Stump Grinder Comparison – Woods vs Baumalight #shorts

I got these two tractor Mount pto's Stump grinders together and ground Almost identical stumps to do a complete Comparison between them on the top is a Wood stump grinder and the bottom is the Bommelite the bommelite stump grinder Cost about nine thousand dollars and Weighs about a thousand pounds it's got A six foot swing on it and only grinds In One Direction the woods grinder Grinds in both directions weighs 540 Pounds and Has about a four foot swing on it now The bomolite grinder took 45 minutes to Grind this stump and the wood stump Grinder took about an hour and 15 Minutes so definitely faster with the Bomber light but you pay for that Difference if you want to see a full Comparison between these two grinders as Well as a fixed versus articulating Grinder comparison check out Rock Hill Farm on YouTube

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