Summit GX54 Grapple for Compact Tractors #short #summittractors #grapples

Folks this grapple here is a new product On the market offered by Summit tractors Now you're looking at a 54 inch model Good fit for the tx25 from Summit but This is going to come with a skid steer Quick attach like what you see or you Can get it for the jdqa as well so all You John Deere owners are going to be in The game too now this is going to come In a lot of different sizes so again 54 Inch here but I think they're looking at Like a 60 66 72 but check it out some Really cool features number one I love Kind of that clamshell design it's also Very lightweight this whole thing only Weighs 255 pounds made out of a really High strength A50 steel maybe the Coolest thing above it all is that this Is made in the USA I love these serrated Teeth the tips down here actually are a Double thickness it's welded on a double Thickness of Steel max opening over 35 Inches wide from top to bottom which is Huge about 10 inch tine spacing all the Way across and then also you'll notice On the back side you're going to have Two cylinders so that is going to wrap It up for us today again you get this Grapple from

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