Talking Tractors and Mowing in the Rain

LS Mt125 and LS 335 tractor review

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Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today we're going to talk a little Bit about LS tractors and I'm going to Take a test drive on a Model that I Haven't ran before I came all the way up To Ohio for the Paul bunan wood Festival I guess is what it's called and I came To Davey's house to test out his Firewood processor but while we're here I mean I see a tractor I'm going to get On it so I've got just a few questions For these two as the only LS tractor Owners that I know personally so can you Tell us what the model is and why you Bought this tractor so this is the ls XR 3135 and at the time to me it was the Most value Uh and capable tractor for the money so It's got all the additional features That I wanted and it fit in our price Budget yeah I so number one thing if Someone asked me about Ls I'm like man They they price them well so at this Size you said they don't make this exact Model but a similar comparable is like a 335 yes Mt 335 so do you know roughly The lift capacity on this machine and The weight yes so it's it's right around 21 2200 lb at the pins with a breakout Force around 3,400 lb uh on the loader And it weighs I believe somewhere around 3,500 lb with the loader and I probably Should have started with intros this is Davey from Ohio H hilltops hobby Farm on

YouTube and then this is CJ Drake from Mard 5 Farmhouse and I brought you in Here as a punching bag because I posted A video last week or the week before With an LS dealer talking about it and I Had a few people leaving some negative Comments that LS tractors had have a lot Of breakdowns and stuff so you have had Multiple LS tractors over how long and How many problems I bought mine back in 2017 and then we got the ls tractor deal Back in 2021 I think it was and I've had Four four different tractors at the farm Now and so far we haven't had any Problems I've had mine for what 5 years Or so it's got 200 hours on it 218 Didn't you say your family's had LS even Before that yes that's the reason I Bought mine is because my uncle bought His and my dad bought his back in 2013 And they never had any problems with it So I bought mine in 2017 said I'll make Videos with mine and whatever happens Happen all right so enough talking I Think I'm going to get on the tractor Maybe move some logs around see if I can Break it all Right For If you notice I'm a little bit slow Operating the grapple it's because Because this machine does not have a Third function on the Joystick it's available where you can

Get a third function but this is not Equipped that way we are using long Hoses from the rear remotes of the Tractor up to the grapple I did the same Thing on my John Deere the first 6 Months I had the Tractor [Applause] That was fun that's a big log probably 1,500 lb and he doesn't have any ballast On the back handled it just fine it's a Little bit of an unusual grapple design But it's good for what he does with big Logs this guy's holding out on me I saw His tractor I said you want to make a Video talking about your tractor then he Go oh you want to see the other tractor Yes so we have I love LS so much we got An mt25 that I use for cleaning out the Barn mowing the grass so it only has the Front loader in the uh believe it's 54in Mower deck all right let's go take a Look at that one all right I've actually Got a separate video running the same Tractor he's got which is the Mt25 and we used a grapple and a box Blade on it today he has his loader off But it's got the mower deck on it so We're going to test the mower deck out Up Here all right so how do you adjust the Deck height on your right Have Down

No It's not like a j or something where It's not Raining I don't know what kind of party This is but it's Raining We got a little bit of everything today We're mowing in the rain we got a Rainbow some Sawmill so I don't know if This video will be any good but it was Fun to make it started raining on us I Was mowing in like a zigzag pattern yeah I don't know why but uh I will say about The mower is I feel I've said many times That my tractor even though it's fairly Small is too big and heavy to be a lawn Mower that feels like reasonable to mow Your yard with yeah it's a very Dual Purpose tractor you know we use the Loader for the the barn clean it out Then I can take the loader off mow grass Four-wheel drive is a big thing up here So that that helps us on the The Hobby Farm yeah so I I've had a good time up Here I appreciate these two guys for Making a video with me uh hanging out We've had a lot of fun yes check out Malard 5 and Ohio hilltops YouTube Channels appreciate you coming Brock I Appreciate you guys taking time to watch I'll put links on the screen to a couple More of our videos And I'll see you next time

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