Spreading Rock with a Compact Tractor and a Dump Trailer

Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today I'm gonna go get a bunch of Rock in the dump trailer we'll probably Get some big rock and then some smaller Rock to put on top and we're going to Spread all that out with the box blade On the tractor And I've been kind of waiting until I got All the work done around these buildings To get a load of 100 or 200 tons of rock And really finish everything out the way I want but we're getting into winter and The rain just stays muddy when it rains Right in front of the building just Turns into a big mess and I don't want To drive in and out of that and make Tracks and then track that mud across All of this so we're going to focus on One area today but let's go get the Tractor let's go see how muddy it is Over there right now get the tractor get The box plate on it and get started So it's a little bit wet but it's not Really muddy now this has been a little Bit of a problem area because where that Harley Reich is sitting that was four or Five feet higher we've dug all this out And I've tried to make it a gentle taper But we're just a little bit higher in Front of the Quonset hut than we are Inside the Quonset hut so water still Wants to run off into the Quonset hut So what I want to do now once I get the

Box plate on I just want to make a few Passes Right through here and and peel a little Bit of clay off because when I put the Rock On The Rock's all going to be level But if there's a clay dip under it under That rock Now I think the water is going to run Through the Rock and hit the clay and Still filter down that way so that it Doesn't run into the building as much But enough talking let's get to work Thank you Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Hopefully you can tell on camera but I Can definitely feel it in the seat and This part's obvious but it's water is Going to come from there and it's going To run down here and we're now we now Have a low spot right here that water Should run down the hill and we're gonna Have water come off this hill And run down right here And hopefully hit that same low spot The only thing I'm thinking right now as I walk it I'm not going to get the Transit out I'm just going to eyeball This is I think right over here might

Still be just a little bit low so before I get rock I'm gonna put a few scoops of Dirt right in there And See if I can raise that spot because Sometimes water runs off of there Around here and then runs into the Building you can see we're a little bit One of the muddiest spots right here Where it comes off the building And that's actually muddy not just damp So I'm gonna put a little bit of dirt Right there and then we'll put rock on All of this one thing I probably should Have done already Is put the hydraulic tilt cylinder on I've got my hydraulic top link but from Whatever I happen to be doing last I Didn't put the The hydraulic angle side angle cylinder On so that would have made this a little Bit easier but it worked just fine Without it so let's get that on real Quick get the bucket on and move a Little bit of dirt I've been a fan of These Aftermarket telescoping arms where you Pull a pin instead of adjusting a Turnbuckle But I will say I've been breaking the Bolts out of them And I'm using heavy attachments but I Mean I'm trying these pins here instead of

Bolts see if that gives me better luck I don't know if I've ever put this Cylinder in with the attachment on Normally I always do this with nothing On the back So I don't know if this is going to be Kind of in a bind and making this Difficult Or if I may have to adjust it up and Down to get the pins out so you guys Know I'm all about using the right tool For the job and proper terminology so I Found a left-handed slobber knocker and An adjustable Crescent Hammer here see If I can knock this pin out Hey Now I should just need to Extend this cylinder out until the hole Lines up Be a little bit of trial and error Definitely easier to put this on with Nothing on the back Foreign Foreign Foreign Now let's get some rock Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign

Foreign Well this is a little bit of a good news Bad news kind of deal That The good news is If it rains tomorrow this won't be muddy Like it was Yesterday when it rained Bad news is I didn't get anywhere near Enough Rock and no amount of spreading This rock back and forth is going to Make it enough Rock they changed their Hours at The Rock Yard closed an hour And a half earlier than they they had Been So I thought I was going to get two more Loads of Rock tonight didn't happen but This is progress now I've got some Really cool projects and a road trip Planned for the next three days three Videos I think are going to be pretty Good so I hope you enjoyed this one we Got some more cool stuff on the way Including a collaboration I'm going to put links on the screen Right here to a couple more of our Videos And I'll see you next time

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