Test plot to see if we can grow Christmas trees in a high desert region?

Um my family that lives in Milan oregon which is uh south east of Klamath falls Uh eastern side of the mountains uh they Have a bunch of farmland and they’ve Been saying bring down some nobles we Want to try to grow christmas trees There And they’re like nobody in the county Does it and i keep telling there’s a Reason Nobody in the county does it but i Thought i have a few trees to spare so We’re heading down there for christmas Break today i’m going to dig up a bunch Of the about 20 25 of these just for now I’ve already loosened up the soil with The shovel i’m going to shove them in This bag They’ll keep their moisture tonight They’ll be in the ground in millen Oregon tomorrow And we’ll see if you can grow a noble For a christmas tree there I’ve been trying to contact other people In the county to see Uh what trees might actually work better There Um i haven’t got any responses yet but Uh We’re gonna see if we can be the first Christmas tree farm and I’m here with my brother-in-law patrick Hagerty

Brother to my wife obviously i’m we’re Standing on the family Farm land that is currently an alfalfa And cattle ranch We’ve wanted to try christmas trees down Here he’s wanted to do it i’ve been Curious about it So we’re going to put some noble furs Into the ground today If you want my honest prediction i don’t Think noble furs are going to be the Answer But we’re going to find out but i do Think there are some varieties we could Find And try here and could be successful and From what i understand be the first Christmas tree farm in the county Yeah so here we go test plot number one Noble furs Okay these were two year olds when i Bought them in a bag from brooks tree Farm Uh i didn’t plant them all on my tree Farm i put them in the garden for a year So these are technically three-year-old Seedlings right now So here goes noble ford number one in Klamath county We are in klamath county right we are Okay We’ve got frozen soil here Jumps making it harder History has been made

As you can see this countryside is a Little bit different than western Washington Uh this land has been in alfalfa Hayfields for a couple years When my wife and i first got married This was potato fields But this is what i would call high Desert Not your normal christmas tree farm So Okay here we go finishing up our test Plot of 22 noble furs In melinda oregon we’ll see how they go Some of the variables i’m concerned About Might be a little bit shorter growing Season Probably maybe two hottest summers we’ll Find out But uh it’ll be interesting to see even If the growing seasons are shorter It’ll just take longer to get a good Tree if they survive But they’ll be nice and full so I look forward to seeing what happens Here’s a little more natural look of the Belen oregon farming As i said hegerty farms my family’s farm Is mostly alfalfa hay now they’re using The squeeze right now to load up another Farmer’s trucks full of hay so they can Take it to their farm Malen sits at a little over four

Thousand feet elevation This winter they’re expected to get About 10 inches of rain As opposed to over 40 that i’ll get at My place So it is a high desert one of the Reasons they’re looking to Change things up a little bit is Sometimes their water Their irrigation rights get stopped for Various reasons But if they did christmas trees they Figure they can drip irrigate And turn a profit there so that is why We’re trying The experiment Besides alfalfa hay there’s another Common site down here potato sellers This one’s about 300 feet long my family Used to be potato farmers They stored potatoes and sellers like This until they’re ready to be shipped Out To stores So here’s the inside of the potato Cellar Mountains and mountains of potatoes This potato salad alone holds probably Over 400 000 cubic feet of potatoes When it’s time for them to ship them to The stores they back up the conveyor Belt Potatoes are rolled out to the truck or They are taken away

Two processing centers that will sort Them clean them And bag them so they can send it to the Grocery stores for us to buy Well i hope you enjoyed your trip with Me to melinda oregon in South central oregon just east of the Mountains where my wife grew up And her family continues to farm we will Have updates later on how the noble furs Are doing in klamath county If you’re willing please like subscribe And comment we love sharing with you

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