Testing my new “Heavy Duty” choker cable to pull some trees out. Timber Tuff log choker cable.

I got a pleasant surprise uh my Amazon Delivery came a little bit earlier than Expected this is Saturday morning I'm Gonna go uh cut uh clear out some of the Alders that fell down all over the Property drag them out and use them for Firewood so I have here uh they call it A Timber tough heavy duty choker cable Uh it's not heavy duty choker I live in The Pacific Northwest and uh there's we Do some serious logging and this would Never do that but for the Alders that Are on my property if you've seen my Videos I have a ton of Alder that are About yay big around and I could do much Bigger with this but I I can't do a Monster tree but uh this is not designed Like a true choker but one of the things I'm really happy about is I on the end Here it's got this basically a rod that Helps get it underneath the log so you Can pull it through what I've been using In the past and this is one of my Smaller cables I have multiple cables Different sizes it's just hooking this Around and if there's a dip or whatever I can put my arms to that's great and I Can pull it through and hook this on and It would stay on but then sometimes Because I don't have a clip here it Loses it and sometimes the log is laying Flat on the ground and I cannot I have To dig dig to get a hole underneath There and it's a pain in the rear but

With a smaller holder and if it's laying On the ground I can't dig spot I'll just Be able to stick this right underneath Pull it up the other side Loop it Through and we're ready to go so anyway We're going to go find out today how my Son's coming home to help me out and We're going to try to get a bunch of Logs out today that um The storm blew down and we're going to Cut them up and drag them out uh Hopefully we get a chance to do it it's It was dry all week which is unusual Around here it's it's February 4th today It's been dry for the week and I thought I'm going to be able to get my excavator Up into the hills and drag some of this Out but then it's been raining all day Yesterday and it's kind of drizzly this Morning so if it's all muddy going up The hillside I'm just going to make a Huge mess we'll save it for another day But I'm hoping that uh it's not too Muddy and I can get the excavator up and Grab some trees and move them around Okay so it was my choker this is part of The reasons I wanted this uh with this Rod here this is a tree that fell down Uh in the winter storm and it's Basically sunk in the mud this would be Hard to hook a cable up with but I can Stick it underneath here [Applause] Pull through hopefully that

Buckle will come through Oh boy that's not gonna work too well Too deep in there this is given Resistance now we're gonna I'm gonna try To turn it a little bit flatter Foreign This through here And look at my log I'm just gonna throw this over my head I'm gonna drag it out [Music] [Music] Get up Foreign Fell pretty hard and it's a little bit Bigger than what I was planning to do With this choker we'll see if we can get Her out [Applause] All right good we never would have got That through with the regular old cable Foreign My son brought home a friend that he's In the Navy with they had the weekend Off he wanted to come and help this Young gentleman's from Texas he's never Used a chainsaw or a split firewood Before so he wanted to come and help out And so we had to teach green horn how to Get it done [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music]

Yeah that one right there All right we have an unusual situation Here we've got ourselves into a beehive Uh back in here the bees started coming Out they're pretty dormant this time of Year so they don't know what's up We're just going to take this piece of Wood and Chuck it out into the woods and Uh hope all is well Look at the mushrooms growing inside This rot there was termites in here bees It's a Its own little habitat right there I think this is the only section with Bees here It's nice and gentle I have to figure it out from there I don't see any more So we're good to start cutting firewood Again [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] Girlfriend [Music] [Applause] Oh man Oh you're so cool Behind it if you do it this way yeah Where are you doing [Applause] [Applause] So it's easier than what you were

Working on Yeah and just yep It makes it between a golf and a Baseball swing pretty much all right You're gonna swing bro you got no it is You gotta swing like did you swing on This sucker [Applause] I come up like this Come on I had to talk to him but you don't want To swing towards anyone [Applause] Now that you've got a chunk cut out You'll probably pop that one pretty easy So like almost as if I'm coming back [Applause] Yeah there you go I'll just step over that yeah over there That's fine right there because then It's right right at the top in the Middle [Applause] All right so we're up beside the Woodshed uh we're down there below the Hills The Woodshed and we've got a lot Of the wood here and a lot of it's Already been thrown back down below Um but uh it was uh we were not able to Go out into the Forest Trails and uh Pull out some logs like I was hoping to Today it was really uh wet so but we Were able to go down on alongside the Road and get some trees that are along

Our driveway and uh use our heavy duty Choker that's what the manufacturers Called it we know here in Washington State this isn't a heavy duty choker but This cable is plenty thick enough I Believe it's uh almost half inch to pull Any log out that I want to pull with my Pickup or even my light duty excavator But I do like the design the two buckles That slide through each other to create A loop and this rod on the end to get Underneath the logs it really does make A difference if you've ever tried to Just slide a cable underneath the log That's flat on the ground you can't get Through this makes a huge difference and It was fun fun to bring a young man from Texas home from my son brought him home From the Navy and uh he never split Firewood before and never ran a chainsaw Before and he was excited to learn some Of this and he enjoyed it and he wanted To go out and do some more and just uh Have a good time feeling like a man and Split some wood and cut it up anyway Thanks for joining me on the Flanigan Homestead where Christmas trees are my Business teaching including horticult Just my job and outdoor projects like This are my passion hope to see you Again soon be blessed everyone