to with all these curls and twist Where all these limbs are coming out the Side and it was also twice as heavy as Anything else I I've picked up with that Log Ox normally if the round is the size That that that log Ox hauler will go Around it I can pick it up with one arm Like this I was struggling to move these With two arms you you know both of them Like this and struggling to walk with it Because it's just that much more dense So I could have mixed up which logs were Which but I'm pretty sure this what I Just split was Hickory not Oak anyway Pretty tough Stuff sounds like I'm making a big deal About it right when it's normal like I'm Going to split Oak all the time but

Someone asked and several people ask so I came out and did it now I'm headed to Louisville for the equip Expo Looks like it's going to be an awesome Show I hope to see some of you out there And if not I hope to see you in the Comment section of those videos I Appreciate you taking time to watch this Video I'll put links on the screen to a Couple more of our videos and I'll see You next time

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