[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] Huh There's a point right there well a fun Day planned here early spring First time using the stump record my own Creation On the summit tx25 tractor in fact my First time using a skid steer version of The many stop record period I've used the jdqa version a whole lot We've sold a whole boatload of them over The last few years and hey well I'm Thinking about it If you've got some pictures of your Stump bucket in action email them to me I'd love to use those in some marketing And maybe put them on the website all Sorts of stuff that'd be cool to have so

If you want to shoot them over to me now What you're looking at is near the front Of our property five stumps okay so need To get these out of here we had the Trees cut down well a couple of them Were already cut down or a few of them Were anyway whatever there were the Stumps trees that died we had a lot of High water a few years ago two three Years ago whenever I think it was and it Killed off all sorts of trees all over The place and I think these were part of That it was before we owned the house But I'm thinking that's what happened so These stumps are two three years old Somewhere in there I can see some of the Down logs some of the down timber I Don't know for sure but some of it does Have bark on there looks like some kind Of Oak I know that there was some Maple Here too Anyway I don't know I mean you know different Kinds of stumps are going to be harder To get out new versus rotted a little Bit and that kind of thing so as I said I'm going to start with the tiny ones And go with those and see how it does Get my my bearings and so what I found Out on the first stump was these trees Here have a really significant Taproot Going off in One Direction that you Don't know until you start digging it up

And uh and So eventually I found that on The first one and as soon as I was able To pop that and this bucket's got like These saw serrated teeth on the side we Went through several variations of those Settled on these they were the most Durable they wouldn't just bend right Away but they'd also do a really good Job so you can kind of saw back and Forth as you're driving your tractor Back and forth and it really kind of cut Through those roots and so that's what I Did there and once we got that big old Taproot out of there Boom the whole Thing popped out then there was other Another small one too which I think when We were measuring these they were maybe About a foot where they were kind of cut Off or broke off so about a foot Diameter tree That one pretty easy I think the first One took 10 minutes the second one ended Up taking oh just about five minutes or So pretty easy and At that point I was kind of wondering Well that's enough video maybe we don't Tackle these big ones And uh I think Chris said let's just Let's just give it a go and do these Other three big ones because these are These are Big Trees they are dead but These are I mean like 18 20 inch maybe 24 inch diameter stumps depending on Which one it is so the summit tractor is

Bigger than like the John Deere 1025r It's not a subcompact so it's not like a Kubota BX it's more like a Kubota B Series kind of in that Size range you know for general purposes Or like a 2032r for example as far as The weight goes and and everything else So you're seeing how this is still a Good fit on the smaller compact tractors As well not just the subcompact tractors And you start to get to that hold that Edge right where you can go with the Mini wrecker or the HD wrecker you know Maybe you're at the towards the top end Of the range for the mini bottom end of The range for the HD so you get to that Point and I always like to sum it up and Say that if you're easy on your tractor If you're gentle on it you'll be okay With the HD bucket but if you tend to Kind of go crazy on things then play it Safe go with the mini and the reason I Say that is because the longer bucket It's like a longer potential lever out There that can torque and twist a loader On okay and so that's where the mini Record came in to existence was trying To prevent that from happening putting These huge big stump buckets on small Little tractors And they just can't really handle it and Something ends up getting tweaked so the Mini record is perfect for those kinds Of machines well so we gave it a go and

It was really just a secret about Finding that Tap Root you kind of don't Worry you don't even bother about going Straight on with a stump Just dig your trenches on the left and The right kind of repeat you know reset Yourself and do that same thing and see If you can feel out where that Tap Root Is at and then really focus on that That's going to make your life a lot Easier that third stomp which is a big One didn't take all that long to do I Mean less than 10 minutes you know and Somewhere along the way well in this may Surprise you or it may not but I realize My front tires weren't spinning And I I don't know I thought I was in Four-wheel drive but maybe it popped out Or maybe I just wasn't in four-wheel Drive So about halfway through is when I put It in four wheel drive so you'll see Those tires spinning for sure and that Helps get some extra traction especially On these bigger stumps I mean these are These are Big stumps you know most of The times I don't tell folks that you're Going to be able to tackle things this Big On a regular basis but I don't know Maybe you can these are dead so that Does help and it really just depends on How long you want to spend on a Particular stump and it can be a heck of

A lot cheaper than hiring it out or Getting a big old Backhoe or something Else to do it too so it can be done but Every scenario is completely different So it's hard to say this is going to be How long it's going to take for you to Dig out a stop or a bunch of stumps Because it's just it's just different For everybody you know if you have one Of these tub buckets love to get your Feedback on it too leave the comments Down there and and let everybody know on I don't know I mean is it worth it it Seems to be everybody keeps buying them And we get great feedback on it so Um I love our storm bucket we have the mini And we have the HD for jdqa so John Deere quick attach and then for ssqa Which is like the two levers so this Gets your quick attach which the summit Has and Kubota and tym and most Everybody else out there uh we are Actually coming out with a Yanmar Version of the the mini stump bucket too And so that's we got the first couple Prototypes out there right now I'm gonna Have more of those coming soon too now We never want to stop improving so we're Always looking to make tweaks whenever We can that are you know worth doing Right I mean if it's going to add some Additional cost well we got to weigh That kind of factor too but we're also

Thinking maybe we go with like a mega Wrecker something for like the really Big utility tractors uh skid steers all That kind of thing our HD stomp record Is rated for you know up to the largest Compact tractor that there is out there You know we will sell some of the skid Steer quick attach HD records to utility Tractor owners but that's not really the The intent for it Thank you Foreign You know So overall man fantastic day very happy Very pleased with the results very happy With the summit tractor actually it's a Noticeable difference in power over a Subcompact machine I think a lot of that Power comes from that weight and that Traction that you get which really makes A big difference but if you're looking For a stump bucket for your tractor it's A great alternative to a backhoe right It's a fraction of the cost of course it Can't dig as deep as a backhoe can but It can tackle all sorts of projects Think of it like a shovel for your Tractor so get more information on those You can buy them right on our website Goatworks we'll ship them Right to you free shipping to most of The country rewards financing we have All sorts of attachments too so check Out what we have to offer if you enjoyed

Today's video we want to have you tag Along hit that subscribe button down Below leave a comment too while I'm Thinking about it I want to thank you For taking time out of your day to stop By and until next time stay safe we'll See you soon [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music]

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