Stripping and Painting Wheels – Hay Wagon Restoration Project

Stripping and Painting Wheels – Hay Wagon Restoration Project

Here is a similar set of Paint Stripping Wheels that work well

Here is a similar HVLP spray gun to the one used in the video

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Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today I'm getting back to work on my Antique haywagon restoration project Couple months ago I said I was going to Set a task to work on this and make Incremental progress every day and I Worked on it for a few days then I had Some other things come up and I lost Track of it so massive failure right There but today we're going to get back To it I've got a couple of new stripping Tools I want to try out I've got a new Paint sprayer I'm going to try out and What we're going to work on right now is Getting these wheels prepped primed and Painted I've already got brand new Equipment Tires ready to go on here just Want to get them painted first one thing That held me up before was indecision About what to do about the wheels that These are the original wheels or they're Similar to the original wheels off this Haywagon and these are a lot wider and That was bothering me but really the More I thought about it I don't I don't Really care that much and I couldn't Find any I was looking for some used Wheels I'm sure they're out there but I Couldn't find any that were a match to That and my target here was initially Just to have an antique Hay Wagon that Was period specific and matched my 1941 John Deere a but beyond that I'm Now planning to bail my own hay so I'm

Actually going to use this Hay Wagon so Now that I've got the hay baler I need To get this thing in gear and have it Ready for spring to at least be usable But I'd like it to look nice too so I've Done 90% of the cleanup and paint Removal and rust removal on the two Wheels that are original these two need A lot more work but I actually want to Start with the ones that are closer to Finished because there's a lot next to The bolt holes so I want to see if this Little tool here is going to get down in There and remove that right next to the Bolt [Music] Holes so this little guy works great for Getting right around the holes for the Lug nuts in the past when I was working On these wheels I using this type of a Disc here on a grinding wheel the Twisted Wire or the larger Version I also was using one of these Cut Brushes and now I've got one of these to Try out but mainly I've used that kind Of thing before but you guys were Telling me I needed to try a needle Stripper like what is that and I Guess this is what you guys were talking About and I'm going to try it right now And see if it does a better job or a Worse job than some of these other tools

I'm actually considering this to be done It's still got a little bit of buildup I Don't know what the terminology for this Is where I've taken most of it off but It's not by any means bare metal or a Smooth surface but it felt like I was Having trouble and wearing out a lot of Disc getting it past This This was not Removing anything really there were Little chips coming off of it but then I Looked down at the wheel and I couldn't See any difference so this is probably The perfect tool for something I don't Think it's the perfect tool for what I'm Doing This will work if you bear down on it And it will take it down to Bare Metal I've got one shiny spot right Here but I don't think I want to go that Far I think I want to hit every inch of This and take off all the surface rust And all the old paint but For what this is I think that is good [Music] Enough that essentially just put a bunch Of scratches in it that was not doing The job at all But I want to show you guys something Else that came in the mail and this is a Pair of gloves but it's a pair of gloves From one of you guys this is a longtime Viewer been commenting on my videos for

A long time he took time out of his day To mail me something with a handwritten Note says Hey Brock I'm taking a guess On your hand size maybe these will help With splitting wood they are my favorite I sell them on Amazon congrats on 100,000 subscribers and all the new toys To play with keep up the good work thank You Jay Andre I've talked to him on the Phone before seems like a really good Guy and he didn't ask me to but I'm Going to share a link to these gloves if You're looking for some gloves they're Phoenix by Watson gloves quality since 1918 Okay so this wheel is finished and again It's not perfect still got all that Pitting and this is what it looked like Before with all this rust up here and All the paint well I tell you what I am Really really glad that I put those Gloves on if you guys have ever used one Of these wire wheel cut brushes or the Other Style they throw wires out of them Especially once they start to wear out And all through my shirt through my pant Legs on my bare arms I can feel those Wires and they're you know flying off And kind of stabbing me so long sleeves Would have been a good idea Too but definitely the Gloves okay so all the wheels are Cleaned up and pretty much ready to

Paint only thing now is there's probably A lot of dust on them so we're going to Try to clean that dust off so the paint Will stick better to do that I'm going To put a little bit of mineral spirits In this Container and then just try to wipe the Wheels Down I already blew these off with the Air hose to get as much as I could that Way this is a new paint sprayer from Harbor Freight I've used these before But not a whole lot so to get the hang Of it and make make sure that I'm ready And it's set up properly I'm going to Run some water through it and just spray A board and see how that spray pattern Is coming out I think this spray gun was $69 you can spend anywhere from like 17 Bucks up to 2 or 300 just at Harbor Freight it came with the reservoir and Most of the guns I was looking at came With the regulator but not the paint Reservoir and I didn't realize I wasn't Getting a regulator with this so I'm Going to regulate it for today day off Of the regulator on the tank which isn't Quite as reliable a reading as doing it Right here so here's my pressure Regulator and the Dryer I've got it set at about 45 lbs it Actually says to run 40 but I've got a Lot of hose between here and there so You can lose a little bit of pressure I

Think another thing about these guns I Didn't know is they're called Lphv Low Pressure high volume and and so You need a high volume of air moving to The tool it's spitting out a lot of air But you want it on a low pressure Turning the pressure up doesn't help it Just makes a mess basically but if You're using small diameter Airlines to run to it it's going to Limit the effectiveness or how well the Gun functions so they say don't use any Quarter inch Airline well I've got a Bunch of quarter inch airline in here so We may not get full you know Effectiveness out of the gun because of That what we're using here is this magic Brand that they sell at Tractor Supply and this is tractor paint and They have it in the colors of most of The popular tractor Brands this is a Yellow for use on John Deere equipment So not construction yellow that John Deere uses but the a yellow that you'd See on Wheels so we're going to use this Tractor primer and some then some Tractor paint for the followup the Instructions on this say to use their Brand Of thinner but I couldn't find any so I Went to O'Reilly's and told them I had Farm implement paint and they got me This kryon farm implement paint reducer And we're going to mix that 4 to one

Inside our Hopper because that's what the Instructions say and when I do the Actual paint layer I'm also going to use This Catalyst and hardener but the Instructions do not tell you to do that On the Primer we've got our paint in here and This is just going to be an estimation Supposed to be about 4 to one this gu Marks on the side of the cup it says we' Got about 400 milliliters in it so we'll Take it up to 500 which almost fills This all right I've had a couple of Tries already and I wasn't happy with it I've been messing with the Gun For For The instructions on the paint can said 12 hours to dry and 24 hours for that Second coat of paint it has Been about 21 Hours see what we get Here doesn't feel Tacky paint job's not terrible I don't See any runs or anything I don't know if I mean it's probably Uneven thickness but I felt like it was Especially challenging trying to paint Something round like this I just don't Know I don't know how you're supposed to Do it all the videos on how to use these Guns show you don't bend your wrist just

Move your arm in Long even strokes but If you just do that across here you're Not going to hit this angle here which Is different from this angle which is Different from that so feels like I'm Just making little short passes like This and going over some parts twice for Sure but regardless it's just a haywagon But I try to take it seriously so I can Get better so if I want to paint Something that's more important I've got That Skill same as yesterday we're going to Add the Reducer And we're also on the paint we're going To add this farm and Implement Catalyst Acrylic [Music] Hardener All right well I'm no Painter But these are painted and they're just Some wheels so I've got to do the same Thing to this entire Hay Wagon and There's a lot of work involved in that But I'm going to stick with it and get It done so that I can use the hay wagon For hay maybe by the end of that project I'll get the hang of it Anyway I appreciate you taking time to Watch this video I'll put links on the Screen to a couple more of our videos And I'll see you next time by

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