Super Heavy Log on The Frontier Sawmill! How does it cut Hardwood?

This dude is heavy Holy moly Hey good morning we’re going back out to The sawmill today yesterday me and tonya Came out and got everything Together We are working on a project which we’re Not going to disclose right now And it’s going to be a cool project We’re building something but we need Some two inch boards Uh probably anywhere from 10 inches wide Uh to As wide as we can get them honestly It’ll just make the job go much that Much faster we’re going to do some other Things Like uh add a bucket catch system to the Sawmill to catch some of the sawdust for Tonya’s uh future flower Garden raised boxes just for different Purposes it’s actually make good oil Absorb so anyway Let’s show you what we got going on [Music] So this is kind of my thought process we Want to start catching the sawdust to Put into the gardens into flower beds That it’s got a lot of purposes actually It makes a good oil dry that you can Throw on a fire and burn it up Afterwards So and the frontier has got this tube And we end up we may end up

Putting like a little piece of rubber Hanging down to Divert it or i could Just put the Screw high enough that this would hold It all you have to do is take it off When you’re opening This things pretty simple I think that right there will get it [Music] [Music] If you move it over just a little bit It’s not touching the thing this is too Close to the blade [Music] I’m not sure the screw is even long Enough to Man i had to put like a little hook Is that what somebody did put the hook On there They did yeah they put a hook on it they Had the little hook and then they Screwed it in so to hold it in just like It wouldn’t go anywhere It’s going to slide off maybe not I think it’s going to be just fine we’ll See we can over complicate it if we need To So we’ve got a new addition to their Homestead we’ve got an oak solar Generator and we’ll do some more In-depth stuff with this later on but I’m finding it’s pretty cool for a lot Of purposes

So this this little solar generator it’s Got a lithium battery in it and i don’t Know all the details i’m not that kind Of guy but all i know is it will run This fan all day long while we’re out Here at the sawmill we’re in august and That little fan puts out a lot of air And that’s pretty nice we’ve got four Solar panels that we can just set it out In the sun and charge it up we were Doing a project the other day and used It and it was very very helpful to have It out there we could run our skill our Chop saw and a few other things that we Could use just running this thing and The solar panel kept it charged up all Day long we had no issues with running Out of power But for here we can bring this thing Down set it up run a fan all day and you Know we hey we are We are social media and do our youtube Channels and facebook channel and all That stuff and so we’re always having to Charge our cameras up Anyway you guys didn’t come to see this You come to see us saw some logs let’s Go saw some logs [Music] Gizmo will go and sit in front of the Fan if we don’t any stupid So i have this log on the sawmill which Is an oak i know that much but this Batch of logs was a mixture of red oak

And white oak in it and i don’t know the Subtle nuances so i have this little app Called picture this and all you do and We’re not sponsored by this anyway i Just think this is a cool thing to have If you’re a novice sawmillish like i saw Your novice sawyer so all you do is you Just scan this thing Get this take a picture of the bark And it recognized the fungi [Music] Okay so there’s some fun guy and it’s a Big fancy word i can’t say let’s take a Little further Well let’s just take a little picture Further back so we can [Music] Let’s see what it says northern red oak Ain’t that cool so it’s northern red oak That’s pretty cool and this Log is roughly 21 inches on this end And probably Gosh 19 on the other I don’t know how long it is we only need Eight foot boards I need a i need a sawyer’s tape measure Well if you have a saw your tape measure Uh anybody recommend a good saw your Tape measure let me know this is a Little over 10 10 foot long so we’ve got Got some room to work with [Music] So we took a slice off of this log

Yesterday had a family member come in Town so we kind of cut loose and went Eat lunch with them so we already have a Face cut on here i think we got video of That if we do i’ll throw a little quick Snippet of that nothing really that Fabulous but today We’re going to try to Get this thing set up against the back This dude is heavy Every bit Of a couple thousand pounds [Music] Okay i need two hands [Music] No i need you to I got it up flat i just need you to Okay put it down low As low as you can Push push now you gotta push that Forward Push hard at the bottom push hard at the Bottom push hard at the bottom yeah you Can push push right there Tighten it down Now tighten that one up Two hands Nice I think it’d be fine All right i got it from here It wants to roll backwards this way just A little bit Now it’s got plenty of track clearance i Think we’re fine

[Music] Two inches Maybe we could make a top of a bench um I will Break the board okay Come back later and put it over there Okay We could probably get a 12-inch board Out of that [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] So [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Just want to stop and kind of catch you Guys up where we’re at we are 13 and a half inches it doesn’t really Matter the width for the project we’re Going to Uh use it for we need it two inches Thick and whatever width we’ll cut it to And It’s two inches right now right on the Money but we’ll pop we’ll pop these Boards off here and take a look at the Green i’m just excited about that it’s Really pretty Be careful this thing is

Let’s be careful this thing is heavy [Music] That’s how heavy it is Okay You think he got in here [Music] You mean let you go first Okay Pick up yeah i got it [Music] Holy moly Just past my weight limit I think we’re past weight limits now i’m Gonna let you get your pull your side Off first Some more [Music] Wait wait Fingers [Music] Wet wet Oh that’s pretty Well that is beautiful wood [Music] So the moisture from the Sawmill lubrication system it’s just Water i don’t know why i call it Lubrication system i guess that’s what It’s supposed to be anyway that’s made The top of this lumber a little bit damp But the reality of it is this log has Been stacked up uh drying for over a Year probably a year and a half now So this is pretty pretty dry and

Hopefully going pretty stable It may be hard to nail through i don’t Know we’ll see Scary [Applause] So So [Music] Well whenever we do get those boards on There they’re gonna be some strong warts And They’ll outlast us oh yeah everything we Built here should outlast us distinctly Really That’s what our Never fails never feel like we’ll take a Shot of him he’s always peeing or Pooping What are you doing buddy what do you Think about all this huh [Music] Can we go take a break All right we got our second big blog on The sawmill we are Got three sides cut we’re gonna cut our Fourth one but we’re gonna wrap this Video up guys this is probably just i Want you to stay tuned and leave some Comments if you’ve seen anything Man i’m rusty on this we hadn’t used a Sawmill in a good long while and i am Rusty But we’re getting it done And i can’t wait to show you what we’re

Actually putting these boards on it’s Going to be a pretty neat pretty neat Thing we’re doing listen have a great Day god bless [Music] You

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